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Review of Sun City Camp Wadi Rum

Let me start by saying: I had the opportunity to spend the night – with the Jordanian moon and stars above me, the Arabian desert in my feet, the desert cold embracing me and the morning sun from the East gently waking me up –  in a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Wadi Rum!  I stayed at Sun City Camp Wadi Rum for 1 night during my Holy Land pilgrimage trip.  Booking has been pre-arranged by our local operator and as per information sent to me prior to arrival, Sun City Camp Wadi Rum is a 5 star camp.  Exciting! The last time I camped is about 4 years ago.

We arrived at Sun City Camp Wadi Rum after sunset and its already getting dark.  At the camp reception, we were greeted immediately and given our tent keys.  No more check-in procedures and verification done because our local tour operator has already pre-checked-in us. I was assigned in a suite tent!

13 wadi rum

12 wadi rum


Sun City Camp is located in the desert of Wadi Rum and has spectacular view of the desert and mountains.  Its location is of course is far from city life but the camp itself offers luxury.

 9 wadi rum

Rooms, Room Amenities and Room Service

The tent assigned to me has 2 rooms – 1 double room and 1 twin room. The tent has very spacious living area – it is even bigger than the rooms. Toilet and bath is common and very big.  There is no bathtub but the shower is superb.  As in Amman, there are two toilet bowls beside each other.  The bathroom itself is comparable to deluxe 5 star hotels.  Toiletries are specifically manufactured for Sun City Camp.  Water is strong and who could think that one is enjoying a luxury shower in the middle of the desert! Each room has silk curtains all-over and the chandelier is just lovely.  The beds, linens and pillows are so soft and clean.  No trace at all that one is camping in the desert.

 15 wadi rum

But it’s not the suite room that I like; it’s the balcony where I have a view of the desert and the mountains.  I slept outside my room and enjoyed the night with the moon and stars above me.  Though I was a bit hesitant at first doing it because I am thinking of desert snakes, kidnapping all, but yeah, I did it and nothing happened as the place is perfectly safe. Actually, that one night I had in Wadi Rum is one of the greatest nights of my life.  I will forever treasure it.

 16 wadi rum


Sun City Camp has over 30 tents, a restaurant (and you have to see the toilet of the restaurant, it’s more than Shangri-la!), wifi (poor signal in the tents), the desert, the mountains, the moons, the stars, the Bedouins!  Power supply is cut-off 11PM and switched-on again by 5AM.  Electricity in the camp comes from a diesel powered generator while water I supposed comes from an oasis or a reservoir.

 14 wadi rum

Breakfast and Dinner

Let me start by saying that the best lamb I have tasted and the best dinner I had in this entire 13-day Holy Land Pilgrimage trip is here.  How they cooked the food including the rice?  Underground! All buried in the sand! It’s a local way of cooking and the aroma and the taste is just heavenly.

 17 wadi rum

Check in and Check out

Checking In and checking out is a breeze.


Staff are genuinely friendly.  I had no adaptor that time and they let me borrow the only one they have.


I recommend Sun City Camp Wadi Rum for individual or group travelers.  Based on the fact that it’s a 5 star camp, I am giving a rating of 10/10 to Sun City Camp Wadi Rum.


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