Australia Visa Application Guide 2020

Updated August 3, 2020

Steps in Applying for Australian Tourist Visa ONLINE
Philippine Passport Holders residing outside Australia can now apply for a Visitor e600 Visa online. The following are the steps in applying for an Australian Tourist Visa online:

1. Make sure to create and log-in using your ImmiAccount. You can create your account HERE. Make sure to provide correct information to all required fields.

2. Once you have created your ImmiAccount, check your email from and verify by clicking the provided link.  You have to do this to validate and activate your newly created ImmiAccount. Log-on with your account using your nominated username and password.

3. Answer truthfully all questions that follow. There are 18 pages here. On page 2, you will be asked to give details of your travel to Australia. You may provide your date of arrival and departure and reason/s why you visit Australia.

a. Page 3 is about your passport details and some other information. The last question is about Health Examination. Has this applicant undertaken a health examination for an Australian visa in the last 12 months? It may imply that you need health certification. If you answer Yes, you are required to give details in the box provided. If you answer No, you proceed to next page.

b. Page 4 is Critical Data Confirmation. You can correct wrong entries should you have provided an incorrect one. If no correction, click Yes and proceed to next page.

c. Page 7 is contact details of applicant.

d. Page 10 is period of your stay. Here, you can indicate if it’s single entry or multiple entry. You will need to provide details.

e. Page 12 is your Employment Records.

f. Page 13 is your Financial Capacity.

g. Page 17 is Character Declaration. Answer “No” to all entries. If “Yes” to some questions, provide details.

h. Page 18 is Declarations. Answer “Yes” to all questions. A “No” answer to any question is not a good one.

4. You will need to attach scanned copy/ies of required documents as listed in the prompt page including but not limited to: passport (biopage), travel history (immigration stamps in your passport and other visa/s), bank statement, evidence of employment, evidence of other assets and NSO birth certificate. If you don’t have those documents at the moment, you may attach them later on, at least within the next 30 days. All provided data are stored in your ImmiAccount. However, you can still proceed to pay and attach the documents after payment.

5. Pay 135AUD using a debit/credit card in the window prompt provided.

6. Wait for updates/result of your application in your ImmiAccount and email.

Note that you can upload maximum of 60 documents per application. Incomplete documents will be processed longer. Your Case Officer may ask for other documents as maybe needed. Processing time varies.

There. Enjoy Australia!



As of July 2014

In 2013, I applied for Australian Tourist Visa and was denied one. At that time, I already have a 10-year multiple entry US Visa and have visited at least 15 countries in the past 2 years including South Korea, Taiwan and China. I think I have submitted all requirements including a personal bank certificate from BDO with an amount enough for me to live in Australia for 6 months with a spending capacity of 100USD per day, a travel insurance from Blue Cross, business papers and related documents, and other documents of some properties. Despite those, I was denied of a visa. Surprisingly, based on the letter I received, the case officer has noted that: I have never been outside the country. A shocking result of evaluation for me. So I immediately emailed the case officer about the matter and attached scanned pages of my passport. To my surprise, I was told that they can only open my case if I have to pay anew. Meaning, I have to apply again and pay another 6,400.00 for a wrong decision given to me! I declined a second application then and went instead to Nepal.

This year, since I really wanted to see Australia and New Zealand, I applied again, and this time around, they gave me a multiple entry visa for 3 months. The Embassy gives, 3, 6 or 12 months visa based on one’s request.

Many say that getting a visa approved is based on the completeness and correctness of the documents submitted. I agree to some extent. However, another factor, beyond the applicant’s control, which actually determines if a visa will be granted or denied, is the mood of the visa officer making the evaluation. We can not deny that they are also human beings, and in some (rare) occasions, they make unfavorable decisions. I do not claim that I should have been issued a visa in 2013; what I claim is that, the decision to my application made by the case officer is not for me. He made a wrong remarks when he said that I have never been outside the Philippines.

Having both the experience of being denied and granted a visa still doesn’t make me a visa expert or anything close to that. I am just recounting my experience without any intention to put harm to anyone.


