6 Health Tips When Travelling Abroad

When taking a journey overseas, it’s important to try and stay as healthy as possible throughout the course of the expedition. While some things can’t be avoided, you can at least take some preventative measures to try and ensure you stay right as rain.

Here are six healthy tips for travelling abroad which you might find useful.

Do Exercise

Alright, so heading down to the gym is probably the last thing you’ll want to be doing on your vacation – but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for the odd jog or long walk.


Dedicate a half-hour slot to finding some cardio-vascular time every day just to help keep your body ticking over.

You won’t be able to burn off as many calories as you’re likely to be taking in (holidays are a time to let your hair down after all), but it will at least make something of a dent.

Select Active Days Out

You can clinch yourself a two-for-one if you purposefully choose to get involved in days out which involve a lot of activity and movement.

If you’re on a winter escape, for example, you could get involved in a host of healthy activities – with the likes of skiing, hiking and ice skating all possibilities.

Long treks are also worth investing in, with these trips not pushing you too hard all at once, yet still providing a decent all-round burn.

Get Vaccinated

Getting your jabs is a crucial step in guaranteeing you stay as healthy as possible when you next take a journey overseas.


There are a host of deadly diseases out there which could strike at any minute – especially if you’re in countries where the risk of infection is particularly prevalent.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that certain vaccines require a set amount of time to become “viable” so you should plan your departure date accordingly.


You probably take hygiene standards for granted if you live in a First World country – but the reality is you need to be very careful when travelling to some locations in Asia, Africa and South America.

For some time the concept of avoiding the consumption of things like tap water, seafood and raw food has been championed, and rightfully so.

Unwashed or contaminated items can lead to diarrhoea in a lot of mild cases – as well as significantly more life-threatening conditions in others.  Don’t take the risk and avoid these substances.

Unprotected Sex

It might elicit slight chortle, but it’s crucial to remember not to get involved in any kind of sexual intercourse without taking the appropriate preventative measures.


When you consider more than a million STDs are transmitted across the world on a daily basis, it stands to reason you need to ensure you take every precaution you can.

Even if you’re making love to someone you are in a committed relationship with, it’s still wise to avoid the risk – they might have picked something up from a non-sexual encounter.

Don’t Get Too Much Sun

Basking in the rays is all well and good, but you don’t want to get caught out and suddenly find yourself being rushed off to the emergency room.

It’s surprisingly easy to find yourself sitting out on a beach and getting lost in the moment – only to find you’ve been over-exposed to the sun.

Wear lots of sunscreen and limit your time of exposure to a minimum if you want to avoid serious damage.

Remember some of these useful tips the next time you’re on a holiday overseas. If you want to stay as healthy as possible, follow them for guaranteed success.

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