Australian Tourist Visa for Filipinos

In 2013, I applied for Australian Tourist Visa and was denied one. At that time, I already have a 10-year multiple entry US Visa and have visited at least 15 countries in the past 2 years including South Korea, Taiwan and China. I think I have submitted all requirements including a personal bank certificate from BDO with an amount enough for me to live in Australia for 6 months with a spending capacity of 100USD per day, a travel insurance from Blue Cross, business papers and related documents, and other documents of some properties. Despite those, I was denied of a visa. Surprisingly, based on the letter I received, the case officer has noted that: I have never been outside the country. A shocking result of evaluation for me. So I immediately emailed the case officer about the matter and attached scanned pages of my passport. To my surprise, I was told that they can only open my case if I have to pay anew. Meaning, I have to apply again and pay another 6,400.00 for a wrong decision given to me! I declined a second application then and went instead to Nepal.

This year, since I really wanted to see Australia and New Zealand, I applied again, and this time around, they gave me a multiple entry visa for 3 months. The Embassy gives, 3, 6 or 12 months visa based on one’s request.

Many say that getting a visa approved is based on the completeness and correctness of the documents submitted. I agree to some extent. However, another factor, beyond the applicant’s control, which actually determines if a visa will be granted or denied, is the mood of the visa officer making the evaluation. We can not deny that they are also human beings, and in some (rare) occasions, they make unfavorable decisions. I do not claim that I should have been issued a visa in 2013; what I claim is that, the decision to my application made by the case officer is not for me. He made a wrong remarks when he said that I have never been outside the Philippines.

Having both the experience of being denied and granted a visa still doesn’t make me a visa expert or anything close to that. I am just recounting my experience without any intention to put harm to anyone.


  1. Properly filled up Application Form 1419 (subclass 600) – make sure it’s the latest form as they always update it. Ensure also that a valid and existing email address is indicated.
  2. Visa Fee of 130 Australian Dollars (because application is made in Manila/outside Australia) – this must be in the form of Manager’s Cheque payable to “Australian Embassy Manila” and must be in Philippine currency (check exchange rate with the bank or call the Visa Center first prior to buying the MC). Credit card payment is also accepted. There is a page in the Application Form for electronic payment. Note however that there is additional surcharge for electronic payment.
  3. Photo copy of all passport pages with immigration stamps, visa from other countries and the bio page. Also, the passport must be valid for travel. Attached photo copies of previous passport if available. Have it notarized. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL PASSPORT.
  4. ID picture. The right size. Just tell it’s for Australia Visa and the Photo Center would know it already.
  5. Original NSO Birth Certificate
  6. If applicant has served in the military, certified military service records or discharge papers.
  7. Financial documents such as Bank Certificate enough to cover all expenses while on holidays. As to how much, no idea. I was denied a visa when I presented almost a million peso but was granted when I presented a little over 200,000.00 pesos. Include also photo copies of credit cards, if available.
  8. Work documents – if employed, documents such as certificate of employment, leave form, certificate of compensation/salary, BIR (also include SSS/GSIS certificate of contributions though not needed), company ID and other government issued IDs. If employer/professional, business papers such as DTI/SEC, Mayor’s Permit, BIR and other related documents
  9. Itinerary while in Australia which includes hotel, tour activities and related information. Do not include confirmed air ticket. It’s not required.

Place everything in a long brown envelop and send to:

Australian Visa Application Center
Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building
2305 Pasong Tamo Extension,
Makati City, Metro Manila 1231

Counter hours
8am to 3pm Monday to Friday for lodging applications
8am to 4pm Monday to Friday for general information

+632 790 4900
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Or if applicant is nearer to Cebu:

Australian Visa Application Center
9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop
cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000,

+632 790 4900

Visa processing time varies but normally it takes 15 working days. Either granted or not, the Australian embassy will send an email notification about it. Any document submitted to the embassy will not be returned. If a visa is granted, they will issue a Visa Grant Notice. If denied, they will issue a letter explaining such.

The Australian Embassy does not provide visa sticker, only a Visa Grant Notice (similar to Dubai Visa).

australian tourist visa grant


Steps in Applying for Australian Tourist Visa ONLINE
Philippine Passport Holders residing outside Australia can now apply for a Visitor e600 Visa online. The following are the steps in applying for an Australian Tourist Visa online:

1. Make sure to create and log-in using your ImmiAccount. You can create your account HERE. Make sure to provide correct information to all required fields.

2. Once you have created your ImmiAccount, check your email from and verify by clicking the provided link.  You have to do this to validate and activate your newly created ImmiAccount. Log-on with your account using your nominated username and password.

3. Answer truthfully all questions that follow. There are 18 pages here. On page 2, you will be asked to give details of your travel to Australia. You may provide your date of arrival and departure and reason/s why you visit Australia.

a. Page 3 is about your passport details and some other information. The last question is about Health Examination. Has this applicant undertaken a health examination for an Australian visa in the last 12 months? It may imply that you need health certification. If you answer Yes, you are required to give details in the box provided. If you answer No, you proceed to next page.

b. Page 4 is Critical Data Confirmation. You can correct wrong entries should you have provided an incorrect one. If no correction, click Yes and proceed to next page.

c. Page 7 is contact details of applicant.

d. Page 10 is period of your stay. Here, you can indicate if it’s single entry or multiple entry. You will need to provide details.

e. Page 12 is your Employment Records.

f. Page 13 is your Financial Capacity.

g. Page 17 is Character Declaration. Answer “No” to all entries. If “Yes” to some questions, provide details.

h. Page 18 is Declarations. Answer “Yes” to all questions. A “No” answer to any question is not a good one.

