New Zealand Visa Application Guide 2020

As of August 6, 2020

There are 3 ways to apply for a New Zealand Tourist Visa: counter application, courier application and online application.  I will discuss online application.


The online application is similar to Australia Visa Online Application.  The difference is, in New Zealand Visa application, original passport is required to be submitted to VFS Center.

  1. Create an Account here. Make sure you have a valid email address and cell phone number.
  2. Check your email and verify.  Make sure to do this process within 2 weeks as the link expires after 14 days.
  3. Once you have verified your email address, start answering all the questions.  You do not need to answer them all at once.  You can save and be back again later.
  4. The online application can be completed not necessarily following the order of pages after the first 2 pages.
  5. Upload all documents in your online application including your ID photo (preferably passport size or 2 x 2, white back ground, neutral face).  Documents must be .pdf file and photo must be .jpg file.  Make sure to prepare your documents properly.
  6. You can always change your answers provided it’s not yet submitted.

new zealand realme


  1. Passport size ID picture – white background and neutral face. Upload in .jpg file
  2. Passport bio page – the page with your personal information. This will support your “Identity.” Upload in .pdf file
  3. All pages of your passport with visas and immigration stamps – this will support your “Genuine Intentions” of visiting New Zealand.  You get better chances of having your application approved if you have Australian Visa already. Note that all your previous/valid visas and other immigration stamps should only be in 1 file. Do not upload separately per visa. Upload in .pdf file
  4. NBI clearance – must not be more than 6 months and valid for travel aboard. This will support your “Character.” Upload in .pdf file
  5. Evidence of sufficient funds – this will support your “Funds.” Make sure that all documents are in 1 file and upload everything in a single file. Include the following as proof of Sufficient Funds:
    • Bank Certificate – amount must be 32,000/month (1000 NZD/montht) of stay. The higher the better.  At the very least, do not provide a Bank certificate with less than a hundred thousand pesos.
    • Bank Statement for the past 6 months
    • CONFIRMED ticket. Yes, you read it right. Confirmed ticket. Not reservation only.  Hence, ensure that your other documents are sufficient enough to get you a visa.  Otherwise, you’ll waste your ticket. It’s very risky but that’s the requirement
    • CONFIRMED hotel reservation. Like your air ticket, your hotel must also be confirmed.  Attach your Hotel voucher.
    • Detailed day to day itinerary
    • Employment certificate of business documents
    • BIR forms and proofs of tax payments
    • Credit card statements, if any
    • Affidavit of support and financial documents of the person executing the affidavit, if someone is paying for your expenses.

6. Once you have uploaded everything, and reach “Thank You” part, it means the end of the online application process.

7. Check your email for instructions on how to send your passport and the printed confirmation.

new zealand visa application



VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc.,

Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building,

2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension Makati City, Metro Manila 1231

Office hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc.,

9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop

Cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue,

Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000

Office hours: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM



  1. Visa is free provided your stay is less than 59 days.  However, handling fees and courier fees will be charged by VFS and your travel agent.  It is always better to get the services of a professional travel agency because they can make the necessary assessment and help in preparing your right documents. You get better chances of getting your application approved if you’re doing and submitting the right thing. You may contact for visa assistance.
  2. Processing time may take up to 1 month if it’s your first time to travel to New Zealand.  However, if you have travelled before and have been to other OECD countries, processing time will only take 5 days or less.
  3. You will receive an email, call or text once your passport is ready for pick up at VFS. Pick up can only be done 2-4PM, Mondays to Fridays.
  4. Plan ahead of time and consult a professional travel agent since New Zealand visa application is a bit different compared to other countries.
  5. Visit New Zealand together with Australia in one go. You may also include
  6. Make sure you have sufficient funds.

new zealand

As of July 28, 2014

Since New Zealand is geographically close to Australia, I have decided to visit the Land of the Kiwis on my trip to the Land Down Under. Like in Australia, Filipinos are required to obtain a visa prior to arrival. I applied for New Zealand Tourist Visa after I have been given a Visa Grant Notice by the Australian Embassy in Manila. I have read in several blog posts that securing a New Zealand Visa is easier if one is already granted an Australian Visa.