  1. Properly filled up Application Form 1419 (subclass 600) – make sure it’s the latest form as they always update it. Ensure also that a valid and existing email address is indicated.
  2. Visa Fee of 130 Australian Dollars (because application is made in Manila/outside Australia) – this must be in the form of Manager’s Cheque payable to “Australian Embassy Manila” and must be in Philippine currency (check exchange rate with the bank or call the Visa Center first prior to buying the MC). Credit card payment is also accepted. There is a page in the Application Form for electronic payment. Note however that there is additional surcharge for electronic payment.
  3. Photo copy of all passport pages with immigration stamps, visa from other countries and the bio page. Also, the passport must be valid for travel. Attached photo copies of previous passport if available. Have it notarized. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL PASSPORT.
  4. ID picture. The right size. Just tell it’s for Australia Visa and the Photo Center would know it already.
  5. Original NSO Birth Certificate
  6. If applicant has served in the military, certified military service records or discharge papers.
  7. Financial documents such as Bank Certificate enough to cover all expenses while on holidays. As to how much, no idea. I was denied a visa when I presented almost a million peso but was granted when I presented a little over 200,000.00 pesos. Include also photo copies of credit cards, if available.
  8. Work documents – if employed, documents such as certificate of employment, leave form, certificate of compensation/salary, BIR (also include SSS/GSIS certificate of contributions though not needed), company ID and other government issued IDs. If employer/professional, business papers such as DTI/SEC, Mayor’s Permit, BIR and other related documents
  9. Itinerary while in Australia which includes hotel, tour activities and related information. Do not include confirmed air ticket. It’s not required.

Place everything in a long brown envelop and send to:

Australian Visa Application Center
Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building
2305 Pasong Tamo Extension,
Makati City, Metro Manila 1231

Counter hours
8am to 3pm Monday to Friday for lodging applications
8am to 4pm Monday to Friday for general information

+632 790 4900
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Or if applicant is nearer to Cebu:

Australian Visa Application Center
9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop
cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000,

+632 790 4900

Visa processing time varies but normally it takes 15 working days. Either granted or not, the Australian embassy will send an email notification about it. Any document submitted to the embassy will not be returned. If a visa is granted, they will issue a Visa Grant Notice. If denied, they will issue a letter explaining such.

The Australian Embassy does not provide visa sticker, only a Visa Grant Notice (similar to Dubai Visa).

australian tourist visa grant


  1. Mga sissy . Sino nasa OZ or nakapunta na ano po tanong ng immigration? Tagalog ba or english di kase good masyado sa english

    Need pa po ba ng COF?
    May pupunta ba sa inyo this coming October or November para may makasabay ako?

    1. Hi is this your first time to fly internationally? First, may immigration check sa atin, so they will ask u questions about your travel just relax and answer their questions. Since your travelling on a tourist visa, just prepare your return ticket, normally magtatanong yung kung san ka titira, ilang days ikaw mga ganun, basta just relax. Pag dating mo naman dito sa Aus, may immigration check din sympre english din yun and kahit na may kasama ka papunta dito, di sila yung sasagot for u, just answer it in all honesty. Kung swerte ikaw yung iba hindi na nagtatanong pero most of the time lalo na pag first time traveler magtatanong yung like ano gagawin mo sa aus, sino mag susuport sau, san ka titira, may return ticket ka ba, ganun. Basta if you are on tourist visa, wag ka madala ng mga papers or mga work requirements basta sabihin mo na hindi ka mag wowork. Tas minsan sa immigration mag seselect sila randomly tas mag aask lang sau about your travel in aus. For you to know, punta ka youtube tas search mo Border Security Australia. This is not to scare u, this is for u to be prepared. Dont leave or store messages from your friends saying “goodbye” for good things like that kasi nag che check din sila ng phone. Basta tingnan mo lang sa youtube.

      1. Hello Jha, if maapprove visa ko baka October punta ako. Pero sa Melbourne ikaw ba san destination mo? Right now ayos ko pa mga documents ko. Pero nakakuha na ko dati ng TV dati for 1 year multiple entry kka-expire lng last month so apply ulet ako now. Saka ipon pa ng pera pamasahe haha…

          1. Magkaiba pala tyo ng destination e:) Sana nga ma-grant ulet visa ko. Saka di nmn need magaling ka sa English pag nsa immigration ka. Simple lng nmn question nila. Basically, san ka punta, ano ggawin mo dun, san ka mag stay, kanino, for how long, kelan balik mo Pinas. So kyang kaya nmn naten masagot yan:)

        1. hello jha pano ka nkakuha ng one year at mulpile entry nggaling ako dun 3months lng bugay kakauwi ko lng ng ictiber balak ko sana bumalik thanks si ako ksal sa bf ko na austrakian thanks asahan ko reply mo slamt

      2. Oo sis first travel abroad ko po ito e.
        Need pa ba CFO?
        okay lang ba kahit Hindi masyado fluent mag english?

