Australia Visa Application Guide 2020

Updated August 3, 2020

Steps in Applying for Australian Tourist Visa ONLINE
Philippine Passport Holders residing outside Australia can now apply for a Visitor e600 Visa online. The following are the steps in applying for an Australian Tourist Visa online:

1. Make sure to create and log-in using your ImmiAccount. You can create your account HERE. Make sure to provide correct information to all required fields.

2. Once you have created your ImmiAccount, check your email from and verify by clicking the provided link.  You have to do this to validate and activate your newly created ImmiAccount. Log-on with your account using your nominated username and password.

3. Answer truthfully all questions that follow. There are 18 pages here. On page 2, you will be asked to give details of your travel to Australia. You may provide your date of arrival and departure and reason/s why you visit Australia.

a. Page 3 is about your passport details and some other information. The last question is about Health Examination. Has this applicant undertaken a health examination for an Australian visa in the last 12 months? It may imply that you need health certification. If you answer Yes, you are required to give details in the box provided. If you answer No, you proceed to next page.

b. Page 4 is Critical Data Confirmation. You can correct wrong entries should you have provided an incorrect one. If no correction, click Yes and proceed to next page.

c. Page 7 is contact details of applicant.

d. Page 10 is period of your stay. Here, you can indicate if it’s single entry or multiple entry. You will need to provide details.

e. Page 12 is your Employment Records.

f. Page 13 is your Financial Capacity.

g. Page 17 is Character Declaration. Answer “No” to all entries. If “Yes” to some questions, provide details.

h. Page 18 is Declarations. Answer “Yes” to all questions. A “No” answer to any question is not a good one.

4. You will need to attach scanned copy/ies of required documents as listed in the prompt page including but not limited to: passport (biopage), travel history (immigration stamps in your passport and other visa/s), bank statement, evidence of employment, evidence of other assets and NSO birth certificate. If you don’t have those documents at the moment, you may attach them later on, at least within the next 30 days. All provided data are stored in your ImmiAccount. However, you can still proceed to pay and attach the documents after payment.

5. Pay 135AUD using a debit/credit card in the window prompt provided.

6. Wait for updates/result of your application in your ImmiAccount and email.

Note that you can upload maximum of 60 documents per application. Incomplete documents will be processed longer. Your Case Officer may ask for other documents as maybe needed. Processing time varies.

There. Enjoy Australia!



As of July 2014

In 2013, I applied for Australian Tourist Visa and was denied one. At that time, I already have a 10-year multiple entry US Visa and have visited at least 15 countries in the past 2 years including South Korea, Taiwan and China. I think I have submitted all requirements including a personal bank certificate from BDO with an amount enough for me to live in Australia for 6 months with a spending capacity of 100USD per day, a travel insurance from Blue Cross, business papers and related documents, and other documents of some properties. Despite those, I was denied of a visa. Surprisingly, based on the letter I received, the case officer has noted that: I have never been outside the country. A shocking result of evaluation for me. So I immediately emailed the case officer about the matter and attached scanned pages of my passport. To my surprise, I was told that they can only open my case if I have to pay anew. Meaning, I have to apply again and pay another 6,400.00 for a wrong decision given to me! I declined a second application then and went instead to Nepal.

This year, since I really wanted to see Australia and New Zealand, I applied again, and this time around, they gave me a multiple entry visa for 3 months. The Embassy gives, 3, 6 or 12 months visa based on one’s request.

Many say that getting a visa approved is based on the completeness and correctness of the documents submitted. I agree to some extent. However, another factor, beyond the applicant’s control, which actually determines if a visa will be granted or denied, is the mood of the visa officer making the evaluation. We can not deny that they are also human beings, and in some (rare) occasions, they make unfavorable decisions. I do not claim that I should have been issued a visa in 2013; what I claim is that, the decision to my application made by the case officer is not for me. He made a wrong remarks when he said that I have never been outside the Philippines.

Having both the experience of being denied and granted a visa still doesn’t make me a visa expert or anything close to that. I am just recounting my experience without any intention to put harm to anyone.


