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VISA Requirements for Filipinos Applying for Korean Tourist Visa

South Korea is a popular destination among Filipinos. However, a prior visa is needed before one is allowed entry to mainland South Korea. On the other hand, no visa is needed if one is only visiting Jeju Island.

Many say that it’s not easy to get South Korean Tourist Visa because of the strict requirements the Korean Embassy imposes. Perhaps. On the other hand, if the applicant possesses all the requirements to support the visa application, I think, there will be no problem.

I personally have secured three (3) South Korean Tourist visas already. My first visa was a Single Entry Visa valid for 59 Days. The second visa was a Multiple Entry Visa valid for 1 year with a maximum of 30 days stay per entry. And my current South Korean Visa is a 5-Year Multiple Entry Visa with a maximum of 30 days per entry.

My First South Korean Tourist Visa - Single Entry for 59 Days

My First South Korean Tourist Visa – Single Entry for 59 Days

My Second South Korean Tourist Visa - Multiple Entry for 1 Year

My Second South Korean Tourist Visa – Multiple Entry for 1 Year

My Third South Korean Tourist Visa - Multiple Entry for 5 Year

My Third South Korean Tourist Visa – Multiple Entry for 5 Year

In all instances I applied for a Tourist Visa, I only submitted these basic requirements:

  1. Valid Original passport and a photocopy of the bio page
  2. Original Bank Certification
  3. BIR documents
  4. Employment documents
  5. Ticket Reservation
  6. Hotel Reservation
  7. Photo copy of other visas in the passport
  8. Duly accomplished application form with attached ID picture

Let’s discuss the requirements one by one.

The embassy requires the presentation of the applicants’ original and valid passport. Hence, ensure that your passport is valid for travel – at least 6 months prior to date of travel.

As a proof that the applicant can support his/her stay in South Korea, the Embassy requires the presentation of original bank certificate and bank statement. Both bank certificate and bank statements are required. Sometimes, the embassy also asks for the original passbook. Now here comes the big question: How much money should I have in my bank account? There is no rule on this. However, ensure that the figures appearing on the bank documents must be sufficient enough to support your stay. So make sure you can personally decipher what is meant by “sufficient money.” If the applicant is a student, submit the bank/ financial documents of your parents and a duly notarized Affidavit of Support. If the applicant is unemployed, submit proof of sources of income, say, remittances from someone living abroad or your sponsor.

BIR documents are supplementary to bank documents. If employed, submit photo copy of Tax Withheld. If self-employed, submit BIR Annual Income Tax Return, Audited Financial Statement, Business Permit and DTI/SEC Registration. If student, submit the documents of your parents.

Employment documents include Certificate of Employment and Leave of Absence. If you are a government employee, include in your application your duly approved leave form. If self-employed, the DTI/SEC document replaces this requirement. If student, submit original and photocopy of the following: enrollment form of the current semester and School ID. If un-employed, proof of remittances from someone abroad or sponsorship letter duly supported by the sponsor’s financial documents.

Ticket and Hotel reservations must only be reservations and not a paid one. Do not finalize your ticket and hotel yet. What the embassy is very particular of is the address of your accommodation in Korea and your contact number. Now comes the question, should the hotel address you indicated in the visa application form as shown in your hotel reservation be the actual hotel you will use when you get to Korea? My answer is yes. However, if you are granted a multiple entry visa and goes to Korea for the second time or so, you may use other hotels. As regards to the ticket reservation, you may change it as you wish.

Well traveled applicants get better chances of having their visa application approved. Sometimes, all the visa officer do is check your travel history as shown in your passport. The more travelled you are, the more chances you get an approved visa. If you have Japan, US, New Zealand, UK or Schengen Visa, you can be certain that you will be granted a South Korean Visa. In the application form, you are asked to list the countries you have visited in the last 5 years. To support this, photocopy your other visas and attach them to your application documents.

Lastly, applicants must properly fill-up the visa application form with passport size ID picture. Answer all items and place N/A for items that you do not have an answer. Download the visa application form here.

