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8 Must-See Off-the-Beaten Path in Philippines

Here is my list of 8 Must-See Destinations in the Philippines which are not normally known, seen or experienced by some tourists.  As there is so much to see and explore, this list represents only what I think is the best of ‘off-the-beaten’ path in the Philippines.


8. Bonsai Island, Quezon – impressively flat rock that appears only during low-tide.

Quezon | Bonsai Island | Photo Essay | #pinoyontheroad | pinoy on the road

7. Unfinished Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Negros Occidental – massive structure that was never dedicated nor finished.

Unfinished Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

6. Bega Falls, Agusan Del Sur – charming and uniquely beautiful.

bega falls

5. Bato Simbahan Underground Waterfalls, Iloilo – daredevil adventure yet a ravaging beauty to behold.

Bato SImbahan Underground Waterfalls

4. Lubuagan Town, Kalinga – literally and emotionally a city in the sky.


3. Balobok Cave, Cove and Rock Formation, Tawi-Tawi – rugged and tucked in the nothingness and emptiness of Tawi-Tawi.

Tawi Tawi | Balobok Cave, Cove and Rock Shelter | What to See in Tawi Tawi | Photo Essay

2. Agusan Marsh, Agusan Del Sur – magical, mystical and mesmerizing adventure of a lifetime.

agusan marsh

1. Fallel Hanging Coffins, Sarangani – the grandness of the unknown. 

hanging Coffins of fallel