      1. Hi , I have a question my bf will sponsor my visitor visa , im on page 13? and we are stuck because theres no option to choose other or Boyfriend under relationship to the applicant and its his information.

        we chose support by other person , not self funded because he will support all costs even thought i have some ,money in my bank..

        1. Hi Rore. I had the same problem. But I think you can’t choose boyfriend under supported by other person since only relatives can be your official sponsor. I ticked self-funded but I explained in the box under it that my boyfriend offered to fund my trip. As of now I’m still waiting for a decision on my application.

        2. i lodged my application thru vfs global. iba cguro ang questionair sa online at hindi kasi ang sa akin it was on #9 RELATIONSHIP STATUS: sagot ko po dito ay “never married or been in de facto relationship”. i hope nakatulong po sayo ang sagot ko.

      2. Ask ko lng po me visa po ako tourist sponsored by my fiancee who is aus citizen pero ang binili nya ticket ay one way lng po. Ok lng po ba yun bka hanapan ako ng return ticket.

          1. Share ko lng experience ko. On 2 occasions I went to OZ on tourist visa hindi nmn aq hiningian ng copy ng return ticket. Bka tsamba lng? Pero walang nag ask for return ticket sken. Though last travel ko is 2016 pa nmn. Pero better to have it na rin para readily available in case hingan ka.

          2. Share ko lng experience ko. On 2 occasions I went to OZ on tourist visa hindi nmn aq hiningian ng copy ng return ticket. Bka tsamba lng? Pero walang nag ask for return ticket sken. Though last travel ko is 2016 pa nmn. Pero better to have it na rin para readily available in case hingan ka.

      3. Ask ko lng po me visa po ako tourist sponsored by my fiancee who is aus citizen pero ang binili nya ticket ay one way lng po. Ok lng po ba yun bka hanapan ako ng return ticket.

      1. Fiance ko po . Oo nga 7 days lang na Grand na. Aftershocks 2 Times Refusal.

        Sa online ako nag apply po

        1. Ohh kasi po balak ko bisitahin yung fiance ko kasi nag away kami ngayon nagmumokmok nlng sya. Sabi ng mama nya puntahan ko sya dun kaso d ko alam kung ano requirements dapat ko isend sakanila. Pahelp naman po.

      2. Hi Rore. I had the same problem. But I think you can’t choose boyfriend under supported by other person since only relatives can be your official sponsor. I ticked self-funded but I explained in the box under it that my boyfriend offered to fund my trip. As of now I’m still waiting for a decision on my application.

          1. Oh my gosh. I just saw this. My application went well. My visa got approved after 4 days and then nag apply na ulit ko na grant naman.

  2. Hi! Sa online po ba kayo nag apply ng visa? Ano po mga requirements na need kapag wala mag sponsor? Kasi may prob yung fiance ko nag away kami at nadepress sya d na daw sya kumakain at lumalabas ng room nya sabi ng mama nya kaya gusto ko sana sya bisitahin. Tsaka ok lang ba kapag 50k lang ang nasa bank statement ko? Please help

  3. Mag sissy. Ano ba pwede ilagay say handbag Ko sa airport? Pwede ba nasa hand bag ang pills , powder and lipstick.

    Pwede ba magdala ng pills?
    Check in luggage ba o kahit hand carry lang po.

    Yung toner and soap ko check in luggage kill nalang.

    Ano ba pwede at hindi I hand carry?

    Thanks po sasagot.

    1. Hi! Lahat ng importante sa iyo (passport, money, jewelry, electronics, camera, documents, medicines, etc) should be in your handbag or carry-on bag/luggage. Kung maiiyak ka kung sakaling mawala ang isang gamit, ilagay yun sa handbag or carry-on bag. If you must bring liquids sa carry-on bag mo, it should be in 100 mL containers (or smaller) and it can all fit inside one ziploc (resealable) bag. Medicines/pills ideally should be in their original packaging at dalhin mo rin ang reseta kung meron.

      1. Thanks po kinakabahan kase ako first time ko lang mag travel. Sa 19 an flight no I hope all good pati sa immigration.

        1. Ang tinanong lang sa akin ng immigration doon dati ay “in what line of business are you?” Sinagot ko lang kung ano trabaho ko. Isang tanong, isang sagot. Smile. Don’t forget to say hello, good morning/afternoon/evening as you hand over your passport. Courtesy works wonders. And you’ll appear calm and confident. Good luck and safe travels!