1. Duly accomplished Application Form INZ 1017.

2. Original and valid passport

3. Confirmed and paid ticket out of New Zealand to a country where one has a right to stay. Meaning, whether or not the Embassy will grant or deny an applicant a visa, the ticket to be presented must be valid and not a mere reservation. Hence, it’s a risk an applicant has to take. The confirmed ticket I presented is Sydney – Auckland – Gold Coast – Manila.

4. Proof of financial capacity, like bank certificate and recent credit card statements that you have 1,000 New Zealand Dollars per month of stay (roughly 37,000.00). Of course, it is better to submit a financial document higher than they require. I submitted a bank certificate from BDO 10x higher than their monthly requirement

5. Confirmed Hotel booking

6. ID picture for New Zealand Visa

7. Secondary requirement (though not necessarily required but can be submitted to support said application are the following: work related papers such as certificates of employment, leave, and salary (for employed applicants) and business documents such as DTI/SEC, BIR, Mayor’s Permit for self-employed applicants

8. Over and above these requirements, an applicant must be in good health, in good character, fits the purpose of coming to New Zealand and a bonafide temporary visitor.

Enclosed all original documents plus one photocopy in a long brown envelop and send to:

New Zealand Visa Information and Application Center
3rd Floor, Allegro Center
2284 Chino Roces Extension
Barangay Magallanes
Makati City, Metro Manila 1231
02 845 9222

Visa is free if intended stay is 59 days or less. If more than 59 days, 5,800.00 will be paid by the applicant. Their official processing partner charges a fee of 1,000.00 to be paid in the form of Manager’s Cheque payable to ‘PIASI’. A 300.00 will be charged for pick-up and delivery services to be paid directly to Air21. Before submitting, call first PIASI as they will schedule when will Air21 pick up the documents. Processing time is not less than 15 working days. A text message and email will be sent by the embassy once they receive the papers. They will also conduct interview over the phone so make sure to answer your phones. They called me in the landline I gave on a holiday.

In the phone interview, the lady who called asked the following:
1.Length of my stay
2. Places I wanted to visit and why
3. Why New Zealand
4. What is my work and other personal circumstances
5. Who will pay for my trip
6. What countries I have visited in the last 2 years. I was asked if I have been to Africa.

The phone interview lasted for about 3 minutes. After the interview, the lady told me that I just have to wait for my passport. Two days after, I already got my passport with visa label on it. All other documents I submitted were not returned.

new zealand visa

After 5 days, I received an email asking me to answer their Survey Form. I gave them a good remarks.


  1. helow po ung visa ko po limited visa eh expired n po sya..pwede ko po b sya uli kpg nirene ko po b sya limited uli ung visa ganun pa rin po b ung mga much po ang pagrerenew…salamat po

  2. hello…nagpakasal po ako last december to a filipino citizen pero permanet residence na po siya ng new zealand. . ano po ba yung mga requirements na kailangan namin

  3. Hello, good morning. I’m sorry I could be asking a repetitive question but I wasn’t able to read all the questions above. My family is planning to visit New Zealand as tourists for a week. Husband is going to attend a medical conference. I want to arrange everything including VISA airline, hotel etc myself, instead of availing travel agency services. My question sir, do we need to apply for Australian transit visa if I get Philippine Airlines Manila to Auckland flight? Salamat po

    1. Hi. If it’s via PAL, stop over sa CAIRNS, no need for Transit visa for Australia. Pero kung Cebu Pacific, definitely need ng transit visa. Hope this helps. 🙂 Enjoy your trip.