4. You will need to attach scanned copy/ies of required documents as listed in the prompt page including but not limited to: passport (biopage), travel history (immigration stamps in your passport and other visa/s), bank statement, evidence of employment, evidence of other assets and NSO birth certificate. If you don’t have those documents at the moment, you may attach them later on, at least within the next 30 days. All provided data are stored in your ImmiAccount. However, you can still proceed to pay and attach the documents after payment.

5. Pay 135AUD using a debit/credit card in the window prompt provided.

6. Wait for updates/result of your application in your ImmiAccount and email.

Note that you can upload maximum of 60 documents per application. Incomplete documents will be processed longer. Your Case Officer may ask for other documents as maybe needed. Processing time varies.

There. Enjoy Australia!

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  1. Hi, ask lng..has anyone experienced to be in australia, went back to Philippines and applied again for a new visa with multiple entry? My previous visa is single entry lng kc. Ok lng ba na gamitin uli ung ibang documents na notarized from previous application since ilang months pa lng lumipas? Need ba uli magsubmit ng approve leave kung ang travel is next year pa nman? Salamat, hope anyone can share.

    • I think the same parin talaga yung requirements nila. Minsan din kapag masyado malapit lang yung petsa the last time you went there tapos babalik ka ulit medyo magdududa sila kasi you have job here but you spend more time in Australia than in here. Depende rin if you will stay there for months.. but if days or weeks lang I think its fine. But the requirements are still the same.

      • If you want multiple entry visa you should indicate in the application multiple then make a note in the box provided “that you’d love to visit the place again before a given visa will expire” if you don’t have dates yet for the supposed return visit.

  2. Pwede rin lang cguro yung previous papers mo like NSO cert but others have to be the latest like the payslip, bank account at ITR or within 1 year from the date of issuance.

  3. Guys help. What are the things needed to be declare upon arriving in sydney international airport? Are they strict on liquids like Im having this Body wash and Bubble Bath a gift to my friends mom. Is it okay to bring liquid?

    • Hi Anne, okay lang yang mga ganyan. Yung need mong i declare ay mga pagkain. Ika nga ng immigration offer sa isang Chinese national na nagdala ng mga anek anek, “everything that u put in your mouth is food”. Search mo sa youtube, Border Security Australia, you will know kung anu dapat at di dapat dalhin sa Aus.

  4. Hi guys sino dito naglodged ng application nila nung august 9? I’m still waiting pa kasi.more than 1 month na..ang target ko kasi October ako punta ng oz..bakit kaya ang tagal lumabas ang result..btw,nag agent pala ako.thank you.

  5. hello can somebody here help me please, coz i lodge my documents direct to the australian embassy located at rcbc tower but i paid the vfs courier thing, can somebody help what will happen to my application since vfs located at paosng tamo ext and i submitted the documents on rcbc tower ayala avenue. did someone here experience conflict aswell? please help

  6. tulong naman po di po ba mawawala yung visa application ko with the managers check? diniretso ko kasi yung lodge sa rcbc tower rather than sending it to vfs pasong tamo, please help

    • I think you need to contact VFS regarding your concern. Im sure my record sila sa lahat ng nag lodge sa kanila. Who received your application in RCBC tower?

  7. Hi po. I got my bridging visa for extension. What to do po for medical? Hihintayin ko po bang contakin muna ako ng case officer bago ako magpa asses ng medical? Hndi ko po kc maprint ung referral letter ilang beses ko npo sinubukan. Pro napiprint naman ung ibang documents. Wait ko po ba muna ung email ng case officer?

  8. no idea po who receive my application, kakadispatch pa lang kasi kahapon dito sa boracay i guess i have to contact 2go express din dito

  9. hi, need some inputs po..if i get married before my tourist visa application (say October 2016 then visa application in January 2017), can i still use my existing/current passport with my old surname? so in my tourist visa application im gonna enter my new surname but in the portion about passport details my old surname. ganon po ba un? Thank you

  10. My sister from New York wanted me to tour Austraia, New Zealand, and Fiji in May 2017 with her. I have a 10 year US visa which I got 3 years ago and its my 3rd visa renewal. I have been travelling to the US always especially when my mother was still alive. Last April 2014 I got a Schengen visa upon my cousins invitation in Vienna and tour some places in Europe. My problem is that I have no properties to present, I am 66 years old, not employed and no other source of income although I have a daughter who works in Oman as a nurse she is still single. My sister who still works in NY would sponsor my trip. Will the case officer consider her as my sponsor even though shes a US citizen and not from Australia. Are there any things I should know before I apply, any advice. Thanks. Oh yes I am leaving again for NY on Nov, can I apply my visa on line while Im there cause Im still waiting for our itinerary from the travel agency which I think should be submitted also.

