Australian Tourist Visa for Filipinos

In 2013, I applied for Australian Tourist Visa and was denied one. At that time, I already have a 10-year multiple entry US Visa and have visited at least 15 countries in the past 2 years including South Korea, Taiwan and China. I think I have submitted all requirements including a personal bank certificate from BDO with an amount enough for me to live in Australia for 6 months with a spending capacity of 100USD per day, a travel insurance from Blue Cross, business papers and related documents, and other documents of some properties. Despite those, I was denied of a visa. Surprisingly, based on the letter I received, the case officer has noted that: I have never been outside the country. A shocking result of evaluation for me. So I immediately emailed the case officer about the matter and attached scanned pages of my passport. To my surprise, I was told that they can only open my case if I have to pay anew. Meaning, I have to apply again and pay another 6,400.00 for a wrong decision given to me! I declined a second application then and went instead to Nepal.

This year, since I really wanted to see Australia and New Zealand, I applied again, and this time around, they gave me a multiple entry visa for 3 months. The Embassy gives, 3, 6 or 12 months visa based on one’s request.

Many say that getting a visa approved is based on the completeness and correctness of the documents submitted. I agree to some extent. However, another factor, beyond the applicant’s control, which actually determines if a visa will be granted or denied, is the mood of the visa officer making the evaluation. We can not deny that they are also human beings, and in some (rare) occasions, they make unfavorable decisions. I do not claim that I should have been issued a visa in 2013; what I claim is that, the decision to my application made by the case officer is not for me. He made a wrong remarks when he said that I have never been outside the Philippines.

Having both the experience of being denied and granted a visa still doesn’t make me a visa expert or anything close to that. I am just recounting my experience without any intention to put harm to anyone.


  1. Properly filled up Application Form 1419 (subclass 600) – make sure it’s the latest form as they always update it. Ensure also that a valid and existing email address is indicated.
  2. Visa Fee of 130 Australian Dollars (because application is made in Manila/outside Australia) – this must be in the form of Manager’s Cheque payable to “Australian Embassy Manila” and must be in Philippine currency (check exchange rate with the bank or call the Visa Center first prior to buying the MC). Credit card payment is also accepted. There is a page in the Application Form for electronic payment. Note however that there is additional surcharge for electronic payment.
  3. Photo copy of all passport pages with immigration stamps, visa from other countries and the bio page. Also, the passport must be valid for travel. Attached photo copies of previous passport if available. Have it notarized. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL PASSPORT.
  4. ID picture. The right size. Just tell it’s for Australia Visa and the Photo Center would know it already.
  5. Original NSO Birth Certificate
  6. If applicant has served in the military, certified military service records or discharge papers.
  7. Financial documents such as Bank Certificate enough to cover all expenses while on holidays. As to how much, no idea. I was denied a visa when I presented almost a million peso but was granted when I presented a little over 200,000.00 pesos. Include also photo copies of credit cards, if available.
  8. Work documents – if employed, documents such as certificate of employment, leave form, certificate of compensation/salary, BIR (also include SSS/GSIS certificate of contributions though not needed), company ID and other government issued IDs. If employer/professional, business papers such as DTI/SEC, Mayor’s Permit, BIR and other related documents
  9. Itinerary while in Australia which includes hotel, tour activities and related information. Do not include confirmed air ticket. It’s not required.

Place everything in a long brown envelop and send to:

Australian Visa Application Center
Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building
2305 Pasong Tamo Extension,
Makati City, Metro Manila 1231

Counter hours
8am to 3pm Monday to Friday for lodging applications
8am to 4pm Monday to Friday for general information

+632 790 4900
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Or if applicant is nearer to Cebu:

Australian Visa Application Center
9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop
cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000,

+632 790 4900

Visa processing time varies but normally it takes 15 working days. Either granted or not, the Australian embassy will send an email notification about it. Any document submitted to the embassy will not be returned. If a visa is granted, they will issue a Visa Grant Notice. If denied, they will issue a letter explaining such.

The Australian Embassy does not provide visa sticker, only a Visa Grant Notice (similar to Dubai Visa).

australian tourist visa grant


Steps in Applying for Australian Tourist Visa ONLINE
Philippine Passport Holders residing outside Australia can now apply for a Visitor e600 Visa online. The following are the steps in applying for an Australian Tourist Visa online:

1. Make sure to create and log-in using your ImmiAccount. You can create your account HERE. Make sure to provide correct information to all required fields.

2. Once you have created your ImmiAccount, check your email from and verify by clicking the provided link.  You have to do this to validate and activate your newly created ImmiAccount. Log-on with your account using your nominated username and password.

3. Answer truthfully all questions that follow. There are 18 pages here. On page 2, you will be asked to give details of your travel to Australia. You may provide your date of arrival and departure and reason/s why you visit Australia.

a. Page 3 is about your passport details and some other information. The last question is about Health Examination. Has this applicant undertaken a health examination for an Australian visa in the last 12 months? It may imply that you need health certification. If you answer Yes, you are required to give details in the box provided. If you answer No, you proceed to next page.

b. Page 4 is Critical Data Confirmation. You can correct wrong entries should you have provided an incorrect one. If no correction, click Yes and proceed to next page.

c. Page 7 is contact details of applicant.

d. Page 10 is period of your stay. Here, you can indicate if it’s single entry or multiple entry. You will need to provide details.

e. Page 12 is your Employment Records.

f. Page 13 is your Financial Capacity.

g. Page 17 is Character Declaration. Answer “No” to all entries. If “Yes” to some questions, provide details.

h. Page 18 is Declarations. Answer “Yes” to all questions. A “No” answer to any question is not a good one.

4. You will need to attach scanned copy/ies of required documents as listed in the prompt page including but not limited to: passport (biopage), travel history (immigration stamps in your passport and other visa/s), bank statement, evidence of employment, evidence of other assets and NSO birth certificate. If you don’t have those documents at the moment, you may attach them later on, at least within the next 30 days. All provided data are stored in your ImmiAccount. However, you can still proceed to pay and attach the documents after payment.

5. Pay 135AUD using a debit/credit card in the window prompt provided.

6. Wait for updates/result of your application in your ImmiAccount and email.

Note that you can upload maximum of 60 documents per application. Incomplete documents will be processed longer. Your Case Officer may ask for other documents as maybe needed. Processing time varies.