      1. Ask lang po ano po mga question nila why nz and where to stay, my fiancee po kasi sa nz hindi namin alam gagawin namin need help pls

    2. If you’ll be staying for more than 8 hours, you’ll be needing a transit visa and if the plane in which you’re going to transfer is not affiliated with the airlines you’ve first boarded, transit visa is needed. Example cebu pacific from manila to sydney then quantas or jetstar to aukland NZ. Cebu pacific is not affiliated with any other airlines in sydney as far as i know so you cannot go directly to the transit lounge instead you may need to pass by their boarder and check in again to the airlines you are going to board bound to NZ.

    3. Yes, they are all right. If taking Pal for Manila to Auckland flights, it has a 1 hour transit in Cairns, Australia. There is no need for you to get an Australia Tourist nor Transit visa as long as your transit is not more than 8 hours. It is proven since I already tried it last May 2016. Enjoy NZ. It is breathtaking. A real middle-earth experience.

      1. Hi Jeff, I’d like to ask about your trip from Manila to Auckland. Was it comfortable to fly for over 10 hours with the Airbus 320 plane? Also, for the Cairns transit, they only need to check your cabin luggage after which the officers will then redirect the passengers to the transit lounge right?

        1. Hi po, I’ am in Dubai now; please share po how tough is it to apply a tourist visa in New Zealand..

  4. Hi. Im planning to visit NZ for 6 mos based on partnership. 2 years n kmi mahigit ng bf ko working visa hawak nya. ano po mga documents needed?

  5. helow po ung visa ko po limited visa eh expired n po sya..pwede ko po b sya uli kpg nirene ko po b sya limited uli ung visa ganun pa rin po b ung mga much po ang pagrerenew…salamat po

    1. Depende sa reason mo and sa discretion ng immigration officer kung mabibigyan ka ng tourist visa.. Walang renewal ang limited visa, you need to apply for another one. So i guess same fees lang din gagastosin mo and same requirements.

  6. Hello po. Pwede po bang mag change ng tourist visa to working visa within New Zealand? Disqualified na po kasi ako for Holiday Working Visa. May tumatanggap ba sa NZ if you only have holiday visa?

    1. Ang alam ko depende un sa conditions ng visa mo kung pwede dun na sa NZ palitan ng student or working visa.. Pero sa pag kakaalam ko kapag may general tourist visa ka and hindi limited visa, pwede un mapalitan ng working pag may nagbigay sayo ng job offer. Or mapalitan ng study visa pag natanggap ka sa kung saang school dun na aaplayn mo.

      1. I am currently here in NZ holding a visitor’s visa. Supposedly trying my luck, however, looking for a job here is difficult unless you are an IT expert.
        NZ prioritize their citizens and those that have available working visa on hand. I am going home end of this month (June 2016). Accommodation is a bit costly here. 😦 so be sure when coming you are prepared with your finances or at least you have family here where you can stay for a while.

        1. Hi shanty, this is ruby. I read your comment below. As i see you had just visited nz this year. I am planning to go to nz this december soon. I have some questions that i think u can help prior that you had already applied and granted for a visa in nz. If you mind to help me pls contact me on my email, your response will be of good help.

    2. Hi ask ko kailangan po ba talaga mag tenew din ng passport ng pastner ko kahit hindi ko naman sya kasama umalis?

      1. Hi ask ko kailangan po ba talaga mag tenew din ng passport ng pastner ko kahit hindi ko naman sya kasama umalis?

  7. hi, we are three cousins trying to apply for new zealand visa since our relative their sponsored us…is online application possible? and can if paper application, are we gonna send our application as one?we have the same sponsor

  8. Hi po ask ko lng if pwede po mag reapply ulit if na Declined yong Application ,,AT KONG KILAN PO PWEDE THANKS

  9. Hi po ask ko lng if pwede po mag reapply ulit if na Declined yong Application ,,AT KONG KILAN PO PWEDE .
    Tourist visa po ung enapplayan ko for 6 months to 12 months ma grant kaya ako?