  1. Properly filled up Application Form 1419 (subclass 600) – make sure it’s the latest form as they always update it. Ensure also that a valid and existing email address is indicated.
  2. Visa Fee of 130 Australian Dollars (because application is made in Manila/outside Australia) – this must be in the form of Manager’s Cheque payable to “Australian Embassy Manila” and must be in Philippine currency (check exchange rate with the bank or call the Visa Center first prior to buying the MC). Credit card payment is also accepted. There is a page in the Application Form for electronic payment. Note however that there is additional surcharge for electronic payment.
  3. Photo copy of all passport pages with immigration stamps, visa from other countries and the bio page. Also, the passport must be valid for travel. Attached photo copies of previous passport if available. Have it notarized. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL PASSPORT.
  4. ID picture. The right size. Just tell it’s for Australia Visa and the Photo Center would know it already.
  5. Original NSO Birth Certificate
  6. If applicant has served in the military, certified military service records or discharge papers.
  7. Financial documents such as Bank Certificate enough to cover all expenses while on holidays. As to how much, no idea. I was denied a visa when I presented almost a million peso but was granted when I presented a little over 200,000.00 pesos. Include also photo copies of credit cards, if available.
  8. Work documents – if employed, documents such as certificate of employment, leave form, certificate of compensation/salary, BIR (also include SSS/GSIS certificate of contributions though not needed), company ID and other government issued IDs. If employer/professional, business papers such as DTI/SEC, Mayor’s Permit, BIR and other related documents
  9. Itinerary while in Australia which includes hotel, tour activities and related information. Do not include confirmed air ticket. It’s not required.

Place everything in a long brown envelop and send to:

Australian Visa Application Center
Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building
2305 Pasong Tamo Extension,
Makati City, Metro Manila 1231

Counter hours
8am to 3pm Monday to Friday for lodging applications
8am to 4pm Monday to Friday for general information

+632 790 4900
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Or if applicant is nearer to Cebu:

Australian Visa Application Center
9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop
cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000,

+632 790 4900

Visa processing time varies but normally it takes 15 working days. Either granted or not, the Australian embassy will send an email notification about it. Any document submitted to the embassy will not be returned. If a visa is granted, they will issue a Visa Grant Notice. If denied, they will issue a letter explaining such.

The Australian Embassy does not provide visa sticker, only a Visa Grant Notice (similar to Dubai Visa).

australian tourist visa grant


  1. Ano po gagawin ko kong ang australian sponsor. Ko ang mag shoulder sa expenses ko sa visiting visa na aaplayan ko sa kanya po ba financial statement Kasi siya naman ang sasagot sa mga gastusin ko doon sa Australia ,,

    1. Hi po sana matulungan nyo ako kung ano ang gagawin ko , gusto kasi ng bf ko na ako ang papuntang Australia para magkita kami .. sya lahat ang magshoulder ng gastos , at saka willing naman po syang magbigay ng mga documents kung may hihingin at saka 3 weeks lang naman po ang stay ko doon sa kanya , ang problema ko lang po regarding sa work ko ” katulong ” lang kasi ako , mabigyan po ba ako ng visa ? At saka po , Yong bank account ko po ay bdo kabayan account .. sana mabigyan po ninyo ako ng advice regarding dito .. salamat po

      1. Hi Melvie!

        First of all, dont degrade yourself. Wag mo sabihin na “katulong ka lang, thats a very decent job”.

        Now talking about visa application, i will be very straight to the point. Isa sa mga requirements to apply a tourist visa papunta dito is to supply those docs to prove na babalik ka ng bansa before ma expire yung visa mo. Kahit pang sabihin mo na 3 weeks lang or less kailangan mong ma prove sa kanila na babalik ka sa Pinas. Manghihingi ang immigration ng employment certificate, ITR (tax records), letter from the employer about leave of abscence,payslip etc etc. Pwede naman siguro mang hingi sa agency mo or not sure if u can ask directly from your boss. I think mas maganda na magkita muna kau ng bf personally para mas madali yung application mo para na rin mka pag supply ka ng proof of relationship. And about your question kung mabinigyan ka ba ng visa, walang mkakasagot nyan talaga. Pero make sure na pag submit mo ng application mo, andun lahat ng hinihingi nila.

        Goodluck and Godbless!

        1. Hello Spency,

          I am in the process of applying online and I had to bookmark your blog for easy access. That’s how hepful you are, thank you soo much!

          I need help in knowing if I need to have a passport size photo attached? Is there speficic format I need to follow when scanning the photo? I have COE, PaySlips, ITR and can ensure a letter to validate my approved vacation leave so i’m wondering if a bank statement will still be necessary? The money in my account isn’t much yet so im planning not to include a bank document because my travel dates (if approved) will still be on the first week of June (will save more til then) hehe.

          Thank you soo much again for the help.

    2. Hi when you are applying for a sponsorhip visa you can apply through online.You can create an Immi Account in Form 1149 Sponsorship for Sponsored Family Visitors.First step, your Australian Sponsor should provide a letter stating the purpose of your visit in Australia.Then fill up the form and need to attach scanned copies of required documents as listed There is a visa fee of 4k or 5K .I do not know the exact amount ,you can pay through your credit card.Once you completed all the documents needed they will assess your application then wait for 3weeks to 1 month for the visa grant notice if you passed or not.When your visa is granted they will require your sponsor a security bond amounting to P200,000 for security purposes but once you returned in your own country the money will refund to your sponsor.