  11. Hi good day po pwede po pa help mag bi’visit sana ako ng Australia then yung visa is inapply sa australia nakatanggap yung boyfriend ko ng email immi refusal notification with decision record any can help paanu makatravel first time ko lang din kasi

    • hmmm..bakit inapply sa Australia? ang alam ko kc dapat ung applicant should be out of Australia and when the application is decided. anong ginamit nyang address? Ok lng siguro kung Philippines,. kaya lng baka ung address nya ginamit nya for you. im hoping hindi nman..Whats the reason for the refusal, im asking para alam natin kung ano dapat iwasan at kung ano ung mga dapat gawin at idagdag sa application mo.

      • Yun nga inapply sa ibang bansa ang ginamit namn na address is yung dito sa philippines at nilagay din yjng address niya sa aus. Di ko rin alam kong bakit

  12. i have been refused the same day that the immigration officer called me and hang up, i sent the visa direct to the australian embassy they recieved it on sept 16 and got the decision on sept 21, tapos decision economic situation when i put 100k sa bnak statement, naghahanap ng salary eh self employed nga, tapos may close family daw ako dun samantalang wala nman ako nilagay na may relatives ko dun, tapos military service i never serve the military, meron pang isa pati declare ng state of lawlessness sinama, tsaka ung natural disaster anu nman kinalaman nun sa tourist na inaplayan ko? sometime u cannot tell whether ung case officer mo kahit u provide all the documents kung igagrant ka nila o hindi

  13. i have been refused aswell, my case officer told me my papers seem to be ok then the call cut out afterwards i received an e-mail na refused ung application ko ng tourist visa

  14. I have been refused too last week for the following reasons: Personal circumstances or other conditions in the applicant’s home country, that may encourage the applicant to remain in Australia, including:
    – the applicant’s economic situation – including unemployment or employment that, based on knowledge of local employment conditions, such as salary rates, would not constitute a strong incentive for the applicant to leave Australia;
    – the applicant’s personal ties to Australia, that is, does the applicant have more close family members living in Australia than in their home country;
    – military service commitments;
    – civil disruption, including war, lawlessness or political upheaval in the applicant’s home country; and
    – economic disruption, including shortages, famine, or high levels of unemployment, or natural disasters in the applicant’s home country.

    First of all, I earn US$ and not employed locally.
    Second, I only have a friend in Australia. My immediate family are in Philippines, and relatives in USA, Canada and UK.

    I think the case officer who handled my application either don’t know how to read or just decided to deny all application that went his way that day, got the refusal email last September 21st.

    This blog also shows that we can further submit documents after payment – not true, because when I was going to submit more, thats when I found out that my application has been decided upon and finalised. So make sure all your documents are in before paying.

    • hi, may i know who is your Case Officer? i was refused in 2013 too and looks like we were both denied for the same reasons. On mine, the Case Officer even said that i was a frequent traveler and that my children dont matter to me (implied) when i haven’t traveled yet to any country that time yet. So i questioned that and wrote the Case Officer..and he/she replied tho only to tell me that the case is decided and i just have to re-apply. thats what i thought of them too, or ano bang mood nya when my application was decided? When did u submitted your online application? Can i ask what are the documents you submitted kung ok lng sau. Did you attach cover letter and itinerary? My second application was granted, i re-applied last June 2016.

      • my case officer was REBECCA. and na refused visa ko nung september 19. but i applied again on october 3 and got granted october 5.

        • Same case officer ang handle netong oct? Im not sure if napost mo na before, pero ano yung reason nung denied ka before? Tsaka same documents lang ba submit mo netong oct?

  15. wanderer were actually exactly the same… parehong pareho yung reasons ng refusal sa akin at sau and my case officer was rebecca, thats why my friend was so upset and he ask me to go to an immigration lawyer but a way expensive anyway did u re-apply again?

  16. i am re-applying again, tinawagan kasi ako tapos nacut out ung line tapos ayun after few hours refusal na, eh 3 weeks lang nman ako stay sa oz tsaka been there before sa perth 6 years ago, were exactly the same case kasi friend ko lang din bisitahin ko dun,and my immediate family was here in ph too, kung anu reason sau yan din ang reason na binigay sakin, saktong-sakto, thats why am being careful this time at yung company ko na ang gagmitin ko, even my friend in oz called the immigration lawyer and they said thats not right.

    • My friend went to Immigration in Oz and was told to write another letter saying that she will also support my food aside from lodging.

  17. My case officer is Jerryboy. Which we know all know is not an Australian name. So I know it didn’t went to a Consul. I will re-apply again as I already purchased a non refundable flight. I don’t know how to show I have strong family ties in the Philippines since my parents were both dead, single and no kids! Hay! Pde ba ilagay ang relatives like Aunts and Uncles?

    • Aunts and Uncles basta close ka sa kanila. I think mas maganda if you will make a cover letter addressing the reasons made by the Case officer. Address it to the Honorable Consul… start by expressing your intention to visit Oz, for how long, who to visit, what places are you going to see while there. then introduce yourself , where you working and how long have you been working. And also your reasons for coming back to the Philippines. Although hindi nmn requirement ang cover letter pero it will help to let the person who will be evaluating your papers kc wala interview. Im not sure kung meron ka nagawa sa first application mo…so medyo baguhin mo lng ng konti. hindi rin nman inaadvise na bumili ng advance ticket pero for your next app iattach mo na lng. Ung invitation letter/statutory declaration ng friend mo pagusapan at pagisipan nyo pa kung pano mapaganda. Anyway..mga points lng ito and hopefully makatulong sau kahit papano. I can relate to you kc refused din ang fist visa application ko. Goodluck and hope you will be granted on your next application.