  4. Hello po sa mga sasagot..
    Ask ko lng poh if do i need to bring cash and how much po? Flight ko po kc on 7 october first time po going to australia check paba ng IO kung my cash aqng dala kahit yun bf ko nman nagshoulder lahat ng nagastos ko pati plane ticket ko

    1. Hi Jhaz.. Kelan ka nagapply ng visa? Ako kasi Sep 18 pa, pero hangang ngaun wala pa. October 7 din dapat flight ko

  5. Hello po, mag aapply po sana ako ng tourist visa, I’m currently employed naman po, my bf will sponsor my travel, but he only have AU$5k in his account po, but he is working and gets paid every two weeks, magiging issue po ba ung savings nya?

  6. Hello po, mag aapply po sana ako ng tourist visa, I’m currently employed naman po, my bf will sponsor my travel, but he only have AU$5k in his account po, but he is working and gets paid every two weeks, magiging issue po ba ung savings nya?

    1. Hello I have a question po.My partner and i will be applying for the prospective marriage visa this coming november. Before we do this we will apply for a tourist visa so i can purchase my ticket and be with my partner for christmas. Is there any problem with applying for my tourist visa first then a few weeks later the prospective marriage visa? I’m hoping if you could help me. Thank you. Best Regards! Jeralyn Aday

    1. Ok nman wala nman cla tinanong bsta fill up ka lng ng form andun na lahat question nla…titignan nlng nla kung ikaw ba talaga yun nsa picture sa passport lng

    1. Hi! Do you have an email or any contact info? I have a few things to ask you about your tourist visa application for Australia. Mag-aaply kasi ako. Thanks!

  7. Hi po. I am planning to apply for a tourist visa and I have over 20, 000 php in my bank account. Will that be enough? And also, for online visa application, it says that I am not eligible to apply online where I input Philippines as my passport country. Why is it so kaya?

          1. Hi. Need po ba na may proof of togetherness na kayo ng Aussie bf mo? Never pa kasi kami nagmeet at balak namin 1st meeting namin sa Australia na. Mag aapply sana ako ng visa kaso mejo kinakabahan ako kasi wala ako mapakita na nagkikita na kami in real. Siya kasi ang mag sponsor and sabi nya willing syang ibigay lahat ng details nya

            1. Hey Shine. In the application, you will be asked if may sponsor ka o wala since mag bf pa kayo so it wouldnt be an option. So proof of togetherness is not mandatory but would be good to submit one and also include a cover letter stating that your bf will sponsor you. However this will not guarantee you for a successful visa application. Submit the necessary requirements like proof of employment, proof of leave/leave application from your employer, bank statement, or something that shows or proves that you have a reason or reasons to leave the country. There are others who applied with complete requirements, enough funds etc but didnt get the approval so theres no guarantee.

  8. Jazz ano mga question nasa form kinakabahan kase ako flight kuna kase next Wednesday e thank you

    1. Ikaw lng nman mkksagot nyan sis,..anu ba purpose mo to travel aq kc nlgay ko to visit my bf 😁

    1. Im self employed ,.. well i been in malaysia and dubai before but first time here in australia…i have a small philippines

  9. Dito na me Sydney mga bro and sissy kakarating kulang kaninang 11 am Sydney time.😊

    Firsttime international flight. Galing day immigration wala man lang tinanong 😊 naka tyempo ata ako ng mabait 😊

    1. Hi Jha 🙂 Good to know na na-approve na yung visa mo and you’re already there na. If you won’t mind, how much is yung nasa bank account mo attached to your application? I am a bit worried kasi baka hindi enough yung fund ko. Salamat.

      1. Hi scribbling. Wala akong ina attached na Bang certificate sis. Yung sa invitation no fiance ko nakalagay susuportahan nya lahat ng gastos ko.

        1. So yung bank cert ni fiance mo is enough na? That was awesome then. I thought mejo mababa chance kapag ang magsponsor sayo eh not related like boyfriend. Good to know na hindi pala always ganun. Salamat!

  10. May uuwi ba ng pinas this coming Nov.16
    Sydney-manila via Cebu Pacific? Nakakainip kase magisa wala kausap.😂😂😂

  11. Hi po last Oct 19 my visa has been refused because I don’t have strong evidence that I coming back in Phil next year again I’m planing to apply tourist visa it is enough 50 k in my bnk statement to show..

    1. hi ladyley…madaming factor kung bakit narerefuse..hindi lang dahil sa lam,an ng bank account mo.