  2. Good Afternoon po, nagpapalano po ako pumunta ng Australia ng Christmas, tourist lng po pero wala po akong kakilala dun at gusto ko lng mag travel mag isa. Ano po ba dapat ang gawin ko dahil wala naman po akong sponsor?

    1. Kkgling ko lng ng sydney for 5 days, wla kming kilala dn, nag apply lng kmi ng tourist visa pero ofw kc kmi kya sa dubai kmi nag apply. Bank statment , certificte of
      Employment or kung sa pinas ITR nyo ata . Tpos hotel booking , nag book now pay later lng ako sa agoda. Mg cebupacific k 9k pesos roubdtrip lng nkuha ko ng promo.

      1. Hi, I’m also in dubai and planning to apply online? How long is the processing time, and if you have an idea, atleast how much should I have in my bank account? thanks

          1. Hi po.. patulong naman.. pwede po pashare nmn mga magkano po kaya minimum balance ng bank statement pag from Dubai ka.. kht estimate nio lang po.. plan po namin magpunta ng australia.. At need po ba ng flight reservation to apply for visa?

              1. Hi

                Sino po dito yong nag apply na ng prospective marriage visa?

                I have a question po.
                My partner and i will be applying for the prospective marriage visa this coming november.
                Before we do this we will apply for a tourist visa so i can purchase my ticket and be with my partner for christmas. Is there any problem with applying for my tourist visa first then a few weeks later the prospective marriage visa?

                I’m hoping if you could help me.

                Thank you.

  3. few questions?
    What do i need to input for National Identity card?
    what if i will shoulder my travel plus help of my sponsor – what should i pick? self funds? since no options for both?
    Do i need to submit declaration 1195?
    how about picture passport size?
    Do i need to notarize my docs before i scan? or no need to? Thanks!

    1. hi Candace, National Identity card can either be drivers licence, Unified Multi Purpose ID (SSS), I think also your BC, PRC licence..any gov. id’s. Are you applying for tourist visa? or Australian citizenship? I think that form is for Australian citizenship your sponsor an Australian citizen? What are the choices to pick for the the funding details? If you will be shouldering expenses + some from your sponsor just select the nearest from the choices thereat and explain how the funding for your stay will gonna be. to support your claim, you can attach payslip, bank statement. Your sponsor will also have to attach proof that he/she has the capacity to provide your needs while there in Australia, meaning he/she has to provide you copies of bank statement, payslip or credit card statement + ask him to send you letter of invitation or statutory declaration, also passport bio page copy and other bills. U may also attach pictures of you together to prove that you been known each other. Make a cover letter too to simply explain your purpose for travelling there, what places you want to visit, when and on ur cover letter you can include your itinerary.Please bear in mind that it is very important to convince your Case Officer of your intention to go back within the validity of your visa. u have to evidence your strong ties by providing assets if you have/proof of your relationship to your kids (if you have)/your siblings or your parents..if you are working, your Certificate of Employment and Compensation and approved leave from employer and also stating when you will be reporting back to work, ur BIR form 2316..just anything that convincingly shows you need to be back home. If you have flight tickets you can do so..though they dont advise to buy if no visa yet.It doesn’t mean you have to supply all of these, only if you have them and if you think it will help in your go for it.

      Passport size picture..u can attach under Travel Document.

      If you colored scan your original copies I think its okay not to notarize them, like your BC or other PSA documents. so its up to you if you feel the need to. Good luck and God bless!

      1. Hi, nag lodge ako ng application last November 15, 2016 and I received my visa last November 22,2016, since it was early to have it, I book a ticket flying on December 16,2016 but Philippine Airlines did not accept my passport, though it is valid for 7months, it will expire on July 2, 2017. So I made a rush renewal yesterday(Nov.28) as a walk in applicant in Robinsons Novaliches. It will release on December 9. Now my worries is that I ask DFA, if when I have a new passport it will be also dfferent passport number and they said Yes. Do I need to notify the Australian Embassy that I have a new passport, because in my visa, it was the old passport number stated there?

        1. Hi Jane. Had the same situation before. Log in onyour immi account or search mo sa google, how to update passport changes on immi account then it will take you to and andun lahat ng instruction kung paano mo i update sa immi account,mabilis lang yun 24 to 48 hours. They will not issue you a new visa grant with your new passport on it. All you have to do is check VEVO tas dun na updated, would be better if you will print a copy dalhin mo during your flight just in case pero andun na lahat yan sa system nila.