      • Thanks for the tips! I guess I’ll just attached pictures of my aunts and uncles. I only have two sibling and those were the ones I wrote.

          • Hi, sorry for the late reply. Just got back from Sydney. Yes, I re-applied and got the visa. I added pictures of my relatives na lang and also included them as family. i also added my confirmed roundtrip flight. Buti na lang hindi ke Jerryboy napunta application ko! :p

    • Hi dear, If i may comment on this. My case officer is Jerryboy also but my visa was granted. And as far as I know only Consul or Case Officer has the right to deny or approve a visa. They will indicate their position number at the bottom of the notice. Then the second time I applied it was handled by Mary, her position number also indicated at the bottom of the Grant Notice. Both visa I applied was granted. First one is through VFS and the second one through Immi Account. I have read a lot of blogs and articles about getting visa pa Australia and since wala ngang personal appearance your documents will speaks for itself.

      For those reasons you have indicated as if parehong-pareho kayo ng reason for denial, I guess its in their system. Hindi ibig sabihin lahat ng nakalagay dun sa list ay applicable sayo. Maybe isa or dalawa dun ang nakita ng case officer na reasons for him to refuse the visa. I guess those are are auto-generated emails/notices kaya pareho-pareho ang nakalagay sa reason for denial. That’s what I thought.

      • @ Jane, actually lahat ung mga reasons na nabangit ni Wanderer same reason din sa decision record ko. And obviously sila lang talaga ang may right to approve or deny a certain visa (minsan depende rin siguro sa mood nila or minsan ung akala nating sapat e kulang pa pala). Sabi nga nila, minsan swerte swerte rin lol. Gaya mo. Since ur docs will speak of you, on my second app i included my cover letter, itineray and plane ticket pero this time din me nagsupport sakin my fiance. But really, walang guarantee e, after doing everything we can at our best kelangan talaga nating ipagdasal na maging maganda ang resulta. Maari din na auto-generated din ung mga responses nila for refusal kaya same face lol.

        @ Wanderer share ko lng sau to hopefully give you ideas. Tanong ka lng kung ano concerns mo. Me mga kapatid taung mas maraming experience na na makakatulong..ako heto ung mga sinabmit ko that time.

        Under Intention to return, Evidence
        Birth Certificate of my children
        Cert of approved leave & report back to work
        Cover Letter
        Itinerary_flight details

        Financial Capacity – Personal, Evidence
        Bank Statement – Personal
        BIR Cert of Compensation
        Bank Statement_1
        Bank Statement_2
        Bank Statement_3
        Payslip (3 months)

        Birth or Age, Evidence
        Birth Certificate

        Assets – Personal, Evidence
        Other (specify)
        – ORCR

        – declaration of real property
        – electrical permit
        Title Deed
        – Land Title

        Work Experience – Overseas, Evidence
        Letter/Statement – Business/Employer
        – Company ID

        Employment Contract (Certificate of Employment)

        Invitation, Evidence
        Letter/Statement – Sponsor (Relative) this is from my fiance in your case from your friend
        – Statutory Declaration
        – Energy Account
        – Licence
        – Optusnet Invoice
        – Passport (bio-page)
        – Payslip
        – Pictures of us together

        Travel Document
        Passport size id picture
        Passport biopage New Old

        Change of Name, Evidence
        Marriage Certificate

        Travel history, Evidence
        Entry/exit stamped pages of the expired passport
        Entry/exit stamped pages of the current passport

  18. guess so kasi reltives mo pa rin sila, but what bout ur siblings? sinu ba ung pinaka next of kin mo?,am changing everything aswell ask my friends bank statement, and ask my business partner to write a letter for them, i dont know where they get this decisions probably may checklist at baka ayaw magbasa at may nakita na ayaw nya sa application thats why that day refused agad with same reasons.what about business if you have one, letter from from ur employee? sayang u should purchase a flight after sana magrant visa mo, they are not australians those people assesing the papers they are filipinos, u can tell it from their accent. i have heaps of aussie friends her in boracay and fortunately adopted their accents already kaya u can tell whether ang kausap mo ay aussie o pinoy.

    • I guess malaking factor if meron anak at saka work or business evidence for them to consider na babalik ka talaga and for them to discern na genuine ung intention naten to just go on visit sa Australia. When I applied, wala nmn ako submit na financial documents except for payslip ksi wla namn ako pera sa banko ska Certificate of Employment lng with annual salary. Wala din ako submit na itinerary or plane ticket. Meron letter of invitation from my friend pero wala din xa sinubmit na any financial documents. Sa letter nia sinabi nia lng na they will support my stay while I’m there in OZ. I am thinking nga na baka di ako ma-approve kasi napaka konti lng documents ko. Pero na-approved nmn ako multiple entry for one year. I spoke with a migrant lawyer before sabi nia di nmn need na super dami ng documents minsan nga daw un pa ang nagpapagulo lalo na at di nmn necessary. Do not give other information also kung di nmn daw kailangan.