There. Enjoy Australia!

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  1. Hi! My name is Khym, I’ve been to Australia last December 2014 under tourist visa, sponsored ako ng Australian bf ko. Ngayon nagbabalak ulit ako na bumalik dun, this time, gusto namin mag apply ako for 6 months tourist visa, sponsored padin nya, but unlike nung nakaraan, I am no longer a student, nag-aalala lang kami na baka hindi i-approve dahil wala akong reason para bumalik ng Pinas. And we’re planning na ilagay ang “de facto” as my relationship status for future de facto visa application na din, hindi kaya yun magcomplicate sa tourist visa na aapplyan ko? Salamat po sa lahat ng sasagot. 🙂

  2. Hello guys,
    My friend in Australia will sponsor me for a 2 weeks holiday. Please guide me kung ano dapat gawin. Wala po akong credit card, only atm card lang ang sa akin na medyo hindi rin kalakihang halaga ang laman. Single po ako so work lang po ang puede ko babalikan dito and siblings. Paano po natin malalaman ang exact amount na babayaran sa application? May ibang paraan ba kung paano babayaran ang fees if you apply thru immi and wala kang credit card. Please help and guide me guys….

    • Hi Daylin..when i applied on line wala din me credit card..i have BDO account na debit card din pero dont know why nung mgbabayad na sana ako ayaw nmn tangapin so i asked my bf instead to use his credit card. So un bka ok lng ask ur bf. 135 aus dollars plus little surcharge lng.Un din worry ko before kc looks very important ang may credit card but since supported nmn ako fiance ko siguro thats y nagrant visa ko. Lagay mo lng mga siblings mo n certificate frm employer that u are going back to work after your leave..any properties? Very important din statutory declaration ng bf mo. Proof of his financial capacity, drivers licence, payslip n any bills nya. Im currently in Brisbane now..

      • Hello May. Hope you are doing good. Thank you for replying my comments. tanong ko lang po kung saan ka nag aapply thru vfs or online? if sa vfs po, anong ilagay natin na currency sa managers cheque peso or aud? anong visa form nararapat sa katulad kong first time mag apply. please po help me . talagang i need more guide.

        • hi, I applied on line kc mas cheaper and convenient para sakin. sa managers check ang alam ko ikoconvert na rin sya sa Philippine currency. for first timer like you depende, im guessing you wanna go as tourist so Visitors Visa subclass 600 ka (gaya ko when I applied online) do you have work in Philippines? so you need a certificate of employment and compensation, your approved leave (mine I had a certification that states I have an approved leave of from (date) to (date) and also that I am returning for work on this (date). Any proof or evindence that you intend to go back to Philippines like your family (children, parents, siblings, aunts etc) for sure you will be asked that with their birth certificates (ur children). Gawa ka ng cover letter explaining why you want to go to Australia, where you intend to stay. Make sure you mention your intention to return because of blah blah and that you want to keep a good reputation with the immigration office. Gawa ka rin ng itinerary mo, kung ano ung mga places na gusto or balak mong puntahan…you will need your payslip (depende sau kung ilang bwan backwards), bank statement, ur BIR 2316, Credit card statement (if you have, ako kc wala)..if you have a friend who invited you over his/her invitation letter or statutory declaration, proof of capacity to support you like payslip (my fiancé only attached his payslip for the 2nd fortnight or kalahating buwan), his drivers licence, bill like electricity and internet service provider. I also attached pictures of me and my children, me and my fiancé too. Day after I submitted my application on line I bought my plane ticket, this is not advisable to do, I just took the risk coz its promo fare. I did not attached it on my application but after thinking over or after 15 days I have attached it anyway. I did that because I want (whoever) my case officer to know that I have intention to go back.

    • Hi daylin. Ask ko lang kc ung uncle at auntie ng hubby q they would like us to go to australia. Since ok n ung mga requirment n hubby kc my work naman cya. Ang prblema q ung papers q. Im only a housewife. Wala din me properties under my name. But iisponsoran nya kami. And mer0n naman aq dollar and peso acount. Di nga lang malaki. I have 825USD and 100kpeso on my acount.. And I do have 4 credit cards. Sasapat na ba un?? Please help.

  3. Hi. Thurs afternoon ako nag submit sa vfs via walk in. Mga ilang araw bago ma recieved ng embassy un application ko? Wala pa kasi ako natatanggap na update nagavail naman ako nun sms update.

    • hello. i have work here , work and my siblings are the reasons why i should go back after the holiday . my employer is willing to give me employment certificate and leave approval letter. also my australian friend is sending his documents and invitation letter to support my application. i have just done making my immi account but i encounter problems upon logging in. Hindi ako maka pag log in kasi daw my user name or password ay mali. puede kaya magcreate uli ako nang immi account? my friend is from melbourn lapit lang dyan ang brisbane?

      • hi Daylin..nagmeet na ba kau ng friend mo? important din to provide proof that you have met already in person like pictures of you together.Working din ba sya? he can add that in his letter or statutory declaration. tama ba ung password na pinasok mo? im not sure pero try mo lng magcreate uli ng account..write down mo user name and password mo para sure ka na tama next time. Dami me relatives in Melbourne, my 2 sisters are there, many cousins and aunt. Were actually flying there on the 20th, gatherings lng ng naming magkakamag-anak although ako first time ko pa lng kc ngaun lng me nakarating sa Australia, Brisbane pa..medyo malayo sa Melbourne. I think mga 4hours flight pa.
        So wala ka pa mga kids? single? u may include in your application if you have other assets (properties)..kung meron lng. Ilagay mo lng ung mga bagay na alam mong makakatulong pa sa application mo. Glad meron ka support from ur Australian friend, malaking bagay un. Good luck!!

        • yes i am still single, no kids. never pa po kaming nagkita nang friend ko but we been friend on net for a long period of time that is way back 2010. glad and lucky enough to have this type of friend na very kind, helpful. when i lost my job in 2010, he help me financially by doing some editing of his written story. he help me that way in 2 times until i got job again. that was what our story goes….. anyway, sa managers cheque anong ilagay natin na saktong name payable to australian embassy? saan ka nga pala sa philippines?

