Travel Savvy with Cashback Travel Offer and More at ShopBack

To travel is to experience a destination in all its splendour. To do that you’ll need, of course, cash. It can be quite a doozy to maintain a healthy cash flow knowing all the expenses you are burdened with even before the wheels of the airplane to your destination leaves the tarmac. Your accommodation and flight bookings are already enough to exhaust the bulk of your cash reserves leaving you to scrimp and save throughout the months leading up to your trip and in the worst case scenario, forcing you to compromise on your trip’s itinerary. Sure, scrimping and saving is sometimes unavoidable, but are you scrimping and saving to the best of your efforts? Let me ask you one thing: Are you on ShopBack? If no, then you’re not!


What is ShopBack and Cashback?

How is ShopBack going to help? Well firstly, ShopBack lets you enjoy cashback whenever you make an online shopping transaction. What is cashback? Cashback is basically cash rebates and ShopBack lets you enjoy up to 30% of it! And get this, it is in cold hard cash which you can then cash out straight to your bank account, as opposed to other forms of points or rewards system.

So what I’m trying to say is that you can stand to earn back part of the cost of your bookings for flights and accommodations. ShopBack has a wide range of travel merchants for you to choose from like Expedia and

So imagine if your hotel booking from Expedia amounts to PHP 10,000. With that amount and Expedia’s 6.0% cashback for hotel bookings, you stand to save PHP 600! That might not be much but ShopBack is not only big on travel merchants, there are a host of other merchants you can shop from to help you save pretty much on everything such as Lazada and Takatack. These savings will go along way in helping you save!

image02Online Shopping coupons and offers

And furthermore you can ShopBack takes saving one step further than just through cashback by being a platform for you to find great offers such as the latest discount code or get information on the best eBay deals! You can then even stack the savings from cashback together with these offers!


How to use ShopBack

Using ShopBack and earning cashback is pretty much simple, all it take is one extra step which is the clickthrough. Let me lay down the steps for you.

Step 1: Getting in on this is pretty easy, all you have to do is sign up with ShopBack


Step 2: Find your store via the search bar at the top, the category tree or the popular store section.

Step 3: Once you’ve found the store of your choice, be sure to look at the rate of cashback because sometimes it changes due to a promotion or an offer. Also remember to scroll down the page to look for any available offers or voucher. Please also do take note of the amount of days for your cashback to turn redeemable once the transaction has gone through. Once you’re all satisfied you can click on “Shop Now” and you will be redirected to the store page where you can proceed to shop as per normal.


Cashback status and cashing out

There are many statuses to the cashback that you earn that it can sometimes be quite confusing. ShopBack has explained neatly what it all means.

  1. Once you’ve finished shopping, your cashback will be reflected within 48 hours under the ‘PENDING’ tab


2. Once the merchant has validated your order, your cashback will turn ‘REDEEMABLE’. This validation process is necessary to ensure that no cancellation, return or exchange is performed on your order and this process usually takes 30 to 60 days.


3. Once your cashback amount reaches PHP 300.00 you can then request for payout to your bank or PayPal account! Payday!

 image064. As for bonuses, it is only redeemable once the amount is PHP 300.00.


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