  4. Good day po May nag invite po sakin to apply for work there tapos pagdating ko dun kakaysapin ako nung manging director nila about sa work(sales /promotions) pero d cla nag po provide ng sponsorship. So ang kukunin kong Visa ay “TEMPORARY WORK SUBCLASS VISA 400” validity ay 3-6 months. And sa bank acc naman i work on a perfume shop here and ung sweldo namin ay tru cash lng then maybe 2 months before i quit the job nagkaroon na kami ng atm so pede ko ba un gawing statement of acc then mag dedeposit na lng ako dun ng lera para show money ? . Any chance po na ma grant ng visa ? Thank u god bless

    1. Bakit hndi nila kaya sponsoran ka nlng? Mhrap kc yung temporary work, pero kung mg pptulong k sa mga agency ms okay cguro ms mbbgyan k nila ng advise kung anong visa ang ms ok na iapply mo. Kasi after 6 months ng visa mo n temporary pano n mgging visa mo ulit

      1. Hi dolly . Ok lng ba na without statement of bank acc only atm lng to prove na kaya kong alagaan sarili ko dun ? If not ok na ba ang 3months na statement of bank acc .salamt

    2. Hi I am very interested on this topic you raised in. But as per checking subclass visa 400 is only for people who has been invited to do high specialized job or attend cultural presentation or entertainment. Good only for 3 months at di ka dapat nde australian company ang magbabayad sayo. I think sales/promotion na work will not fall in this visa category. I am also eager to find a sponsor in Australia actually papunta ako sa Melbourne bukas. I am also hoping to find a job there pero mukhang mahirap yata talaga.

      1. Hi gusto ko dn sna mkg stay at work sa aussie, meron bang sponsor na nbbyran? I mean vivisahan k nila then bbyran mo cla para visahan k

  5. The only hope we have is makakuha tayo ng company who is willing to sponsor us or apply as skilled migrant worker.

  6. Madali daw if farm work ang kukunin mo trabaho kahit wla kang visa they might allow you to stay and provide you a visa ksi nga mahirap yata kumuha ng farm worker dun. Hard labor kasi. You can work for a year or two years then pwede ka na maghanap ng ibang work pag may visa ka na. Tiis tiis lng. But I also do not know where to get a farm job in OZ.

  7. Hi! I hope you guys can help me… i was granted a visa two days ago, dun sa itinerary ko sinabi ko na ill be going sa australia third weeke ng january, kaso nagkaron ng changes. Okay lang po ba yun? Di ba ko ma ku-question if ibang date ako pumunta bg aus? Thank you!

  8. Hi I hope u can help me because my bf wants to bring me in Brisbane Australia this may 2017 but I don’t have work and I don’t have bank statement account but my bf wants to sponsored me during my trip in Australia can I go even I dnt hve bank statement

    1. Frankly speaking, mahirap kumuha ng visa pag wala kang ipapakitang reason na babalik ka pa sa pinas. But u can always try, ask your bf to provide all docs, support u need. Send me an email
      I will give u guide on how to apply aus tourist visa, not from immigration but i hve experience, i proceesed my friend’s application

        1. Visa granted today via ONLINE application! I would love to help anyone who are having trouble with their visa not affiliated with australian embassy but i just want to share what steps I have done 🙂

      1. Hello po

        I have a question po.
        My partner and i will be applying for the prospective marriage visa this coming november.
        Before we do this we will apply for a tourist visa so i can purchase my ticket and be with my partner for christmas. Is there any problem with applying for my tourist visa first then a few weeks later the prospective marriage visa?

        I’m hoping if you could help me.

        Thank you.

  9. hi galing ako sa canada last 2012 til 2014 2 years ako sa canada as a tourist i granted a visa 6 mos of stay but i renew my visa every 6 mos since may law cla na i can extend my stay up to 2 years i extend my last visa until august 4 2014 and i return to phils aug 8 still di pa ko illegal wala pa naman letter now am planning to apply for a tourist visa in australia i granted aus visit visa before that was may 2009 for a single entry i did not extend my visa i stay in aus for 1 month now in the application for tourist visa in Q31 “in the last 5 years have you visited or lived outside your country for more than 3 consecutive months? i stay in canada for 2 years sa tingin nyo hindi makaapekto sa application ko kc baka isispin nila nag over stay ako sa canada but i renew my visa every 6 mos. o pwede ko ba ilagay na 6 mos lng ako sa canada kc nakalagay dun sa question is from to please advise me and one more thing i planned to apply for a student visa if i granted a visa but i did not indicate it to my application any advice on my consern please

  10. Hi. I just wanna ask can i apply for another extension visa? Like for the second time? Thanks guys!

  11. Hi! Ask ko lang if malaki ba ang percentage na madeny if second time na mag apply ng tourist visa? Yung first application is granted single entry and 6 months stay. Plan ko kc apply ulit for my next visit. Thanks thanks po sa mga sasagot.