      So ang hirap talaga just provide nlng what you think is necessary and makakatulong din ang covering letter ksi that is your only way to speak sa Case Officer. Just sharing my thoughts again:)

      • hehe actually Jane tama ka, option nlng ung dinagdag, pictures etc…other than that requirement talaga mga un, kung me maiaattach e di sige. pero if wala nman ok lng din nman, so ung kaya lng db? And ung mga Case Officer natin mga Pilipino, as you know aminin natin na iba ang thinking nila (natin) . Ganun din thinking ko the first time i applied, hindi nman kelangang ng pictures, ng cover letter, ng itinerary, ng plane ticket. Just sharing, from experience..Ur lucky and blessed…good for you.

        So yes just provide ung mga kelangan (required docs) kung meron.

        • Honestly wala ako idea if Filipino ung mga Case Officer. I did not think about it all the while I thought mga foreigners Case Officer. Pero kung Filipino din is that an advantage or disadvantage to us? Hehehe,,,,maybe if Filipino din alam na nila how we play or aware na din sila how we think but then lets just assume those guys are just doing their jobs. The proof of burden is really on us applicants. With all the blogs written here for sure makukuha na naten ano-ano mga dapat gawin so just do it at samahan nlng ng dasal. Anyway, if it meant to happen it will happen. Wag nlng mawalan ng Hope…if ma-deny we can try again and again:)

        • Thank you. I hope i did not discouraged ung mga ibang nagbabasa ng blogs na eto. I have been there too. Sleepless nights, kabado na di mo ma-explain ung feeling habang naghihintay ka ng result if approve or deny. But at the end of the day what we all can do is just to give it a try and give our best shot. Lahat nmn tayo may kanya-kanyang reason bkt gusto nten makakuha ng tourist visa. For whatever it is, I am sure it is for a good cause:) So good luck to all.

          I am just curious if meron ba na-approve recently who have been reading this blog? baka naman this is not the right time to apply ksi nga medyo controversial ang PH ngaun. They can really use that as a reason not to grant a visa at the moment. Any idea?

          • Hi. 😀

            Waiting dn ako na may mag post about sa mga recent lang nag apply. Kaka lodged lang ksi nung akin last Sept 22. And we are worried bka maka affect yung mga issues sa bansa ntn sa application ko, which we hope not.

            Btw, thaanks sa pag sheshare. Nag kakaron tuloy ako ng mga idea sa mga dpat iexpect. Hihi and also, na refused dn ung visa application ko last 2014. Sna naman this time ibgay n. ☺☺

            • Kaka apply ko lng last sept 14 pero dto sa abu dhabi embassy . Till now wla pa din email skin. Sna lng nga d maka affect ang issue ng country ntn ngayon.

              • Dto ko sa Dubai actually. Pero dun na sa Australia na ilodge ung papel ko. Kmuha ng agent ung partner ko. Let’s be positive muna habang nag iintay. Tiwala lang. 😊

                    • Wooow! Congrats!! I hope visa granted din ang ma received ko. Halos 2 weeks lang ang tngal ng application mo no? Hay sna tlga good news dn matnggap ko. Btw. Congraatss again!! 😊

                    • Oo halos 2 weeks preho kmi ng mga kawork mate ko 13-14 days inabot including weekend from the date na pinasa namin sa VFS. Wla kc embassy dto sa doha qatar kya thru vfs kmi nag lodge at pinadala nila sa dubai. Super kabado ako kasi nag book na ko ticket without the visa. Buti nlng granted

                    • ang galing tlaga! akala ko dto kdn sa UAE. Sana hndi na ulit ako ma refused like before. working nman ako ngyon, so my enough reason nko para bumalik dto. sobrang kabado talag pag nag aantay pa. hehe

                    • Hi since we are here in doha qatar we submit our residence permit salary certificate, bank certificate from bdo and bank statement from our bank here in qatar. Hotel bookings plane ticket and sample itinerary. Also yung mga stamp ng countries na npuntahan nmin before .

                    • Hi dlwa lng kmi ng boyfriend ko. D n konnag cover letter sample itinerary nalng. Pero kung ano2 lg nilagay ko

              • pede ko bang malaman and lahat ng requirements na pinasa mo? nag medical kapa? ofw ako from dubai, plano kong mag apply ng visa.

                • Wlang medical kung tourist visa lng. Complete application form, 2×2 pics bank certificate itinerary salary certificate from tour employer yn lng pinasa ko plus hotel booking palA

  19. Guys I need help. My tourist visa was finalized last Friday only after three days of filing it but I haven’t received any correspondence. Do you think I should contact them?

    • kahit wala sa email mo, you can check sa immi online kung na approved ka o hindi. yung akin chineck ko lang sa immi hindi email. i lodged mine october 3, ang got approved october 5 today

  20. kahit wala sa email mo, you can check sa immi online kung na approved ka o hindi. yung akin chineck ko lang sa immi hindi email. i lodged mine october 3, ang got approved october 5 today

      • i submitted cover letter, photocopy of passport biopage, nso birth certificate, valid id, company id. employment certificate , letter from my employer stating of my coming back to philippines, bank certification, bank statement , approved leaved form , invitation letter from my australian friend, bank statement nya, itinerary.