  12. Good day! I hope someone can help me. I’m in the middle of filling out my online application form and I’m being asked what is the relationship between me and the one who will sponsor my travel (page 12/20). Since it’s my boyfriend who is sponsoring the trip I was hoping that “friend” would be available in the drop box list pero wala po kasi eh. You can contact me through my email Salamat po sa sasagot. It’s stressing me outi! Thank you! Thank you!

      1. What did you choose in the option? I read somewhere that only relatives can your official sponsor. Also there’s fiance and de facto partner pero I don’t think we fall in that category yet. Did someone here chose “self funded” then explained in the box below that he offered to fund your entire trip? Thanks

        1. on my application, I choose boyfriend and attached one photo with my boyfriend to prove our relationship. so far so good kasi granted visa ko. imagine more than one week since I applied grant kaagad.

          1. Did you apply online? Wala naman kasi sa option yung boyfriend under supported by other person

            1. This is under where you are being asked what’s the relationship of the sponsor to the applicant 🙂

              1. kung walang boyfriend nakalagay dun maybe friend nalang kasi if fiancee ilagay mo, mag attach ka nang documents to prove your relationship.

      2. Sis, pwde po ba pictures ng videocall and messages na lng namin?
        Never pa kasi kami nag kita in real kaya wala akong proof for togetherness

      3. Hi. Need po ba na may proof of togetherness na kayo ng Aussie bf mo? Never pa kasi kami nagmeet at balak namin 1st meeting namin sa Australia na. Mag aapply sana ako ng visa kaso mejo kinakabahan ako kasi wala ako mapakita na nagkikita na kami in real. Siya kasi ang mag sponsor and sabi nya willing syang ibigay lahat ng details nya

  13. Hello po can I ask something regarding sa pag kuha ng tourist visa sponsor ko po bf. Ko don sa Australia panu po ba ako kukuha ng tourist visa d2 satin sa Pinas panu Kung wala akong work certificate kc hnd po ako nag work pero bf. Ko lahat gagastos Pati pocket money ko. Madali Lang po ba makakuha ng visa. Thank you po I need your advised

    1. attach mo lang yung mga documents na puede magpapatunay na babalik ka dito sa atin. attach also the documents from your bf na cya talaga ang susuporta sayo lahat na expenses while you are in australia.

    2. Hi Annabelle, nkpgapply k nb ng tourist visa? Same tau wla din akng work. Hingi sana ng idea if nkpgapply ka na. Thanks ☺️

  14. Hi, i just want to ask if all documents you’ll attached/passed need to be notarized?
    I hope you can reply on me ASAP 😀
    thank you

  15. Hello, mag oonline application po kase ako for visitor’s visa kaso nung kukuha akong bank certificate, they’re asking for the addressee and the address. I told them Australian Immigration. Kaso diko alam address kase nga sa website lang ako. Need daw nila address or else di ako mabibigyan ng bank cert. Nag Google akong address and they have a lot of offices sa Australia. Should I just put Australian Embassy – Manila? Thank you!

    1. Ako hindi ako nagpasa ng bank certificate.😊 they don’t ask naman if may sponsor ka.

      Pinasa ko lang na doc ku.
      Passport bc and bc ng anak ku.
      Yung iba sa bf ko na.

      First visa ko 6 days na grant
      My second visa I lodged March 13 2017 kaka grant lang yesterday March 16 multiple.

      Good luck.😊

      1. Hi Jha! Did you wait for your first visa to expire before applying for a new one? Or is it okay to apply 2 or 3 months before it expires? Thanks!

    1. hi Jha,

      i have a question po…yung pinasa mong document from bf mo sa OZ eh pinatatakan pa ba nya dun or print out copy lang tapos may sign nya?

  16. Hi all, i have a question. Im planning to go to Sydney next month. Already booked a two way ticket. My question is, upon requesting for a bank certificate, the bank personnel is asking me for the embassy’s address. To where should I addressed this? I dont know the address of Australian Embassy in Sudney. Please advice. Thank you!

    1. Embassy lng dito sa Manila ggamitin mo the one located in Makati.

      Level 23 Tower 2 RCBC Plaza
      6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

  17. Hi, been reading all your comments here. I just wanna ask about the documents that my bf(Australian) can submit since he will be my sponsor when I come to Australia. I’ll be applying tourist visa. Thanks.

    1. Hi. I applied last August 17 through immi online and still waiting for the results. My bf provided an invitation letter, his bank statements, a copy of his apartment rental agreement, and his tax declaration.

      I attached photos of us too on my intent letter plus screenshots of some of our conversations and phone calls.