    • Hi. Nag apply ako sa VFS Cebu, after 1 day from application naka receive ako ng SMS na na receive nadaw sa Australian Embassy yung application ko..

      • Hello Danna. Taga Mandaue po ako at sana matulungan mo ako sa aking visa application. gusto ko malaman kung how did you process your papers thru vfs. what document your submitting original copies or scan copy duly certified. paano ang pagbabayad thru managers cheque. did you also submit letter of intent? please help me.

        • Pina notarize ko lang yung Passport copy ko and the ITR and NSO ko and my sisters NSO. Yung employment cert ko was original from my employer and bank statement yun na yung sinubmit ko from the bank. Kung my bank account ka kahit saan pwede ka kumuha ng managers cheque sa bank mo. Sakin sa BPI kasi dun ako my account. Automatic nila imiminus sa account mo yung amount sa cheque. Tapos add ko din sa requirements ko yung invitation letter from my sister tapos yung scanned copy nung taxation records nya sa australia. Yung letter of intent gumawa narin ako adressed to Australian Embassy stating my intent to visit my sister and the activities i want to do in australia.

    • its for your safety na rin. I always buy a travel insurance whenever I go out of the country khit 3 days pa un or 5 days. Im from Baguio City. Not sure how it is on VFS, hope others here might be of help to you. Kaya I opted on doing it online kc easy para sakin. Ur letter of intent could be your Cover letter..just state there your intention of going to Australia for purpose of?….I have supplied certified true copy of my childrens birth certificate, mine, my marriage certificate, BIR 2316 only. ung Certificate of Employment and Compensation and approved leave, bank statement ko hindi na.

            • Danna let me ask lang po kung magkano ang base charge ngayon? 2nd, how long you are in vfs ofc when you lodge your documents?

          • Good day to everybody. I need some help and answer sa mga katanungan na medyo naguguluhan ako sa isasagot ko. una, sa question no.19 ” what is the purpose of your stay in your current location and what is your visa status? sa unang katanungan sagot ko po work and family, tama po ba? sa pangalawa dito ako naguguluhan at d ko talaga alam kung ano ang isasagot ko. sa question no. 29″ why do you want to visit australia?” kailangan pa din sagutin ito kahit my letter of intent kana? last po sa question no. 48″ base application charge, kailangan po ba ito lagyan ng AUD currency , kasi po binigyan lang po ako sa vfs na amount in peso( 5,000.00- visa fee reflected in manager’s check. pleae po I need the answers kasi I will be applying soon….thank you

        • hello dylene. meron ka ba viber? or email na lng, christina_maria_ph@yahoo. com . i can give you samples na nakuha ko before.

            • Php 5,000 yung managers cheque starting July 2016. tapos yung bayad ko sa logistics and other fees sa VFS aroung Php 1,115. Sandaling time lang ako dun sa VFS max na ata nun is 1 hour depende kung madaming nag aapply for australia. But pwede ka mag walk in dun to ask for their checklist and inquire. Pwede mo rin ipakita requirements mo tapos ask ka kung anu kulang.

    • for safety reasons di mo kasi alam baka may mangyari. if sa PAL ka bili ng tickets meron naman silang travel insurance na inooffer dun kung gusto mo sa kanila kumuha.

  4. Hi to All. I did wait for the decision on my touist visa application bago ako nagpost although I have been reading the comments here before. Anyway, I lodged my application on 18 July and received the decision today although in the letter it was made on 3 Aug. And it was REFUSED. My case, I am a 26-yo unemployed RN but currently managing a small motor parts shop under my name. My BF, an Aussie Dr, way older than me who I have met online and visited me in the Phils already, encouraged me to apply for a TV through an immi agent based in Oz. The docs I submitted: CTC of passport bio page, travel stamps, business registration certs/permit, BIR registration, letter from our municipal mayor stating that I have worked for him as a voters educator (to show that I am involved in the community), house and lot title (named under my mother), bank certificate amounting to approx 200k. The docs my BF provided: CTC of his passport bio page, LOI, bank statement, assets.

    The reason was that, no consideration given to my ownership of any assets in the Phils (in my case, the shop). Like, not enough evidence to show that I will be returning back to the Phils. The Aussie agent even included a letter explaining my status such as I have a brother in college and a mother who is currently on holiday abroad, that my relatives will look after the shop in my absence; our itinerary in Oz.

    Any insights or comments are welcome. Thanks for reading.

    • Hi Kaye, like you I was also refused on my first application. There were several reasons mentioned, some I understood well but one was really a mistake made by the CO. Try ka lng uli next time. My second application on line was granted and now I am currently in Brisbane Australia. I applied online June 26 and was granted July 20.
      What are other things that might prove your returning home other than your business? Its very important to proved that. Do you live with your parents? Include mo lng sila sa application mo as those not travelling with you para kumbaga at least your telling the CO na babalikan mo sila. Sabhin mo sa BF mo na gandahan nya ung paggawa ng Statutory Declaration nya, my BF stated in his Stat Dec how we met and how the relationship has bloomed and that we want to formalise it and syempre ung occupation nya and that he is capable of financing your stay at kung ano pa ipoprovide nya for you. Include his payslip, proof of billings nya, drivers licence etc. Make it look like its hard to resists. I also met my Fiance on January 2016 and visited me twice last April and May. then we started talking about visiting him this July. First we thought of using Aussie agent pero mahal, so I have created an online account and applied there, and granted nman. I have included our photos together. Photos of my for you your business and maybe you with your parents or your mother. Next time siguro wag mo nlng mention ung RN ka. Mine I have included in my first application my sisters in Australia, cousins and aunt kaya sabi ng CO e mas strong ties ko sa Australia kaya bka dn daw ako babalik lol. konting weight lang ung family ko sa Phils including properties. I was employed pero dahil nagchange ng name ung company prang lumabas na konti pa lng years ko sa bago. So on my second application, nilagay ko lahat un sa cover letter ko, I meant explained. So if you apply again make sure that something is different now compared from your first app.

