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9 Best Countries To Visit

It’s 7 days before this blog turns 1 and today I will share my list of Top 9 Best Countries to Visit. Well, I have been to 18 countries so far and I am coming up with my Top 9 List as follows:

9. USA – I like USA because of its complexity and variety of what to see and do.  It’s a world of its own.  It’s urban and developed yet you can see rural life at its best.  It’s a concrete jungle yet the best gifts of nature are here.  It’s simply spectacular, it’s amazing, it’s home.

USA | What to See in Utah | The Magnificent Bryce Canyon

8. Thailand – Thailand is in my list because of its colorful culture and tradition, scenic natural wonders and the superiority of its food.  As I always say, Thai food is the best in the world.  And what makes it more wonderful is that the best foods are in the streets! Truly amazing Thailand!

Thailand | The Best Thing to do in Bangkok | Awesome Bangkok Elephant Ride

7. China from ancient to modern, from grandeur to simple, from the best to the junk, from the original to imitation, from religion to government, from expensive to cheap, from huge to tiny, from anything to everything, China has it.  China is in my list because China is such a beauty to behold! China offers what he world offers.

Beijing: Summer Palace

6. Vietnam – one word I have for Vietnam – WOW. WOW as in wealth of wonders.  Vietnam is so blessed with natural beauty and friendly people that going around in this country is such an easy task yet, after days of owning its wonders, I find it very hard to leave.  Vietnam is in my list because of the wealth of its wonders, truly a paradise on earth.

sand borading in red dunes mui ne vietnam

5. Singapore – if there is one country I have seen which I can say ‘close to perfection’, it must be Singapore.  Singapore is a piece of heaven on earth.  It may not have the natural wonders most countries have but it has built a city forest in its own concrete jungle.  Singapore is simply awesome. That explains why Singapore is my most visited country.


4. India – ask me what love of travel is and I’ll tell you India.  Ask me what’s an ultimate adventure is and I’ll tell you India.  Ask me what a dream destination is and I’ll tell you India.  India is every traveler’s dream place because of its vibrant culture, tradition and religions.  India is a must-see because of its people and food.  India is a perfect place to visit because that’s the only way to explain incredible India.

India | A Romance with the Enduring Taj Mahal

3. Myanmar I have never seen a country as lovely as Myanmar or Burma.  Its underdevelopment is its grand beauty.  Its soothing charm is in its old ways.  Its enchanting and captivating spell is in its culture.  Its liveliness is in its people.  I do not hesitate to say that Myanmar must be in one’s list of must-see countries before one dies.

 myanmar_old, superstitious, charming, wonderful and just the way i like it

2. Nepal – this country is simply majestic.  I have never fell in love with a place as much as I have fell in love with Nepal.  Nepal offers the glory of travelling.  It offers the feeling and experience of freedom and exploration.  It provides lifting spirit to the senses.  If its travel, it must be Nepal.

Nepal | Top Places to See and Do in Nepal | Nepal Itinerary | My Spectacular Nepal Adventure

1. South Korea – offers an experience of being part of the local community. It offers a feeling of not getting lost, of being part of the crowd, of being like one of the locals, of security and of peace of mind, of joy and merry-making.  South Korea is number one in my list because I find the Koreans the warmest and coolest people around.  Its easy to blend with them and their culture is such an open arms.  Apart from its people and culture, South Korea offers wonders beyond one’s expectations.

South Korea | What to See in Seoul | Gwanghwamun Square


My list however does not mean that the other countries I have visited are not worth visiting at all.  All countries are worth visiting and they offer an experience of their own.  Honestly, there is no ugly country, ugly people, ugly culture or ugly food.  It’s the tourist that’s ugly – those who do not know how to respect culture and tradition, those who do no know how to appreciate food and language and those, who in one way or the other destroy the environment, the culture and the people.

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