  21. Hi tanong ko lang sana 1month lang yung stay na na grant sakin, gusto ko sana mag extend. Now, ill book a ticket ppuntang perth on november. Should i buy a 1 way ticket or return? Kase mag aapply dn ako ng extension when i get there. ANy suggestions? One more thing, kung return ticket bibilhin ko i aattached kopaba when i apply? Please reply guys

  22. Hello po I’m planning to apply a tourist visa for 3 mos Lang Sana Kaya Lang nagaalangan po ako na Baka madeny po, first ung bank statement issue po i checked ung list of req needed.. magkano po ba dapat ung laman ng bank statement to be sure po na mgrant, ung bf q australian citizen po sa kanya po ako titira for 3 mos pero di p.o. iindicate na shoulder nya ung finances ko habang nagistay ako sa kanya Bale skin p.o. ung gagastusin ko pagdating q p.o. ng oz.. ano p.o. ba dapat gawin? S alamat p.o. ng marami

  23. To all bloggers here who extent help thru sharing ideas, experience and advises to new applicants like me, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Lodged my application Last September 27, 2016 and just have the result today October 06, 2016 , visa granted (single entry). Again, Thank you so much .

  24. May i know how much po bayad for tourist visa??? and need pa ba bank statements if invited ako ng Tito and Tita ko from AUS??? hope you can answer po may question.. thanks

  25. Hi, I need help. Ask ko lang re: ITR. Kailangan ba yung may tatak na received ng BIR? Sa mga approved, please comment.

      • Paano po ang gawin ko kung mag-apply ako subclass e600 for 12 months stay in Australia then ang sponsor ko ang magbabayad sa expenses paano po ang financial documents na kailangan sa Australian sponsor ko ba na nasa australia ? Ako kc ang pinapapunta Nya to visit him Kasi hindi siya pwede pumunta dito at walang maiiwanan ng sugar cane farm Nya , please I need your reply regarding this dahil first time ko to maka punta sa ibang Bansa,,,estela

  26. To re-apply, do you have to create a new immi account or should you use the old one and just attach more documents?

    • Yes u can use same immi account n attach documents that u think would really help to support ur application. Very important to note n show ur strong ties in the Phils or wherever u are. To show them u are a genuine visitor n u dont have intention of overstaying. Gawa ka cover letter if u think it will help too. Good luck n hope for the best! 😄

  27. thank you so much for this blog. it really helped with my application. got my visa after 24hours of submitting online 🙂 first time to apply.

  28. to all who have been travelling Australia , can you share kung anong gawing pagdating sa airport? puede ba tayo magdala ng mga personal gamiut natin gaya ng cologne body spray, lotion or medicine? please share naman mga ka blogs dito. thanks

  29. Hi guys, I’m back. Its almost a month since my mom got granted a visa and she’s now enjoying her stay at Melbourne, AU.
    Now here’s the thing why i’m here. I just want to ask you guys, what are the requirements for visa extension? And how much are they? Is it same with the first time i’m going to apply for a visa or no? Your replies would be a great help. Thank you 🙂

  30. Hi, got my visa granted this morning (October 17), 1 year multiple entry. I lodged Saturday, October 15 @ around 9:54pm. Thank God! Praying for my children’s to follow.

    • Hi Inday, sorry i cannot disclose who coz im still waiting for the result of my 3 children. And sya rin may hawak non.. May i know why you asking? Me mga concerns ka ba? Baka kc me mga concerns ka na pwede kaming makatulong sa pagadvise ng dapat mong gawin. Siguro pag lumabas na ang result i can tell. kinakabahan nga ako e.

      • How old ang kids mo? I just want to ask kung paano yung aswers dun sa last part na “have you read and understand the privacy notice”? Nag yes ka ba? young pa kasi yung kids na kasama namin eh.

        • Yes, un ba ung form 2316 or Certificate of Compensation? What do you mean stamped ‘received’ ? Sa copy ko wala namang stamped, not sure if diffrent sa iba coz company ang nagsasubmit nito, we just filled it up and bigay sa HR namin. Pero ung copy ko hindi ko naman sya pinanotarize or certify. i just attached it as is.

          • Hello, kelangan ba notarized lahat? Sa dami ng documents na ipasa ko, ang mahal nya kase $33 per page sa Philippine Embassy sa Canada. Nakakaiyak!

            • Hi Akita, ung mga original copy na colored scanned di nman kailangan ipa notarize pa. Sa Canada kb nagaapply? Pero ung mga birth certificate mo, PSA copy ba? sa first application ko ang pina certified true copy ko lng sa lawyer is birth certificate (kahit PSA copy, pero i heard na di nman na dahil nga PSA copy nman at scanned sya as colored), Passport biopage, Marriage certificate at mga birth certificate ng mga anak ko. all others since original copies nman, as is ko nang inattach..ito ung mga Certificate of Employment and compensation, Approved Leave from employee and report back to work, Bank Statements, Payslip, Land title, Declaration of Property, ORCR, Travel stamped pages. Me mag support ba sau? Goodluck!