  5. Hi Kaye. Sorry to hear about your refusal. Sabi sa mga nabasa ko minsan depende rin daw talaga sa mood ng case officer. Yung iba refused on their first application but the second time they apply kahit same requirements lang approved naman. Namention mo ba sa application mo na Registered Nurse ka? Kasi baka yun yung dahilan ng refusal also. Try to give more evidence of your return like kung may mga future travels ka include your plane tickets o kung my future events kang pupuntahan isama mo na like wedding na kailangan ka mag attend sama mo na yung inviatation so you have more reasons to go home.

    • hello. thanks for reading and responding. its okay. we just tried it anyway. its always good to have plan B. yes, nabanggit sa letter na ginawa ng agent na RN ako sa pinas at nag work din sa Macau as HCA for more than a year. feeling ko din isang reason na nanbanggit na RN ako. may explanation sa letter na, sa Phils daw ay mababa ang salary, etc, etc,parang ganon kaya baka inisip ng officer na maghahanap ako ng work doon. yes, online. although di ko natanong sa agent pero ang sabi ni BF, VFS daw

      • i meant, sa letter of refusal, may explanation ung officer na sa Pinas ay mababa ang salary, etc. etc.
        yes, online application ang ginawa ng agent through VFS. based sya sa Oz. i sent him all my scanned CTC docs.

        • sorry. ang gulo ko. ang alam ko online ang application na ginawa ng agent then sabi ni BF, VFS. narealise ko pag VFS ay personal pala. baka may immiaccount ung agent at sya kasi ung representative ko kaya ganun. sorry. nanggugulo ako. haha

  6. Pwede rin naman yung agent mo nag VFS. May mga agency na nagproprocess ng visa but sa VFS din sila nag lodge. Kaye, pwede ka mag apply ulit online personally. Pwede rin ikaw na mag lodge via VFS mas madali yun. Wag mo nalang i mention na RN ka kasi it will give them idea na magtatrabaho ka as nurse doon instead of being a genuine tourist.

  7. Hi just to share my experienced thru online application, submit my online application dated July 18, 2016 and got the result dated August 4, 20 16 granted my tourist visa as (multiple entry for 1 year and maximum study for 3 months). Complete all the required documents and that’s it, no hassle. Status (sponsored my aussie bf and currently working). Good luck for those who applying, just make sure please complete all the documents.

    These are my tips:

    1. Keep reading from the bloggers (specially the required documents). “patience is virtue” always keep in mind
    2. Notarized your passport and the letter of intent from your sponsor.
    3. For partner proved you had the genuine relationship like picture together, travel ticket together, screenshot for viber and skype (means your always communicating),remittance if you have – additional as strong evidenced.

    • Thank you for sharing JC.. Ako naman submitted my application thru VFS last July 19.. hinihintay ko pa yung result. Hopefully granted. Sponsored by my sister but currently working naman ako.

    • I also lodged my TV via VFS last July 12 through 2go courier..and I am waiting for the result..Nag-email yong VFS sa akin last July 20 at binigyan ako ng visa lodgement number..I am sponsored by my aunt..I am a housewife walang kids at yong husband ko ay nasa abroad nagtatrabaho..First time ko mag-apply ng tourist visa sa australia sana granted yong visa ko..

  8. To the author of this blog and for those who have shared their experiences, thank you very much! I lodged my application to VSF last August 1st. Received a notification that my application is already in the Australian Embassy by August 2nd. Today, August 8, I received an email from the Embassy that my visa is already granted. I am given 3 years multiple entry with visits for up to 3 months. This is my first time to apply for an Aus visa. Truly thanking this post and thread! God bless to all the applicants!

    • Hi Geln? Congrats! what requirements did you submit? Ang bilis naman ng application mo within 1 week granted na. Ako still waiting for the decision july 19 ako nag apply via VFS.

    • I am just wondering. Marami rin nmn nagrant na TV sa mga pinoy pero wala aq nkikita na pinoy sa OZ. I was in Melbourne for 3 weeks last March pero isa lng na meet ko na pinoy. Then last week i was in Melbourne again for 4days wala din aq nkita. Maganda sana kht paano may mkausap k na kapwa pinoy db. Just sharing my experience. Or maybe sa Australia di naglalabas mga tao unlike dito sa aten we can see people wherever we go.

      • Good day to everybody. I need some help and answer sa mga katanungan na medyo naguguluhan ako sa isasagot ko. una, sa question no.19 ” what is the purpose of your stay in your current location and what is your visa status? sa unang katanungan sagot ko po work and family, tama po ba? sa pangalawa dito ako naguguluhan at d ko talaga alam kung ano ang isasagot ko. sa question no. 29″ why do you want to visit australia?” kailangan pa din sagutin ito kahit my letter of intent kana? last po sa question no. 48″ base application charge, kailangan po ba ito lagyan ng AUD currency , kasi po binigyan lang po ako sa vfs na amount in peso( 5,000.00- visa fee reflected in manager’s check. pleae po I need the answers kasi I will be applying soon….thank you

        • if ever sponsor po ba nedd ko pa din ng bank statements ko kahit completo na syang requerments for sponsoring me?thanks

  9. I’m surprised also with how fast your visa application was. I lodged mine thru VFS Cebu last July 19 and received an email that it was received at the Australian Embassy last July 20. Until now wala pang bagong update. Sponsored ako by my sister. I have been working here in Cebu for more than 4 years na but I have not travelled overseas yet. It’s making me a bit anxious waiting for the decision.

  10. Gelin did not applied for a tourist visa. She applied for business stream thats why her processing is that fast. Im still waiting for mine as well i submitted july 28 through walk in submission sa vfs. Lets just be positive and continue praying.

    • Yes Anne. Business stream Visitor visa. My status is visitor but can engage in conferences. But still I was able to get awesome tips from this thread. VFS told me that even for business stream visitor, the, standard waiting time is also one month. But still surprised to be given 3-years multiple entry. I think for visitor with sponsors they are very strict in screening.

  11. Same pala tayo ng month nag-submit Anne and Daley still waiting parin sa result..We will just keep praying na sana positive yong result..Maybe magkasabay sabay yong mga result natin..

  12. Hi, sa mga nag apply recently for tourist visa, pwede bang malaman kung ilang months yung inapplyan nyo? And if nirequire kayo ng medical? Thanks

    • Hi. Ano sabi daw bakit denied. Nabasa ko wala naman time frame sa pag aapply kung kalian ka pwede mag apply ulit ng visa so baka pwede ngayon maka try ka ulit ng apply. Sayang naman.