    1. Hi Marie, no one can tell for sure really. Iba iba naman kc CO. But i think mas me-edge ka na dapat dahil nakapunta ka na dun, that is if you have a good standing or you have complied with your previous visa conditions. I have applied last year too, granted single entry and stayed 1 month in Oz and re-applied again in October and asked for multiple entry, it was also granted only after 2 days i submitted my online app.

      Good luck!

      1. Wow..that’s good to hear po! Another question, may validity ba ang bank cert and statement like if kuha ako this week then next week ko xa upload sa attachments, valid pa ba yun? Mejo busy kc ako kaya di ko xa maisingit pagkuha.thanks po

        1. Hi ME, for your assistance please. I lodge my online application on 6-Jan and just received an acknowledgement confirmation. I would like to follow up, may I ask the email address where I can make a follow up ? Thanks

  12. Good day po sa lahat. inquire lang po kung madali po ba ang pagkuha nang australian fiance visa and how much is the cost for the fiance visa? mataas ba ang porsyento na madeny ito?

      1. Hello

        I have a question po.
        My partner and i will be applying for the prospective marriage visa this coming november.
        Before we do this we will apply for a tourist visa so i can purchase my ticket and be with my partner for christmas. Is there any problem with applying for my tourist visa first then a few weeks later the prospective marriage visa?

        I’m hoping if you could help me.

        Thank you.

  13. Hi, I just want ask for advice I applied tourist visa po, what if po hindi pa ngrereply ung CO if grant or refuse tapos po ung intent to be in Au po eh hindi pa nmn po nalagpas sa date na inindicate ko pero what if po lumampas po may tendency po ba ng refused na un? Thanks po.

    1. @yezh
      Once your visa will be granted you are allowed to change your indicated dates on your application as long as di ka lalagpas sa maximum number of months indicated on your visa grant I think

  14. Hello, I lodged my application online more than 3 weeks ago and just received the acknowledgement confirmation, I would like to make a follow up. May I ask the email address where I can make follow up ? Thank you.

  15. Hi! Would like to thank you for blog. Your tips were definitely helpful in my tourist visa application.

    I’d just like to share that my husband and I just got our grant notice earlier today. We luckily got ours in 3 working days. Actually sharing my experience here as well.

    Would love to help others the same way you helped me. 🙂

    1. Hi, may i ask if you dont have asset here in the philippines since im still a student what documents could I put in there? also, in the financial capacity category I attached my aunt’s financial documents in there since she will be supporting me during my whole stay would that be okay? Hoping for your reply. I’m just waiting for someone to answer this because I will lodge my visa tonight.

      1. Hi Jen. Sorry for the delay. Attaching your aunt’s financial documents is the most ideal way to prove that your needs will be taken care of. Go for it! Good luck on your application.

        1. What about sa asset po? Ano po pwede ko ilagay dun since wlaa pa naman po ako properties or what kasi student palang po ko.

    2. Hi there,

      I was so shocked knowing you got your grant notice within just 3 days! Wow. Hoping to hear from you.

      May I please confirm from you below requirements for an employed, who wants to visit Aus upon invitation of a friend:

      So far clarified requirement on my end is below:
      1. Filled Form 1419

      2. Visa application charge in the form of a Manager’s cheque amounting to Php 5,300

      3. Identity verification

      · Certified copies of the biographical pages of current passport, and other VISA stamps copies
      · One recent passport sized photograph (45 mm x 35 mm)
      · Certified copies of birth certificates

      4. Evidence of sufficient funds (personal bank statements), COE, leave approval, (Is BIR Form 2316 and payslip required too? or optional)

      -May I know if I have missed anything?
      -My expected visit is July 10, do you think its alright to book as early as now?
      -Is there any tips you can give to obtain the shortest processing time as yours?

      Thank you so much! 🙂


  16. Hello poh,
    Gusto ko po pumunta ng australia for a tourist , my mag ssponsor po sa akin pero hinde ko po sya asawa o kamag anak , good friend lang po kmi , may anak po ako dito at hiwalay na po ako sa asawa ko dito sa pinas pero hinde pa po kami annuled, pwede po ba yun? Bibisita lng naman po ako sa kaniya sa australia for 3months po or ano po bang applicable visa para skin papuntang australia , wala po akong work pero may maliit na bussiness naman and wala rin po akong bank account pero may pera naman po ako kahit paano.