  10. Possible kaya ma grant and tourist visa even hindi pa kami ng meet ng sponsor ko in person ?

    1. Hello there! @Delyn
      I just wanna ask if you already applied for tourist Visa? And if so have you got it approved? I’m curious coz we have the same case. My sponsor and I haven’t meet yet in person and so do you. He want me to visit him in NZ so we decided to apply for a visitor’s visa for 3 months. He did it via online application and my visa is on the process for 6 days now. Just waiting for the result.
      Hopefully will get it approve.

  11. my friend was wanting NZ INZ 1017 this month and came across a website that has a searchable forms database . If others need NZ INZ 1017 also , here’s a

  12. Hello po! Ask lng po ako if pwede mag apply visitors visa sa nz pero nasa dubai po ako ngayon pero filipino citizen po ako. Need ko pa po bang umuwi ng pinas?

  13. i am panoy applying nz visitor visa less than 6mths stay,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i am married but seperated my passport is in my maiden name , as visa will be in the name in passport only, do i apply for visa in my maiden name thank you so much . i have my own funds in bank but my sister in law home owner will give me free accomodation and food is a letter from her and rates notice all i need confirming this regards mary ann

  14. So it’s possible for me to apply without a rt ticket yet? Kase i have a australian visa, one way ticket to sydney and if ever ma approve ako sa new zealand that’ s the time i’ll buy a ticket, bale sydney to auckland. So possible ako ma aapprove even wala ako confirmation ticket? ( pinay backpacker here) 🙂

  15. Hello po! Naghihintay lang po ako ng support papers para maayos ko na visa ko. Kailangan po ba eh may ticket na? Tsaka gano katagal po yung visa nyo?

                1. Hi i have a question i applied for a partnership working visa and they give me visit visa dahil hindi pa kami nag sasama ng partner ko for 1 year so binigyan ako ng 9 mos. Kailangan ko po ba ng show money at hihimgin po ba nila talaga ang bank statement mo na may $9000 ka sa account mo. Even if sponsored ka naman talaga ng partner mo. Its just that yung ginrant nila is yong visit visa multiple entry??

                2. Hi @oxytocinph, did u have your Return ticket na when u applied going to NZ? Can I connect with you via email pls, just wanna ask more question? thanks

  16. Hi! May I ask what is the difference between Expiry date Travel versus Visa Expiry? Does it mean I need to be back in the Philippines before the Expiry Date Travel?

  17. Dear sir/mam
    I want visit visa for new zealand I have a TRV residence for marriage contract and I have a IT business here that is possible for visit visa new zealand? pls inform me.
    Thank you god bless

  18. Dear sir/mam
    I want visit visa for new zealand I have a TRV residence for marriage contract and I have a IT business here that is possible for visit visa new zealand? pls inform me.
    Thank you god bless

  19. Good day po sa inyo..nagapply ako sa NZ thru agency..nakaapply na po ako ng working visa..sino po kaya same case ko kung ilang buwan po kaya ang processing ng visa under agency.thnks

  20. Gandang araw po sa lahat. pwede po bang dalhin ng personal ang mga docs sa embassy at lahat po ba ay original?

  21. Hi everyone. I just want to ask if there is big possibilities to find teaching job in new zealand.thnks and god bless

  22. hi, balak k po mag try kumuha ng visitors visa to try my luck there. pde po b na un visitors visa mapalitan ng work visa pag nakakuha ka n ng job dun



  25. I have a ticket for Manila > Sydney return trip but I want to visit NZ also. Can I submit that instead? Medyo mahal din kasi Sydney > Auckland kaya later ko nalang sana ibook pag na approve.

  26. Hello! Ikakasal na kami ng new zealander fiance ko sa july 2017 at gusto niya after marriage kasama na aq ng new zealand sa tingin nyo po if maghulog aq ng 100,000 sa bank sapat na yun para maapprove ang tourist visa ko?