      • Hi Daley..eto yong nkalagay sa notice ng immi ” , I was not satisfied that you met the relevant criteria for the grant of this visa as set out in Australian migration law.. Narecev ko through email yong result..Cguro may kulang dun sa mga supporting docs ko kc ang sponsor ko is yong aunt ko and ang docs na pinadala nya is statutory declaration lng at photocopy ng passport nya..Tanong ko lng Daley ano yong mga docs na kailangan i submit ng sponsor?and kailangan ba tlaga gumawa ng Letter of intent?

        • hi share ko lng din sayo ung sakin

          sponsor is pinsan ko, letter from him stating na kaya nya kami i-accommodate with my mom and dad. Signed by him and his wife. COE nila both, passport and ung monthly bill nila na binabayaran nila sa bahay, patunay ma may bahay sila, mahalaga daw kasi un. naglagay din ako mga pictures nila pag bumibisita sila sa bahay.

          sa part ko naman
          Employment contract, ( Appointment Order nilagay ko ) COE, Leave Approval with Return Date, Bank Certificates, Credit Card Bills, Passport, BirthCertificate

          di ako naglagay ng letter of intent, granted naman. pero if you wish to ok lng naman din allowed namn ng 60 documents per applicant wala pang 25 ung docs ko.

          im single walang anak

          try ka kng ulit if may questions ka pa feel free to ask

          goodluck 😊

          • Hi kenjie thanks for the stat dec kc ng aunty ko hindi nya kc sinabi yong details nya like retired na sya and nagwork sya ng part time at ibang details regarding sa to the point kc yong nkalagay sa stat dec..wla din kc ako pictures nmin together kc tuwing nagbabakasyon sya dito wla ako kc nagwork ako before sa cdo..ngayon is hindi na ako nagtatrabaho kc pinahinto na ako ng hubby ko. ang nilagay ko sa employment status is housewife..Hindi pa alam ng aunty ko na refuse ako..if ever mag-apply ako uli tru online nlng cguro..Ah kenjie pwede ba humingi ng email add mo just in case my mga questions ako ok lng ba?

              • Pwede mo rin e prove yung relationship ng Aunt mo sayo thru NSO nya at ng mother mo kung sila yung magkapatid at NSO mo rin.

                • Sinubmit ko rin yung sa sponsor ko (my sister) yung tenancy nya at yung latest taxation record and stated sa letter nya na she is currently working as Nurse.

              • Dun sa online application na “Give details of any significant dates on which the applicant needs to be in Australia” anong ilalagay ko?kc wla nmn akong significant dates na hinahabol or wla nmn akong itinerary..

                • yan din po ang tanong ko dahil nasa application form 1419 ” when do you want to visit australia ” kung ano ang ilagay natin young talang plan date mo or tentative lang. yung nagrant na visa nila please help us….

                • hello ako kasi nag lagay ako ng date ung kasi napagusapan namin.

                  depende kasi sa nilagay mo na dates sa tingin ko dun sila mag base ng magiging length of stay mo dun. pwedeng single entry for 3 months, or multiple entry for 1 year or 2 years.

  13. Nabigyan po kami ng visa april .. Nagpunta kami ng australia until june.. Single entry lang ang binigay… Kelan po kaya pde mag apply ulit?

  14. Hi that is also my question, my tourist visa was only single entry and valid up to Feb 2017 but I am right here now sa Australia and be going home on August. Gusto ko rin sana apply uli this time multiple entry sana, but question is kelan pwede? Hope pwede nman kaagad since single entry lng binigay at nagamit na. Anyone has tried this? Thanks

  15. Hi. Sino yung nag lodge thru VFS na my results na? Kasi i checked my application online and status was processed nadaw and sent thru courier last August 11. I wondered why i have not received an email. I agree on the application naman na i want to be notified via email sa results. Pero nagbayad din ako for courier. Nakareceive naman ako ng email from vfs when my application from was received on the embassy. Ganun ba talaga?

  16. Hi everyone, i hope you could answer this the soonest. My mom’s about to apply for a tourist visa in Australia which will going to be sponsored by my aunt who lives there. My concern here is, how is her visa going to be approved if she doesn’t have any bank account/statements? She doesn’t work and is only a housewife, neither she has atm nor credit card. Her tour in australia will be shouldered by my aunt. What will she do? Hope you answer this. Thanks a lot. 🙂

    • If she will be sponsored by your aunt ask your aunt all the document she has including her financial records like her bank certificates and all about her salary docs.

    • Let your aunt make the Statutory Declaration na sya lahat magsusuport financially sa mama mo lahat ng need nya like food and accommodation..then dapat isama then sa Stat Dec kung ano purpose ng visit ng mom mo sa Aus.

  17. Hi question who experienced without returned ticket going back to Phils? I got the multiple visa then im going to fiji and new zealand, is the immigration looking for the returned ticket? what about what airlines offering for open ticket? Please share 😉

    • Just make sure lahat ng docs ng aunt mo signed by the JP already bago nya padala sa pinas..her passport copy, stat dec and etc dapat may sign yan ng JP..

  18. I got my visa grant notice today Guys! Thanks for all the feedback and comments dito. Share ko lang yung experience ko. I am employed, single no kids, no assets here in the philippine and i have not travelled abroad yet. My passport is all blank. Malaking tulong talaga yung employment certificate ko from my comapny which im employed for 4 years. And approved leave of absence from my company. Hindi ko rin na indicate sa application ko na i have parents and other siblings pero na approve parin. My sponsor is my sister nasa Melbourne. This is going to be my first overseas trip and Australia pa. Ang saya!

      • Hi kenjie have u checked other airlines going to Melbourne? Mahal kc sa PAL. Last time i got my ticket sa Airasia connecting flight via kuala lumpur 29k way sa PAL nsa 40k. Meron p kaya iba n mas affordable?

        • hello jane, nabili ako ng tix oo mahal talaga sa PAL, naisip ko kasi mahirap magconnecting chuva pa so go na lng sa diretso n flight kasama ko kasi parents ko.

          ang alam ko meron sale ang PAL manila to sydney itong august un e baka meron pa. maging manila-sydney-mel ka.