  31. Sa mga nag apply na may kasamang mga kids, paki sagot naman yung question ko. Paano yung aswers dun sa last part na “have you read and understand the privacy notice”? Nag yes ka ba? young pa kasi yung kids na kasama namin eh.

  32. Question ulit, dun sa question na “In the last five years, has any applicant visited, or lived, outside their country of passport, for more than 3 consecutive months?”, “3 consecutive months” lang db? Meaning short vacations are not included? Pasensya, just want to be sure kung tama intindi ko.

      • Thank you very much ME. One more thing, san i-attach yung return ticket and cover letter, di kasi siya related sa major groupings?

        • Hi Jean1, sa first application ko inattach ko silang dalawa sa Intention to return, Evidence of..coz ur cover letter explains or show (at least) of your intention to return as well as ung return ticket mo…

          • Ang prob ko, di lumalabas yung “return, Evidence of” sa mga groupings of attachments. Anybody else who had the same screnario as me?

            • Ah ok. parang sa second application ko di rin sya lumabas, kc this time group kami nagapply. Ung cover letter ko dun ko sya nilagay sa Travel Document, sa second app ko wala ako ticket na binili pa, pero sa case mo pwede mo rin sya ilagay dito sa Travel Document.

                • Yes Jean1, you will create a group name and the system will assign a group ID for your group. But application is individual and u will enter your group name when prompted the question sa group processing.

                  • That’s what we did. Thank you talaga for replying. By the way, yung isa naman di lumabas ang bank evidence sa group of attachments niya. Pero employed/working sya (di sya minor). Nakaexperience din ba kayo ng ganun? Also, for kids, add ng form 956 db?

                    • Just say NO to the receiving written communication. But use ur email address para sau pa rin bagsak ng mga communication from immi.

  33. Hello again! 😊
    Im back to share that i finally received my 3 children’s grant notice. All 1 year multiple entry. I have lodged using my immi account n created a group for group prcocessing. Submitted last Oct 15, 2016. I got my grant letter 2 days after while i waited for a few days for my children coz the case officer had asked addional documents, their fathers consent and government id. Since im a widow i attached DC of my late husband and wrote another simple letter why i want my children to come along with me. This is my 3rd app, my first in 2013 when i was regused, 2nd last June 2016 and gtanted single entry…went August to Oz n now tried again with my kids. First time applicant and granted. Again, its always a learning lesson that after weve done everything at the best we can, all we can do is hope and pray for a positive result. To God be the glory!
    Oh CO is Jessica 💕❤💙💚💛💜

    • Naku, congrats again! Bilis ng mga reply sa iyo. 🙂

      Btw, question ko re: Minor companions. Dun sa kids mo, i understand immi account mo ang ginamit mo, pero dun sa individual email address ng visa applicant, email address mo din ba ang nilagay mo? Or may ibaiba silang email address?

      Tsaka, yung sa question about “Does the applicant authorise another person to receive written correspondence on their behalf?”, nag yes ka ba or no?.

      • Thanks 😊
        Yes i jst used my email account for all of us n i ticked NO dun sa if my child is authorising another person to receive correspondence from immi. Para d na macomplicate pa coz if you tick yes its gonna ask u to submit other forms like 956. So wag mo na gawin un. But anyway ako un lng ginawa ko, nag NO lng ako at ok nmn lahat result.

        • Thank you for your reply! Thank you very much.

          Sa iba naman? With the same experience (yung may mga kasamang kids), please reply.

  34. Hi, I applied online, and already got my tourist visa.. I’m leaving on Nov 18 and will be back on the 28th… what do I do next? This is my first tourist visa.. and I’m traveling alone… Is there still something I need to do?

    • wala na po. just prepare your visa, passport and airticket . yan lang ang hahanapin nila. also, when you are in the plane may incoming passenger ticket silang ibigay where you truely declare kung ano ang mga dala mo like medicine , food etc. you can google that para alam mo kung anong isulat mo doon.

  35. ME, re: documents to be attached. Nakasulat kasi na “If the applicant is unable to attach all required documents at this time, they may still proceed to pay and submit the application. The remaining documents can be attached to the submitted application from within ImmiAccount.”. In your case, did you submit all the documents na before submitting, or submit muna then attach other documents?

    • Tsaka ME, dun sa kids mo, under personal assets/bank statements nila, ano yung inattach mo dun? I was thinking kasi bank statements ko kasi nilagay ko naman na to be funded by another person. Kaso under personal lang kasi ang available option.

      • Sa bank statement nila ung bank statement ko rin inaattach ko + payslip ko + BIR Certificate of compensation. Ganun din nmn sa assets kung ano ung assets na nilagay ko sakin ganun din kanila. About whose supporting their travel nilagay ko ako and my fiance..thats being written. Ako din sa application ko to be funded by another fiance. So kanila funded by me as their parent kc may relationship pero detailed ko from how they are being funded na me and my fiance kc may statutory declaration nmn sya. Pano ba sitwasyon mo exactly? I jst thought kung ok lng malaman exact situation mo para alam ko how to explain and advise a bit.

