Wadi Rum or Valley of the Moon | Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour for Filipinos

Biblical Significance

Wadi Rum has no biblical or religious significance

Why Visit Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum or Valley of the Moon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in southern Jordan.  Based on various petroglyphs, inscriptions and archaeological remains in the area, it is said that humans have inhabited the place as early as 12,000 years ago.  12,000 years ago? Yes. Grabe.  So perhaps this place used to have vegetation and water supply? Yes, because “wadi” in Arabic means valley or a dry river bed to be very specific about the term. Today however, only Bedouins live in Wadi Rum. Bedouins, which means “desert dwellers,” are Arab seminomadic people who have inhabited the desert.

10 wadi rum

Bedouins and their camels in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is off the beaten path until recently it has been included in the Jordan segment of Holy Land Tours.  Its inclusion is because of its natural endowment not found anywhere else in the world.  True to its name – Valley of the Moon – one is somewhat transported to another planet, or the moon perhaps.  It’s red and white desert, sand dunes, towering cliffs, and sandstones and granite mountains make this place truly spectacular.  One can easily understand why only time can make a wonderful place such as Wadi Rum.

8 wadi rum

A caravan of camels in Wadi Rum

7 wadi rum

A Bedouin riding a camel waves to our group

6 wadi rum

Getting close to the camels!

Because of its uniqueness, Wadi Rum has been the filming site of Lawrence of Arabia – based on the true story of T. E. Lawrence and Prince Faisal Bin Hussein who actually spent a significant amount of time here during World War I. Other movies filmed here include: The Martian, The Last Days on Mars and Desert Passion among others.

4 wadi rum

Where Lawrence of Arabia took refuge during the WWI

3 wadi rum

7 Pillars of Wisdom, Wadi Rum

2 wadi rum

4×4 ride in in Wadi Rum

Activities here include 4×4 ATV ride in the valley.  We started our ATV ride at around 4PM and ended until sunset.  The view in Wadi Rum is magical.  You get a different treat depending on the time of the day – mid-day looks different from Sunset or Sunrise.  It is magical how the colors slowly changes when the sun is setting down or going up. Our tour guide, though not a Bedouin, considers sunset in Wadi Ram as the most beautiful sunset in Jordan.  He did not say that for no reason at all.

11 wadi rum

Pillars and formations formed by wind, water and erosion thousands of years ago

12 wadi rum

Sunset at Wadi Rum

Apart from the 4×4 ride, what I liked most in Wadi Rum is our deluxe camp.  We were booked for an overnight at Sun City Camp and it’s truly luxurious.  Imagine a 5 star camping experience in the middle of the desert.  And by the way, though it’s a luxurious camp, I slept outside my room and chose to experience sleeping in the desert with the stars above me! How wonderful!

13 wadi rum

Our luxurious desert camp – Sun City Camp Wadi Rum

16 wadi rum

Early morning at the veranda of my suite tent. I slept here actually at the veranda instead of my room

Other activities here include rock climbing, hot air balloon, camel ride and microflight among others.

5 wadi rum

A Bedouin on his way home, Wadi Rum


  1. Put on your sun block. Lots of it
  2. Bring cap, hat or umbrella
  3. Wear light clothing.  For that perfect picture effect, wear white! It has nice contrast with the desert and the mountains
  4. Wear light shoes. Rubber shoes or sandals are perfect.  Slipper is not advisable
  5. Bring water to drink
  6. Fully charged your phones and cameras
1 wadi rum

Wadi Rum

wadi rum

Photo opportunity with the camels 😉


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