          • Ah tlg chek ko yan. First flight ko din pa melbourne nag PAL aq less hassle tlg pag direct flight. Pero ok din connecting flight at least u get to see other airport ska pede ka din mkpasyal ng konti pag mdyo mhaba ung oras ng lay over. San kyo sa melbourne?

  19. hello! i have been reading this thread for the past few days. I have applied for a tourist visa for 3 mos. It was a sponsored visa from my bf (australian). I have applied for it last 8th August. I got the reply today and it was granted. I have stamps on my passport since i have been travelling. I hope you also get your visa granted. I am unemployed right now, i was previously working abroad. but i have savings. So this (being unemployed) made me nuts. just wait for it and hope for the best.

      • oo nga e. i wasnt expecting that it will be this fast. 😀 I should say it really depends on the case officer. so every application is different.

          • Good day to everybody. I need some help and answer sa mga katanungan na medyo naguguluhan ako sa isasagot ko. una, sa question no.19 ” what is the purpose of your stay in your current location and what is your visa status? sa unang katanungan sagot ko po work and family, tama po ba? sa pangalawa dito ako naguguluhan at d ko talaga alam kung ano ang isasagot ko. sa question no. 29″ why do you want to visit australia?” kailangan pa din sagutin ito kahit my letter of intent kana? last po sa question no. 48″ base application charge, kailangan po ba ito lagyan ng AUD currency , kasi po binigyan lang po ako sa vfs na amount in peso( 5,000.00- visa fee reflected in manager’s check. pleae po I need the answers kasi I will be applying soon….thank you

            • hi! yes, even there is a letter you need to fill the box. just type what is on the letter. QT 19 nilagay ko visit family, since ill meet his parents. Then i just typed what was on the letter too. we did it online. i dont know about the manager’s check. We paid by credit card e.

              • About sa managers check my instruction doon na to view the site na binigay nila.. yung nialgay ko based on July 2016 is 135 AUD.

            • hello
              tru immi ako, online so hindi ko alam kung may difference ba if tru VFS.

              abt sa questions,

              since nasa pinas ako CITIZEN nilagay ko dyan. ( pero check ki pa rin )
              kung nasa ibang bansa ka bakit ka nadun? WORK, study ba or iba? then anong visa meron ka ? working visa? student visa?

              yes isulat mo pa rin kahit may intent letter ka na

              about sa payment di ako sure kasi credit card ginamit ko.

    • Hi, Colleen. I hope you still get to see this kasi may mga gusto ko itanong sayo regarding your application, like were you unemployed when you lodged it? What documents did you and your BF provide? Dami pa. Hope we can communicate.

  20. @daley, sept.20 flight mo? Ako din ei, thru cebpac 🙂 baka sabay tayo. I just received an email from immi. Granted ang 6 months visa ko. Lodged my application online last August 4 and was granted today, August 16. Quicker than i thought 🙂

  21. Hi Khym, oo Sept 20 ako via PAL. Manila-Melbourne. wala kasi direct Manila- Melbourne sa Cebupac. Sayang nga eh mura sana sa Cebupac and Airasia kaso my sister insisted na mag non-stop ako to Melbourne kasi first international flight ko to at baka ma stress ako pag maraming stop, solo flight pa naman ako. Congrats! Ang bilis talaga pag online. ako almost 1 month yung result sa VFS pero turns out good parin kasi granted:)

    • Congrats! San kayo sa melbourne? Nag stay aq 3weeks sa Mt. Waverly and Oakleigh isa lng nkita ko na pinoy. I really wondered bkt wala aq msyado nkita kht sa mga resto na kinainan nmin even on groceries wala.

    • Anne, konti lng sinubmit kong requirements. Birth certificate, passport, passport stamps. Sponsored akong ng bf ko (Australian), nag subkit din kme ng invitation letter from him and his family, bank statement nya at bank statement ng dad nya. Nagsubmit din kme ng photos together to prove our de-facto relationship. Tska itinerary.

  22. Thank you for all the help from this blog. It gives me alot of advices that can help my application. My visa was granted. It was my 2nd try my first was refused. To all that is waiting for their result just be positive and pray. And for those who is planning to apply be patient on reading each and every details here it really helps. Thank you guys for being a blessing. -Anne

  23. Guys, Help! Sa mga nasa aus na nun umalis kayo ng pinas ilan luggage nyo? Isa lang? Im planning to have 2 what do you think? Strict ba airport dito and sydney airport sa luggage? Please answer. Thanks!

    • U can bring kahit ilan pero make sure na yung bagahe mo sapat for your whole stay. Minsan kasi mag random check yung immigration sa aus. Tatanungin kung genuine ba talaga pag bisita mo sa aus. Wag ka magdala ng kahit anung papers na makapaghinala sila na you will work here or whatever. Manood ka ng border security australia, andun lahat. Search mo sa youtube. Ako nung first time ko mag travel dito, isa lang bag ko, backpack pa yun,yung pang backpacker style kasi two weeks lang naman yung intended stay ko.

  24. Hi again guys, I have a question. What will I answer in these following questions?
    Purpose of Stay: Tourist/Visit family or friends
    “Give details of any significant dates on which the applicant needs to be in Australia”

    For Non-accompanying family members
    Does the applicant have any family members not travelling to Australia who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents? Yes or No
    (I am the one who’s filling up my mom’s visa, I won’t be going with her. Am I going to put my name there?)

    And here,
    What funds will the applicant have available to support their stay in Australia?
    (My mom’s visit will be funded by my aunt who lives in Australia)

    I hope to hear your answers the soonest. Thank you 🙂

    • hi Danielle, she will be on tour only right? so that’s right,,Tourist/Visit Family or friends
      just provide the dates kung kelan nya balak punta, ex. Sep 1 to 30
      Yes, ilagay mo pati sarili mo.
      if ur aunt will fund your mom’s stay, mentioned mo dun that she will be funded by her, accommodation, allowance, food etc. kaya dapat your aunt has proof of her financial capacity ha..kung may payslip sya (if working), bank statements, credit card statements, etc.

