Travel Tips to Pinoy Solo Travelers

I have been traveling solo a lot and I have noticed that more and more people are really going solo. For whatever reason, I know it’s worth it.

Here is how I travel solo:

  1. PLAN AHEAD. There is no substitute for a good plan. I am not referring to a detailed plan but at least I know where exactly I want to go, what exactly I want to see and at the very least, I have a picture of what my travel looks like or ends up. Very importantly, I know where to sleep even at least for the first night. This goes without saying that I can book my airfare ahead of time and get promo fares.
  2. PACK LIGHT. With just a hand-carry luggage, I can easily manage myself with so much ease. I can go anywhere and anytime. Even for a week or month, just a hand carry will be enough and I get to discipline myself too on cloths and accessories.
  3. INTERACT WITH THE LOCALS. Social media is the best way to interact with locals. I get first hand information and travel related ideas from them. I get a local guide and I am sure I will learn a lot from them. Sometimes, I bond with the locals to feel at home. Just don’t mess up with them.
  4. GET CONNECTED TO SOCIAL MEDIA. At this age and time, it’s a ‘sin’ if one is not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. My family knows I am alright when I post updates on my FB.
  5. TAKE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. I get as much as I can. I normally have four 16GB with me. I love looking at my pictures and videos. They remind me of my modest life. I only use my cellphone when I travel.
  6. KEEP SAFE OF IMPORTANT ITEMS IN ONE PLACE. I always put my money, cards, passport and cellphone in one place which I bring with me all the time. If the hotel has a safety deposit box, I put them there.
  7. GO OFF THE BEATEN PATH. There is much joy to be in places where few people have been.  The places unknown and unexplored are the best ones to experience. I feel happier.
  8. EAT IN LOCAL RESTAURANTS. I always make sure to eat in restaurants distinct to the place. I always allocate money for a good eat. But I do not also restrict myself from eating street foods.
  9. SLEEP IN HOSTELS. Save money and gain more friends in hostels. In choosing one, make sure its centrally located, with fire exit, with wifi and if possible with security system.
  10. OBSERVE AND RESPECT. Before doing anything, I make sure I have seen how locals do it. Most importantly, I trust my instinct.
  11. TRAVEL ESSENTIALS. My backpack contains the following: 2 shorts, 2 boxers shorts, 1 running shorts, 5 t-shirts, 2 singlets, 5 underwear, 5 handkerchief, 2 small towels, scarf, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, razor, cotton buds, lotion, sun block, vitamins, nail cutter, first aid kit, 1 multi-purpose mug, ready to mix coffee, candy, biscuit, chargers and pen and paper. I wear Crocs, Garmin GPS watch, Hedger body bag and jacket. My backpack is Gravis.
  12. MONEY. I always bring money just enough that I have nothing left to buy any pasalubong.  If I have to buy something to bring home, it must be a very small souvenir I can include in my collections. But in most instances, I never buy anything.


  1. INTERACT WITH THE LOCALS. Yes. Although I’m originally from the North, I was able to save myself from getting stranded by befriending the people of Kalibo at the Kalibo Airport. They’ve been very nice to me even if the language that I can only speak is tagalog and English. 🙂

        1. wow. bolinao it is. one of may fave spots. and bolinao is the philippine tourist destination featured as a permanent display in legoland malaysia!

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