        • In my case, kami ni husband mag finance. Pero I was planning, bank account and credit card lang iaattach ko. Ngayon ko lang naisip na pati BIR and assets din pala. So may cover letter ka pa to explain. Pinag iisipan ko pa kung gagawa ba ako ng cover letter.

          • oh ok..u attach both your bank account or bank statement or each credit card statement. Yes if meron BIR Certificate of Compensation..employed ba kau? not sure lng what effect if no payslip ha. ang fiancé ko wala namang inattach na bank statement at credit card statement e..payslip lng. tas ung ibang documents at statutory declaration nya..and he is an Australian citizen..Ako wala naman ako credit card, pero nagattach ako ibang proof of financial capacity. Yes if you have assets like car, ung OR/CR nyo tas if me property/ies attach proof na sa inyo un. I suggest gawa ka ng cover letter mo, mostly nman ang laman lng nito is explaining why you want to visit Oz at kung ano pupuntahan nyo, kelan kau pupunta. google ka places that you can visit (kunwari)..Walang interview kc sa pagapply so u really have to present yourself na maniniwala sila sau or maconvince mo sila na u have strong ties dito sa pilipinas na babalikan nyo.

    • Hi Jean1, sa application ko nung June nagbayad muna ako tsaka nagupload and submit, dito sa last inapload ko muna lahat ng docs tsaka me pay and submit. Pwede nmn kc both kaya lng kc ngaun parang ang bilis nila magdecide so kung me kulang sa docs o kailangan mo pa mag add baka di kna umabot dhil nadesisyunan na application mo. So mas maganda if upload ka muna before pay n submit coz pwede mo pa baguhin o dagdag in case application mo. Goodluck sau jean 😊❤💙💚

  36. hi.. i plan to apply po for a visa this coming Nov then my travel date will be Jan or Mar… I’m employed for a long period of time but I stop last August lang.. Now I’m a freelancer po, worry ko lang po is ano need ko i-upload na documents as proof of employment/income? Anyone here po who can give information/guidelines

  37. I have ITR with me filed last year.. If i will apply for a visa can still present that ITR kasi ngayon I work as a freelancer and my worry is kung anong documents pde ko i-upload for them to show my proof of employment/income

  38. Hi guys. My name is Marie. I am currently living in Perth, WA. I will be starting a visa consultancy services soon. So as part of my promotion, I am giving free assistance on Australian and Korean tourist visa processing. Pls email me on

    If u want proof, i am open for a skype conversation.

  39. Hi guys, I’m back. Its almost a month since my mom got granted a visa and she’s now enjoying her stay at Melbourne, AU.
    Now here’s the thing why i’m here. I just want to ask you guys, what are the requirements for visa extension? And how much are they? Is it same with the first time i’m going to apply for a visa or no? Your replies would be a great help. Thank you🙂

    • Hi Danielle, its May here, glad ur mum’s enjoying her stay in Au. I have not experience applying for visa extension but as per reading I think its just the same how you applied the first time. only that this time your applying for your mum who is in Australia already..also read its advisable that u do it as early as possible, like 2 weeks before your mum’s visa expires. it is a bit expensive as well, I think its about 340 Australian dollars.

  40. I have just read this article and as an Australian citizen I have to say that the way visas are denied is farcical. My wife was denied a tourist visa, two brother were also denied yet my sister in law and mother in law got their visa without any problem. its hit and miss and really doesn’t have a lot to do with how complete your application is its more if the local (Pinoy)processing officer thinks you are worthy. Everytime I have had to apply for visas or for my childrens citizenship its been a nightmare. I used to joke that it would have been easier for my wife to come via boat than to submit over 6000 pages of documents and wait 3 years for her visa and that was after getting married in the Philippines and having 2 children there.

    • I just thought it should have been more easy for you since your Australian citizen already and besides they are your family as I know they (Case Officers) are more considerate about that. My first application in 2013 was also refused and that time I have given up my dream to see Australia. I also thought that having more relatives there give you an edge at least but it turn out negative on my part coz the CO assumed I might overstay there and forget about my children here (since im a Widow). This year I have applied under tourist visa stream supported by my Australian fiancé, I admit on my first application that I have failed to consider important things too like other documents to attach on my application. This time I took time to read and read, mostly from blogs like this, so yes, it wont hurt anyway if I try to add cover letter, itinerary and my trip ticket (which I have uploaded after I sent my application) and pictures of me and fiancé and with my children here. My second application was granted last June 2016 and yipeee!! I was able to see Australia. its very tempting to overstay when ur there but I have chose to comply and have returned to Philippines as planned. Then October I have applied for tourist visa again with my children and have asked for multiple entry..Mostly my documents were the same, my fiancé’s statutory declaration just changed a bit since now my children were included. I have created a group for us for group processing..and by God’s grace we made it. Mine came after 2 days of submitting and my children after 10 days only coz the case officer wrote me about additional requirements for minors travelling with either one parent only.
      I can relate to you coz I know the feelings, although we have different circumstance..but I hope it wont discourage you too much. Keep trying, later they will have no choice but to grant you anyway..
      Good luck and God bless!!!

    • Hi.You may ask a copy of your sponsor’s bank statement if you don’t have one. Also, ask your sponsor to provide a letter of support, statutory declaration stating that your stay in Australia will be financially supported.

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