      Ask ko lng? is your mom sponsored by your aunt? kc pwede naman sya sponsor dahil magkapatid sila. kc ur aunt will be filling up another form too e.

      • Hello May, thanks for answering. My mom, actually,will be sponsored by my aunt. It’s just that when I asked my aunt if she fill out the form 1419 (which is for sponsorship) she told be that she didn’t. Though, she’ll be sending us statutory declaration, and a letter of support together with her bank statements. I think I should just pick tourist/visit family or friends. 🙂

        Anyway, is there any letter that mom should attach about her being unemployed?

        • Hi Danielle, form 1419 is application for visitors visa tourist stream. So i assume ur not applying on line. Ung form 1418 is visitors visa sponsored family stream na pwede sana at mas mganda dhil sister nmn nya support sa kanya. So yes she has to provide all those documents for ur mom. Yes tourist/visit family n fruends..goodluck!!☺

  25. Hi i just want to ask how much kya need laman ng bank ko to grant an australian tourist visa for 5 days and 4 nights ksma ko ang bf ko. Were both filipino and currently working here in doha qatar . Balak namin e declare ang BDO bank acct nmin and yung salary bank acct nmin dto sa qatar. Tnx

    • Dolly there is no certain amount. Just submit all your financial details and submit an itinerary stating the cost of your trip. If your working in Doha and will just have a vacation in aus no reason to be denied just submit employment and financial details.

  26. Guys, question on the visa grant notice nakalagay 1 month of stay but maximum of 3 months study what does it mean? Thanks

    • When u say “one month of stay”, is it part of the visa conditions? If u applied for a 3 month tourist visa, you only have 3 months to stay and one of the conditions is minimum of 3 month study.

    • hi Anne, un ba ang nakalagay sa Stay Period mo? 1 month from date of arrival? coz it means na u only have 1 month to stay here..ex. if you arrived August 25, hangang September 25 ka lng stay. Pero bakit me Visa condition 8201 – Maximum 3 months study ka? coz this means pwede ka study for a maximum of 3 months. Well maximum nga pala un.

  27. Hi everyone! For those who applied online and had their visa grant, when did u receive an email regarding that your visa is being process na?

    Thank you!

    • I applied online, 2 days after I paid and submitted my application, my immi account says, “in progress”. I did not receive an email stating that my visa is on process. After one month and 3 days, my visa application changed from “in progress” to “finalised” which means, tapos na, they already made a decision sa application ko and at the same day, got a grant email. 🙂

        • Yup nakakakaba talaga. Yung dalawa kung kaibagan, ako yung nag process sa visa nila, ayun successful naman,awa ng Dyos. Most applicants, base sa mga blogs sabi nila, they got their results a month after they applied.Pray lang ng pray. Godbless. Let me know kung meron na.

  28. Hello everyone! I’ve been readingthis blog since July 2016, and read your comments and replies.

    So I have lodged my Tourist Visa 600 application last August 19, 2016 and they just granted me a visa today August 24, 2016. Yes, it just took FIVE DAYS. I am sponsored by my boyfriend, by the way.

    Thank you everyone for your ideas! I would be be happy to help you if you have questions.

    See you all in Oz! Xxxx

  29. Does anyone knows magkano byad sa visa extension? nasa perth ako ngayon gusto ko sana mag extend ng visa ko.

    • Hi Anne, depende kung magkano gusto mo dalhin para me pangpersonal ka panggastos dito. Ako nga wala ako nadalang australian dollars, peso pala laman ng wallet ko lol. Pero wag moko gayahin kc nawala sa isip ko na bumalik sa black market at bumili ng aus. Dollars. Kaya bf ko bigay nlng panggastos ko 😂

    • Hi Anne. Nung pumunta ako dito yung pocket money ko lang was 60K kasi for two weeks lang naman. Keri na yun.minsan yun immigration na rarandom check sila. Yung mga tourist tatanungin kung genuine tourist ba talaga o hindi. Isa sa mga tanong is kung may enough funds ba. Be straight to your answer.Just relax lang when passing immigration. Check on youtube Border Security Australia for u to get an idea. Not trying to scare u. Godbless

    • Hii.. anne wag mong alalahanin ang show money mo ung tama lng kung may bf sponsor ka,ako 42k lng sa akin wla rin akong pera dala nung pumunta ako dito all was on my bank, ang immigration magdududa din cla kung marami pera mo, basta ang pinaka importante nka lagay s invitation letter mo from ur bf na sagot nya lahat n kylangan mo

  30. I watched this Border Secrurity Australia on youtube and it scares me Haha Its a good guide atleast you have an idea. So theyre strict on foods? Mahigpit ba talaga sa sydney? Who has an experience who can share about sydney airport. Thanks guys

    • They’re very strict when it comes to food esp fruits. Declare every food you’re bringing in. If you declare and it’s not allowed, the worse they’ll do is conviscate it. If you don’t declare and they catch you lying, minimum penalty is AUS 200. I’ve been there thrice and usually they didn’t even open my bag or box. While you’re in line waiting to be inspected, an officer would be there asking questions about the stuff you’re bringing in. I’ve been waved through twice. Just be cool and, if you have time, prepare an itemized list to show them.

  31. Hi May, I am applying online but there’s a choice online wherein Form 1419 is included. Anyway, nevermind that issue. I just chose tourist/Family visit :)))

    Last one guys, I’m sorry for asking.
    What to put on the documents needed?
    1. Assets – Personal, Evidence of
    2. Financial Capacity – Personal, Evidence of

    Mom doesn’t have any, should I put my aunts’ bank of statement, payslips, instead?

    And where to put the cover letter and other support ting doocuments? 🙂

    1. Invitation, Evidence of
    2. Letter/Statement – Sponsor (Relative)
    3. Financial Capacity – Personal, Evidence of
    – Bank Statement – Personal
    4. Intention to return, Evidence of
    – Birth Certificate
    5. Assets – Personal, Evidence of
    6. Birth or Age, Evidence of

    I’m so sorry for asking, its our first time applying online kasi eh.