  27. Saan po ba ang office ng new zealand embassy sa manila?…
    Taga province po kz aq at di q alam ang main office nila….

    1. Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building,
      2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension Makati City, Metro Manila 1231

  28. hi, may i ask lang po..i was invited kasi from someone to NZ for vacation.. which is better para sure maapprove thru sponsorship ba or visitors visa?.. I will stay ksi on my friends place.. And is medical required pa if i will just apply for visitors visa (59 days).. and in case it will be approved is it possible ba to extend my stay in NZ?..i’m planning ksi to go this March..thanks po sa sasagot..😄

  29. Kung may working visa n p new zealnand at wala p sched., pwede p bang mgtour s ibang lugar?

  30. Kung may working visa n to New zealand at wala p sched. pwede p bang magtour s ibang lugar?.

  31. Timely ideas , I Appreciate the details – Does anyone know where my company might obtain a sample NZ INZ 1017 example to complete ?

  32. Hi po ask ko lang po sana kasi ung husband ko nag apply nang work visa last march 27 until now wala pa din kami update sa case officer namin kung anong status nang visa nia normally po ba ilan days po ang processing nun? april 7 din narecived nang case officer nia ung application so far until now wala pa din kami update kung decline or approved ang application? 50/50 po ba ang chances na ma decline yon?

  33. hi. meron na ba dito nkaexperience mag apply ng working visa based on partnership (de facto)? pashare nman po ng interview questions ng visa officer thanks 🙂

  34. Hello po, question lang, I’m planning to visit NZ this September via Sponsorship my brother is working there he’s also a New Zealand resident already. Pag magpasa ba ako ng mga requirements, do I need to submit/provide a Return ticket na ba if I have a Sponsor naman who will shoulder my airfare pabalik, planning to apply for more than 3 months, so stress na ako sa work ko haha, magrerelax naman ng konti hehe. Graduation gift nya din kasi yun saken haha ngayon ko lang ggrab kasi nagkawork agad ako pagkagraduate. hehe. I’ll be paying may plane ticket going there then yung pabalik sya na.? Could somebody please answer me. Thanks in advance!

  35. hi po good day
    ask ko.lang po sna kung anu po ang pinaka mabilis na process sa pag apply ng mew zealand tourist visa for 1week lang po kasi meron po akong friwnd sa auckland at gusto nya po akong bumisita duon dahil gisto akong makita ng parents nya..
    ang friend ko po ang gagastos lahat ng ticket ko.pauwi at pabalik…1week lng po…
    at magkanu po ang magagastos at documents needed…
    meron lng po akong passport wla ng iba…
    lahat po ng gastos eh sa friend ko from australia…
    thank you and need immediate answer…

  36. nagapply po ko visitor visa bakit po sakin 7days palang pinapabalik na ung passport ko galing immigration..wla naman po inemail regarding kung may kulang ako o anu problema..bakit po ganun? ibig sabihin po ba decline ako ?

    1. hi, same po tayo within 7 days bumalik na po passport ko pero meron po silang email to track my application but until now po wala pang status – still pending po. lumabas na po ba status sa inyo?

  37. hi ask ko lang po, galing po ako Aussie for 9 years illegally then meet OZ guy and married lodge spousal visa and granted but my sporsor died so i was sent home but i am financially well off as i got inheritance from my husband. Now i am here in philippines, want to go to NZ to tour will it be possible to be grant visa inspite of my stay illegally in OZ before?

  38. hello gud day po senyong lahat…pa help nmn po…mag aaply kasi ako ng tourist visa papuntang new zealand..may police clearance, pasport statement. old pasport at new pasport ndin po ako…panu po b un ang i-iscan ko lang po ba ay ung old passport ko.ung visa ko nun at mga tatak fom taiwan..

    tsaka panu po mag free booking at flight itinerary para s visa application… may na oofload din po b pag tourist lng ng 59 days? enough
    na po ba ang 110k na pocket or show money?

    thanks po…

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