  17. Thank you for your very informative blog. You even posted a link here which makes it easier for newbies like me. Is your link the same for first time and re-application tourist visa application? TGIF and God bless

  18. hi ask ko lng kung pwede gamitin ang time deposit account for show money?or what our other options

  19. Hi good day! Is it necessary to do a medical check up after doing the visa application online or do I wait for an email from them to do so? Thanks for your replies!

  20. Good day po. I have a question. For proof of funds, magkaiba ang bank certificate and bank statement. Which is needed to apply for a tourist visa for at least a week lang po na vacation? And how much money is needed for show money?

    1. Hi June even ung bankstatement downloable online pwede basta latest. Kahit 100k ok na kung yung record mo sa bank is good 🙂

    2. hi,
      sa case ko bank certificate ang kinuha ko. nakalagay dun kung kelan pa ako member at kung magkano na ung pera. ok namn sya pasado naman ako.

      wala naman sinabi kung magkano dapat. pero isang way kasi un para mapakita mo sa kanila na kaya mong gastusan sarili mo pag nandun ka na.

      ok naman siguro na ang 50 thou and UP.

      1. yeah doesn’t matter how much as long as you can prove you will come back in Philippines. I applied last night and I got my visa grant today. That is so efficient hassle free uplicaton.

                1. mine is below 100k. I attached bank certificate / employment and salary certificate / approved leave of absence and also guarantee letter from my employer. I attached also an invitation letter from my Australian friend, his bank account and some docs. of his properties showing that he can afford all my expenses while I’m in Australia. Thanks God naapproved naman.

        1. tama. mahalaga talaga ung pagbalik mo. kaya nagpagawa ako sa admin namin na nakasulat ung return date ko sa work. kasama yan sa pinasa ko online.

          at para sa mga governemnt employee na tulad ko dapat may Authority To Travel ka. hinahanap yan sa immigration natin. kundi di ka paalisin.

  21. Hi po. Last may nag apply ako ng visa sponsor ko friend ng bf ko na deny po then July nag apply ulit po ako nag join sponsor sila ng friend ko and bf ko deny parin. Agent po gamit namin. Nung nag apply kame last year di pa kame nag meet ng bf ko sa personal thru Skype lang pero now balak namin mag apply ulit twice Marin kase siya umuwi dito sa pinas direct nasana ako sa embassy need ko paba dalhin ang deny letter o no need na po ?

    Reason po ng deny.
    Wala po daw akong sapat na dahilan para bumalik ako sa pinas.
    (May anak po ako at pinasa ko po picture and nso birth certificate nya)

    Penge nadin po mga tips para magrand na visa ko. And lahat ng requirements na pwede ko ipasa. Thank you po.

    1. hi ang alam ko walang direct na application sa embassy. magpapasa ka rin lng ng requirements dun.

      mag online ka na lng. madali lng naman.

      di ko masyado alam pag sponsor visa, if may time ka magback read ka na lng kasi alam ko marami din tulad mo ang case ng mga nandito sa forum. hopefully one of them can see your post para direct ka nyang matulungan.

    1. may record ka na kasi sa kanila, alam nila yan kung nag ka visa ka na before or denied. mahirap mag tago kasi pag nakita nila yan baka lalo kang di makakuha.

  22. Hello po mag tatanong lang po para alam ko po gagawin buntis po ako gusto po ng lalaki naka buntis sakin ako ang pupunta sa kanya sa Australia sya po ang kukuha ng visa ko mabibigyan kaya ako ng visa po sakaling mag apply ng visa julien po

  23. Kailangan po ba meron ka bank account paano po pag wala ka po bank account po ano po mga requirement para makakuha ng visa po thank you po sana masagot na tanong ko para alam ko po

  24. hellow po ! balak ko po sanang pumunta ng Australia this Summer to visit My boyfriend. pwede po bang gumawa nalang ako ng letter na mag eenroll ako this coming june so i have to go back to the country. Do you think po okay na yun ??sana po matulungan nyo ako

  25. Theny refuse mine too even I have complete documents. Its my second try. I think it depend on the mood of officers or they just earn money from refusal? A friend of mine her husband is australian. She apply visa through agency and her second try.. her visa was refuse but her child visa was granted. 😂

  26. Sir patulong naman tgal n nung visa request nmin apr 9 2017, under assessment p rin, pnu ko i follow up un, e hindi nman sila ngppatwag

    1. Patience. Kung April 9 ka nagsubmit, factor in that kakalipas lang ng holy week, only 5 or 6 working days have passed. Some wait for a month, esp if peak season for travel. Kung first time to apply for visa, minsan mas matagal bec I assume they’re investigating/checking background and other stuff we submit with our applications. 😊

      1. Hello po gusto ko rin po mag aply ng visit visa to aus ksi gusto ko invite ng bf ko provide nya nman po ang needs ko pag dating sa aus.pero ako po ang provide sa airfare at visa ko.pwede po ba ang ganun ?ma grant kya ang visa ko?need ko po advice nyo,thank u po

        1. Hi guys sino po dito yong nakapag-apply na ng 6 months tourist visa at ano ano mga requirements? 3 months lang kasi usually ina-apply ko so ngayon gusto ko naman itry yong 6 months. Please i need some help.. thank you!