    • hi Danielle,
      Personal evidence of Assets is any property/ies you may have, like land title or proof that you own a house ie. declaration of real property or electrical permit basta any proof that sa inyo un. Car registration etc. if wala you can attached ung sa aunt mo..ganun din sa Personal evidence of financial capacity, pwede rin ung sa aunt mo since sya nman support sa Mom mo. Under Evidence of Invitation, meron ung Letter/Statement – Sponsor (Relative) ilagay mo ung letter nya or statutory declaration nya, 3. Financial capacity – the same pa rin un sa aunt mo ang ilagay nya, Intention to return, Evidence – birth certificate ng mom mo and ur aunt (so scan mo lng BC and save the file with label na BC of your mom’s name., same with your aunt then attach the file); pwede u rin dito iattach ung cover letter ng mom mo, or Itinerary (like sa ending ng list nya recorded ung pagbalik nya), 6. evidence of age like other ID’s

      • This is so helpful. Thank you so much May! :)) Will be lodging my mom’s visa tonight 🙂 Thank you again! Will update you guys again for the result, soon!

  32. Hi, ask ko lang. I am planning to apply for a tourist visa for our family (5 members). Hope you can give some ideas about the ff:
    *Pano i-lodge ang application namin to be a group?
    *Would it be helpful to mention in the letter of intent na only child ang wife ko and her parents are here in PH? Naisip ko lang baka it will be to our disadvantage kasi baka isipin walang makakasama yung in-laws ko for 1 week.

    • Sa online pwede one account to be created tas entry mo is 5 applications..dko pa natry pero sa mga nabasa ko dito ganon..magread back ka. think la nmn prob if u mentioned na only child sya, at least makikita na meron pa pla syang mga magulang na babalikan na dpat maemphasize na mas stronger ties nya dito philippines. 1 week lng nmn so hope it’ll be alright.

    • Hi! Try the Airport Link train. From international airport, it will make stops at domestic airport, central station, and other stations. Get off at Circular Quay and walk to Sydney Opera house; it’s less than 1 km away.

  33. Hi guys! I lodged my mom’s visa kanina lang and received an acknowledgement e-mail. Hopefully her visa will be granted as early as what we expected :)))

  34. May, may minumum number of people ba to be considered as a group? If 3 lang kami,couple+child,pwede ba yun as group? Di pa din ako nakagawa ng immi account.

    • Wala nmn u can still apply n create one account n u make 3 applications..for u, ur partner n ur child. Thats how i understand it..susubukan ko pa lng din kc apply me n my 3 children but jst not this time yet. I have applied on line before for myself only so un din gagamitin kong account to apply for the 4 us. Suggestion lng..try online mas convenient n cheaper.

  35. OMG GUYS. I lodged my mom’s visa yesterday. She got GRANTED today!!! Thank you guys for your help. Thanks May!!! :))))

    • Wooooooow!!!! That’s really surprising Danielle (“,) and very encouraging! Praise God! Im so happy for you and your mom. Have a great time in Australia. Im already back in Philippines.

      • Hi, I know this thread is for Tourist Visa concerns only, but just trying my luck is there any one here have tried to apply for Skilled Migration Visa? I am trying to apply to work as Bookkeeper/Accountant OZ.

  36. Hi may nakapag try nb dto maglodge ng application thru vfs? How long it will take kaya? Coz theres no australian embassy here in qatar. And is it possible kaya na scanned copy ng bdo bank certificate ang submit nmin?

    • Hi Dolly yes my application was thru VFS. Approximately 1 month yung processing… for me it took 24 days bago ko nareceive yung visa grant. And yes pwede scanned copy ng bank certificate. Yung sakin was from online bank statement pinrint ko lang talaga. Although I also submitted my ITR and employment certificate with compensation amount. You may also include your payslip for 3 months… The more proof you can submit that you have a sufficient amount of money for your stay the better.

  37. Hi Guys, Paano magextend ng visa? Mahirap or madali lang ba? One month lang visa ko so kung two weeks before kelangan magextend kelangan magapply na ko agad and ayusin ko na extension? How much? And matagal ba yun waiting time? Sorry lots of questions. Please help. Thanks.

    • Hi Anne, same lang nmn din mga attachments actually mas madali sya same tau 1 month lang sakin nasa perth ako tapos ni lodge ko sya after 2 days na approve na sya kaso ang mahal ng byad 340 aud mas mura kung sa pinas kapa . Yung visa ko mag expire sana ng sept 15 nag extend ako ng 1 month ulit .

      • Hi leah tanong ko lang sana regarding sa visa ext application mo? kaba nag apply?..and nag attach kaba ng cover letter?thank you

        • Hi Anne ,

          Oo online ako nag apply clinick ko yung visa extension kasi sa online din ako nag apply dati eh. D nko nkapag attached ng cover letter pero naglagay ako ng itinerary at pinagsulat ko uli ng letter yung friend ko na okay lng sa knila na dto pa ako magstay.

            • Hi Anne, Actually wala eh nagbigay lang ako ng itinerary ko. tapos pinagsulat ko ng invitation letter yung dad ng friend ko na okay lang ako dito magstay sa kanila. Same pa din naman bank statement, Bank certificate ko, letter from friend, itinerary, passport more on yung pinasa ko sa 1st time nag apply ganun lang din hinihingi na requirements eh taz pictures kasama yung friends ko. Taz nag attached din ako na may tickets ako ng Nov na may flights akong etatake pa Korea kaya uuwi din ako Nov. Tapos Employment Certificate ko.

      • Hi po! Planning to extend my stay dto sa oz.. bf ko prin sponsor ko, ask ko lang kc walang bf dun sa sponsor. Friend and fiance lang. Ano po ba ilalagay ko? Hndi pa po kmi engage e

      • Hi nag attach ka rin ba ng passport photo sa application mo for extension?..AUD340 ba ang babayaran?just want to make it sure kasi may nagsabi sakin na AUD362 daw binayaran nya for visa ext.

    • Hi pwede po ba magtanong kung nag attached ba kayo ng plane ticket nyo nung nag apply kayo sa visa extension? Kase 1 month lang dn yung akin, gsto ko dn sna magpa extend. Thank u please reply sobrang need ko lng ng answer

  38. Hi Ms Leah,
    also currently in Perth..nabasa ko yung msg mo and mybe I’ll be doing the same way too (visa extension).thanks for sharing na pwede pala yung ganun..

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