The Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order

Having a Japan Visa on hand, my next concern is to purchase a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order.

The Japan Rail Exchange Order is the document one receives from FedEx after making a purchase online. JR Pass is obtained once you exchange the JR Exchange Order upon arrival in Japan. So don’t be confused. JR Pass Exchange Order is not JR Pass.

Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order

Those who have been to Japan always say that having a JR Pass is a necessity because of its convenience and practically. They say that the JR Pass is the most economically convenient way to go around Japan. I believe them that is why I will use a JR Pass myself.

Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order

JR Pass is only available to foreigners visiting Japan for sightseeing purposes. Hence, your visa must be “Temporary Visa” otherwise, you are not eligible to get a JR Pass. JR Pass cannot be bought in Japan. It must be purchased prior to arrival. JR Pass can be ordered online.

So how much it cost? A 7-Day JR Pass costs 277USD, 14-Day JR Pass cost 441USD and a 21-Day JR Pass costs 564USD. Shipping Fee is at least 16USD and delivery time is at least 3 days regardless of the number of JR Pass being purchased per transaction. Delivery time differs if your mailing address is outside Manila and its surrounding provinces.

Some Notes to Remember About the JR Pass:
1. JR Pass is valid only to all JR Group railways (Shinkansen “bullet trains”) , JR Buses and Ferry (only for JR West Miyajima Ferry). It can not be used to any other trains, buses and ferries.
2. The validity of the JR Pass starts on the first day the Exchange Order has been turned into a JR Pass. However, the Pass must be used not later than 3 months after it has been purchased.
3. Once the JR Pass Exchange Order has been made to a JR Pass or has been stamped with a date, it can no longer be changed.
4. Passport is required when exchanging the JR Pass Exchange Order to a JR Pass.
5. You can not use the JR Pass Exchange Order without turning it into a JR Pass in any of their Exchange Offices.
6. The JR Pass is not transferable and once it is lost, it can not be replaced.
7. Unused JR Pass Exchange Order is refundable within one year subject to handling fees.
8. Once the JR Pass has been used, it can no longer be refunded.

Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order can be purchased from any of the following: JTB Corporation, Nippon Travel Agency, Kintetsu International, TopTour, Japan Airlines (if booked with JAL), All Nippon Airlines (if booked with ANA) and JalPak. Alternately, you can book it online at www.jrailpass.com.

JR Pass

To learn more about JR Pass, check out their website.

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  1. I agree the Japan Rail Pass is a must! It’s easy, too. Other helpful hints: You just turn the exchange order into a rail pass at the train station office. Then the rail pass is your perma-ticket. There is a special lane at the train stations, the one with the window and attendant, for pass holders to walk through and show the pass. They wave you right through. Happy travels!

  2. Hi, I hope you can help me with a few questions. I have a multiple entry visa valid for 5 years. Is it the same with “temporary visa”?

    I purchased the JR Exchange pass already and received it today and to my bewilderment it says that it is not valid for “Multiple Entry Visa”

    My visa is multiple entry but it is also a “temporary visa” right?

    I just got confused. Hope I can use this JR Exchange otherwise Ill have it refunded.


    • I enjoyed my 2-week stay. and JR Pass was accepted as my passport was stamped with temporary visitor status. Doesn’t matter that I have multiple entry visa

      • Hi! Same scenario. I am afraid I can’t use my JR Pass as I do have a 5-year Multiple Entry Visa, but I am categorized as “temporary visitor”. I’ll be leaving next week so I want to know if the pass can be exchanged once I enter Japan.

  3. I have received this reply from the JR SUPPORT TEAM:

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    I am afraid that people who have a multiple entry visa to enter Japan are not eligible for the JR Pass.

    In order to use the JR Pass, you must enter Japan with a “Temporary Visitor” visa or stamp. Your visa says “Temporary Visitor”, however it is categorized as “Multiple Entry Visa”.

    The JR Pass will not be activated in Japan if the passenger is a visa holder of multiple entry status regardless of duration.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Mine was 5 years Multiple entry but it was stamped temporary visitor upon arrival so My JR Pass was accepted.

  4. I have temporary visitor visa with multiple entry to Japan but i was able to buy japan rail pass for 2 instance. Had no issues

    • Hi Marie, I had the same issue. I have 5yrs multiple entry Temporary Visitor visa. Were you able to exchange your JR pass exchange order with the actual JR Pass when you arrived in Japan? Thank you.

  5. Hi Marie and Ems – can you please share if you had any problems exchanging/activating your JR Pass when you got to Japan?

  6. Hi…. I got a Temporary visitor multiple entry visa for Japan and later found out that JR pass is not eligible for multiple entry. I have written to a few websites, some say im eligible and some say im not. Im really confused. Anyone who has recently traveled, please help me out.

    Thank you.

    • Hello,

      Were you able to use the pass? I think this information is very misleading in fact. I saw that is commmon for people from phillipines to have multiple entry visas, so it doesnt make sense that all of them shouldnt be able to use the Pass.

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