  27. Hi everyone!

    Thanks God.. visa grant receive last april 18 and i lodged it april 11.. thanks for the tips…

    God bless us all..

      1. Good morning…

        Yes, tru online lang po ako nag apply…
        Bilis nga… Thanks God.. prayers lang talaga.. hehe


        1. Good morning dn! Anu po mga sinubmit mo tsaka pwede mo po ba ma share yung mga step mg lodge online?

        2. Pwede po kita ma email sa private address mo po,para pag my tanong po ko mail kita. First time ko po kasi kaya medyo po madami ako tanong. Pasensya po!

        3. hi Anonymous, I passed my visa application – visitor business stream last april 12. pero up until now wala pa po. may problem ba kung ganun? ung kasama ko po sa office, he submitted his application april 17, tapos the next day meron (although may AU visa na siya before). sana kaya pwede mag follow up? through IMMI account po ako nagapply

          1. Nag aaply ako same visa Feb 19. Visa granted April 5. Magkakaiba po siguro tayo ng case kaya more patience pa po

  28. Hi everyone. For those who have gone to Aus, what were the questions and docs the Philppine immigration asked from you? Salamat po sa mga sagot niyo..

  29. Hi, I tried to apply online but the “Evidence of Assets” is required document to upload. I’m only 24 and I still don’t have any assets/deeds to present. Will this be okay? I have proof of funds and credit card statements to present.

  30. Hi everyone. Sa mga nasa Aus na po ngayon na ang sponsor ay Aussie BF/fiance under visitor visa, anu ano po mga tinanong at hinanap sa inyo ng Phil immigration?
    Share naman po ng experiences para alam mapaghandaan ko po.

    Salamat po sa mga sagot niyo..

    1. Hi Kaye,
      just keep a copy of your Aus visa and letter of supporting if you have specially sa e-visa . They gonna ask what ur current work in the Phils. Just casual question lng naman kaya mo yan it depends kasi 🙂

      1. Salamat po sa response. Actually po, mag aattend ako ng short course from June to Sept. Everything is settled. One yr multiple entry with 3mos stay po ang visitor visa (business stream) ko. Punta ako this May then balik pinas sa June para lang maiprepare ko mga kailangan, kwarto, etc. Then balik Au pag malapit na ang short course. Ang fear ko po kasi baka hanapan ako ng CFO guidance and counselling cert ng Phil immi pag nalaman nilang kay bf ako tutuloy.

        What do you mean po pala ng e-visa? Thanks po

  31. Hi! i’m a first time traveler and never been outside the Philippines. I have plans of going to Australia next year. How are my chances in getting a tourist visa?

    1. mine is below 100k. I attached bank certificate / employment and salary certificate / approved leave of absence and also guarantee letter from my employer. I attached also an invitation letter from my Australian friend, his bank account and some docs. of his properties showing that he can afford all my expenses while I’m in Australia. Thanks God naapproved naman.

      1. Hi dylene 🙂

        We definitely have same case in here, I am invited by my Aussie friend for short vacation too, and is preparing for above documents from my employer too. I got almost same amount on my bank too.

        May I know how many day is your visa processing time?

        Thank you.

  32. Hi! Tanong ko lang does the Australian Embassy cross check bank statement? Kumuha na po kasi akong bank statement at dahil nangailangan ang mother ko, nag-withdraw ako sa account ko. Ngayon, kabado ako baka kasi mag-verify sila bank at makitang hindi na yun ang amount na nakadeposit. Thank you.

    1. Helloooo MISTY…no hindi nila aalamin yun,just like mind nung pumunta ako doon sa OZ exactly nong nag apply ako s tourist visa kunti lng pera ko then at the time i submit my doocumenmts there at cebu,its say on my bank statement 65k but it was not that amount i had coz after i get my bank statemenmt i withdraw almost 20k for my expenses to travel in cebu ,pray lng,and make sure u got all your documents complete and in good arrange/file f u need more info just visit me on my facebook page,, we can talk there more,goodluck

  33. Hi po pwede po magtanung about po sa tourist visa kasi diba kailangan na mgbgay ng letter the purpose of your stay and then leave the australia. kasi po mag two weeks na e ung lnagay na date may 17-31 po sa letter e wla pa slang response mg eexpire na ung bngay kong date na holidays, pano kaya yon?