Applicants need not personally apply. Visa application is from 8:30 am to 11:00 am while releasing of passport is from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm Mondays to Fridays. The Embassy of South Korea is located in 122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. In Cebu, the South Korean Consulate is located at the 12th Floor of Chinabank Corporate Center, Lot 2, Samar Loop Cor. Road 5, Cebu Business Park, Mabolo, Cebu City.

So what is the likelihood one is granted a South Korean Tourist Visa? Check your requirements. From there, you can get an idea.

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  1. Hi! I need your help regarding my Visa application. I do not know in which category I belong. I am an 18 year old college student and planning to go to korea next year.I became a bit confused if I should bring the requirements for student tourist or unemployed tourist. And aside from that I will be travelling alone but my parents will sponsor my trip. My mom is a housewife and my dad is an OFW so he does not have an ITR. I just want to ask given this situation what documents should I bring for my Visa application? I will be waiting for your response. Thank you so much!

  2. Hello! Me and my friend just want to ask, it will be our first time to travel abroad and possibly want to go to SoKor. Do we have a chance to be approved for tourist visa? Minimum amount ng bank account namin roughly 30k. Okay lang ba yun ? And is it necessary to put plane itenirary and hotel reservation as well? I have read on other blogs na hihingin nila ung contact number ng hotel. I hope for your answer. Thank you so much! Great blog!

  3. Hi,i just apply my visa going to korea,but i get my application refuse,they said theyre not satiesfied to me going to korea,my boyfriend works in korea,he is the one who invite to go there,we followed all the requirements and all of my bf documents is notorized to prove he gonna guarantee me while im in korea,but they still denied my application,can u please give me an advice wat i gonna do,,th

  4. Hi! I am planning to visit South Korea this year. I am just wondering kasi my first visit (July 2017) everything will be paid by my company and the second one (December 2017)somebody invited me to go there. I am just wondering if multiple entry visa ba yung kukunin ko or after my first visa is approved, can I file another single entry visa? heheheheh this is actually my first time to process a visa.

  5. Hello! I like to know what is requirements for Korean visa for unemployed filipino like me because i want to visit south Korea someday to take a trip soon.

  6. Hi.patulong namn. Mag third time akong mag aapply for visa ulit.kaso ung mga requirments ko last apply ko mababago na lahat. Unemployed na kasi ako. Anong maaring ma past kong requirments sa korea embassy na ma grant nila ulit ako ng visa? Thanks.

  7. anyone here is a government employee who already went to Korea? what were your requirement? how about in the immigration do they look for a travel order. i am confused if i should get a travel order or not because in the new travel rules of BI its only approved vacation leave form. can somebody help/clarify this do me. thanks.

    • Hello Ma’am Che, I am a government employee and I was able to fly to Korea last December 2017. The BI looked for my travel authority. She just glanced at it and stamped my passport. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi regarding student visa application,is it fine if I present only my mom’s bank certificate,certificate of employment and ITR permit? Since my dad does not have any of these requirements. Thanks:)

  9. I would like to ask regarding the case of unemployed with a sponsor.When you say remittances what proof do we have to show, the receipt or the passbook where we deposited the money sent?The remittance is sent thru cash Padala ..Thank you..

  10. Hello. Ask ko lang po kung nakakuha na kayo ng visa? Same situation po kasi ako. Plan sana namin ni bf punta ng SoKor next year (Jan/Feb) for 1-2 weeks lang naman. Unemployed din ako at sya naman ay may work. Kaso si bf ay foreigner kaya di ko alam kung pwede ba sya mag sponsor sa’kin.

  11. Good day po ask q lng po ano po mga requirements dapat q dalhin pag aaply ng tourist visa ofw po aq ngaun s saudi pag uwe q po ininvite po aq ng friend q punta korea pero wla po ako bank account yong friend q po ay matagal nang ngwowork s korea at ininvite nya po aq sya po sasagot ng lhat ng gastos q pati gastos pag stay q s korea sna po masagot nyo po ang katanungan q tnx po

  12. Hi! Ask ko lang if do you know anong requirements and what specific na application form pag mag a-apply ng visa for south korea if unemployed and never pang nagka work but kasama ko mom ko and sya yung gagastos for me? Thanks, I’d really appreciate your response :))

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