      I hope this helps

      1. Thank you, M. That’s actually a big help. Did you also submit some of your docs? If there’s, what are they? I hope you’ll get approved. 😍 please let me know what happened. :)) You may also contact me at

        1. Thank you for the well wish! Sana mag dilang anghel ka hehe.

          I submitted my bank statements too along with his even if we declared that he’ll sponsor all my expenses in Oz. I submitted copies of all my visas from other countries, all pages of my current and 2 expired passports that has stamps, copy of my enrolment forms and school ID and certificate of employment (since I’m doing my internship too.) I submitted an intent letter along with a schedule of activities.

          1. Hi. What did you selected sa Type of Support? Also, what did you chose in filling up the online form regarding the Relationship to Applicant since there are no choices as “Other” or “Friend”? Thankyou.

            1. 1. Supported by other person
              2. All costs
              3. Other – then I’ve noted “partner/boyfriend”

              1. I cannot see any options na “Others”. The only options I saw are: Aunt, Brother, Child, Cousin, Daughter/Son-in-law, Grand child, Grand parent, Mother/father-in-law, Nephew, Niece, Parent, Sister, Sister/brother-in-law, Spouse/De Facto Partner, Step Child, Step Parent, Step brother, Step sister, Uncle, Business associate, Fiance/Fiancee

                1. Oh that. If I remember it correctly, it’s noted on that item to choose the closest relation that you have with your contact.

                  So I chose fiance. Nag feeling na ako lol. But I wrote this specifically on the box before that item:

                  ” On the drop down choices below regarding “Relationship to applicant,” I just ticked “fiance” since “boyfriend/partner” isn’t
                  part of the choices. ”

                  I hope this helps. 🙂

                  1. Thanks a lot! I was quite confused earlier. One more question if you won’t mind, did you attached only scanned copies of the requirements or you made those copies certified? Like for example the bio page of your passport.

                    1. you don’t have to have your documents notarized. I’ve never done this in all of my past visa applications (schengen, japan, canada, etc)

                      They just require you to have it scanned in high resolution para clear but make sure that the file size is still between the allowed limit

              2. Thank you so much M. You are really a big help. One last thing, if I am to submit a proof of funds, should I get a bank statement duly certified by my bank or will the online bank statement will suffice? That question also for the credit card. Thank you

                1. I just submitted my online bank statements this time, I didn’t bother to request for an official account certificate from my bank.

                  Thou I submitted one before when I applied for the first time.

                  So if it’s your first time, it’s better if you’ll ask for a certification from your bank then submit it along with your online bank statements.

                  1. To add, I never submitted notarized documents in ANY of the visa applications I did in the past. Just a scanned copy ng original.

                    So to those who always ask if you need to have your documents notarized, NOPE, you don’t have to.


                    1. That’s really a big help to answer some of our queries. Thanks, M. Maybe you ok to connect via fb as I also have a lot of questions. Thanks. :)) this is my email ad just in case you ok to disclose it. 🙂

          1. @M. That’s so nice to hear that you got approved! Congrats! 🎉 did you apply for multiple visa and indicated how long you’re going to stay? My bf wants me to stay 3mos and then go back here for 2weeks and go back again for 3mos. Should I indicate 3mos and apply for multiple visa? Thanks :))

            1. Thank you.

              Yes, I specifically requested for a multiple entry visa thou I didn’t mention for how long. I’ve written this in my intent letter. Then I just backed my request up by providing 2 separate itineraries for 2 separate visits.

              I also indicated the dates that I wish to be in Oz and the reasons in one of the questions.

                1. I meant schedule of activities with itineraries, not plane tickets.

                  So nope, I didn’t submit plane tickets.

  18. Hi! Anyone here who applied for tourist visa without work pero na grant? My current TV is about to expire Jan 2019 and I’m planning to quit work soon. For those na nagrant yung visa nila without work, what document did you provide in place of COE? Thanks!

  19. Can I also apply for another tourist visa before my current one expires? I don’t have the “no further stay” condition in my current visa. Thank you so much!

  20. hi, my mother included me to her partner visa as dependent. but I was refused. I processed for appeal. i got married to australian and wanted to apply for spouse visa. it is possible, any tips.

  21. Good day! nag apply po ako ng Australian Tourist Visa thru VFS Global. may consent form na kasama sa checklist at application form. Sino may alam kung anong ilagay na city/country sa consent form. Medyo nagugulohan po ako. Sana merong makatulong sa akin soon kasi mag apply po ako next month.

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