    1. kailan ka nag aapply? kadalasan 1 wk. to 1 month ang visa approval, also depends sa case officer na maghandle sa papers mo. pray ka lang.

  34. Hi! i’m a first time traveler and never been outside the Philippines. I have plans of going to Australia next year. How are my chances in getting a tourist visa?

  35. Hi sino po dito naka experience ng kumuha ng multiple entry tourist visa?? 5 weeks Lang Ako ng stay Sa Sydney single entry visa ginamit ko. Ngayun Plano ko kumuha ng 6months multiple entry Pano po ba kumuha ng multiply entry?? Last time kasi na nag apply ako Sa immi Wala nmn akong nkitang choices Kung single o multiple ??

  36. Hi, my friends and I will be applying for a visa this June, and our scheduled trip will be on the end of July.
    Will the following documents be sufficient for the visa approval:

    1. ITR
    2. Bank Certificate (our money ranges from 300 to 400k each)
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. Certificate of Employment
    5. Other supporting docs: Hotel, Flight Tickets, Itinerary


  37. Hi po gusto po akong papuntahin ng bf ko sa Australia, at willing naman po sya na e shoulder lahat ng gastos,ang problema ko walA po akong bank certificate or bank account,house keeper lang po kasi ako pwede po ba ako mag open ng account before mag aply ng visit visa?ma grant po kya

  38. Hello gusto ko po sana mag aplly ng visit visa this year at shoulder naman po ng sponsor ko ang lahat ng finacial problem at kung ano ang mga dapat nyang e submit.ang problema ko po wala akong bank account or financial statement. pero may pera naman ako,pwede kaya kahit bgo lang ang bank account?sana po ma help nyo ako sa problem ko..

  39. Hello po gusto lang po malaman kung pano makakakuha ng visit visa?ma6 nag sabi po kc need ng statement of bank record,may pera po ako pero wala akong bank account,kung sakali po ba na mag open ako ng bank account ngayon ma grant po kya?kc bgo lang.

  40. Hi, may i ask lang po, i am planning to apply for a tourist visa, andun ung sister ko sa Sydney and student visa gamit nya doon, so ako naman dito sa pinas is Working for 3yrs na as a regular employee, balak ko pumunta sa AU this Sept, I dont have savings acct yet, all i have is ung payroll acct ko sa RCBC. ok lang ba na ung payroll acct ko ung ipresent ko sa statement of acct? and hihingan po ba ako ng show money? if yes, mga How much kaya kelangan? 10-14days lang nmn plan ko to stay sa AU.

    1. just to add, ive been to Malaysia na din nmn for 3x kc andun ung ex bf ko. and been to SG na din kc nag tour kmi doon. So baka makatulong lang din ung info.

      1. Paano kaya dapat kong gawin?provide naman nya needs ko pag dating sa grant kya invitation na iBibigay nya.?

  41. Hi po.

    Pang 3rd apply ku na ng TV sana this time ma grand na. Twice na din umuwi bf ko dito sa pinas.

    Ano po lahat ang documents na need i upload sa immi. This time kase online ako mag aapply dati kase agent e kulang 50k nababayaran ni bf.

    Paguide na man po sa mga documents na ipapasa ku sa immi.

    Salamat po.

  42. Hi Sir, i just would like to ask if did you attach a Passport Size photo in your IMMIACCOUNT when you applies? Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon.

  43. Pa help naman nag apply kami ng TV ni bf via immi then naka tabggap ako ng email need po daw ng HEALTH EXAMINATION pag hindi ko daw napasa pwede daw ma denied application ko
    MAY naka experience na ba na ganito?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Kaya nag request sila ng health examination kasi base yun sa questionnaire nila na sinagutan mo. Hindi naman denied, depende yun result ng health exam mo. So pa medical ikaw tas e upload mo sa immi pag meron na result.

  44. Mga sissy salamat po visa granted today. 1 month stay lang po. Nag apply ponkami thru immi last aug 16 na grand po today aug 22 salamat mga sissy

    1. Hi po. May nag sponsor po ba sayo? Bilis magrant ng visa mo. Balak ko sana pumunta sa Oz d ko alam mga dapat na requirements. Please help

  45. Mga sissy . Sino nasa OZ or nakapunta na ano po tanong ng immigration? Tagalog ba or english di kase good masyado sa Englishe.
    May pupunta ba sa inyo this coming October or November para may makasabay ako?

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