Sorsogon Travel Guide


Sorsogon is the southernmost province of Luzon and is among the country’s best kept nature hideaways. It is Luzon’s gateway to Visayas and Mindanao.

It is a second class province with 14 municipalities and 1 component city.  All its municipalities are along the coastline except for land-locked Irosin.

The province is famous for Whale Shark (Butanding) watching.

WIkipedia map of Sorsogon Province
Wikipedia map of Sorsogon Province


To get to Sorsogon, fly to Legazpi Airport. Get to Legazpi Bus Terminal and take a jeepney, van or bus bound for Sorsogon City. Sorsogon City is about 58 kilometers south of Legazpi City.

Alternately, one can take a 13-hour bus ride from Cubao to Sorsogon. Buses from Cubao to Sorsogon are Philtranco and Elavil Transit among others.

map of sorsogon
Wikipedia map showing the location of Sorsogon Province


I stayed in Mercedes Country Lodge located along Rizal Avenue corner Peralta Street. At the time I checked in, there was no available single room so I paid for a twin room. The location is central and is walking distance to anywhere I practically need during my stay.  They do not have wifi and restaurant.

Sorsogon | Pinoyontheroad Sorsogon Travel Guide
Mercedes Country Lodge twin room

Other accommodation facilities in Sorsogon City are the following:

  1. Andy’s Apartelle along Rizal street
  2. Dalisay Lodge along Peralta street
  3. Diocesan Formation Dorm located in the Bishop’s compound
  4. Fernando’s Hotel along Pareja street is perhaps the best in the City
  5. Fritz Homestay located in Executive village has swimming pool
  6. La Vista Resort located in Jimenez-Tan subdivision
  7. MA Bistro and Lodging House along Peralta street gets noisy at night
  8. Maharlika Lodge along Peralta street
  9. Mahogany Lodge located in Sts Peter and Paul Subdivision
  10. Novotel Asia is the newest one in the City
  11. Villa Kasabggayan along Rizal street


There are lots of places for good eat in Sorsogon City. I tried pinangat and freshly popped chicahron at Jane’s Restaurant. There is also this posh restaurant just infront of Novotel Asia but unfortunately I forgot the name. They serve good food and I really like the ambiance there.

Sorsogon | Pinoyontheroad Sorsogon Travel Guide
Pinangat at Jane’s Restaurant

Other restaurants are:

  1. Dahon Saging along Rizal street
  2. Kalundan Seafoods along Rizal street
  3. Acacia Grill along Peralta street
  4. Calundan Restaurant along Parehas street
  5. Kim’s Food Place along De Vera street
  6. Quick and Hearty along Magsaysay street
  7. and ofcourse Jollibee and Chowking


  1. Sorsogon Capitol Park along Rizal street
  2. Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral along Rizal street
  3. Sorsogon City Baywalk
  4. Tulong Gapo Beach in Bacon
  5. Black sand Libanon Beach in San Juan
  6. Paguriran Island has a lagoon used as santuayr for giant sea turtles
  7. Bato Caves in Barangay Bato
  8. Bucal-Bucalan Cold Spring in Barangay Bucal-Bucalan
  9. PNOC Eco-park or BacMan (Bacon-Manito) Geothermal Plants houses Botong Twin Falls, Lake Osiao, Pulog Lake, Twin Springs of Mt Putting Bato and a mystical cave. Entry to the park can only be made possible with coordination with the Provincial Tourism Office.


    1. St Joseph Church – a Spanish era structure built in 1874
    2. Century old ruins of Precidencia – just across the church used to be the seat of government of Barcelona. It has an underground tunnel that leds to the church but it has been closed
  2. BULAN
    1. Ambassador Beach – located in Barangay Inararan
    2. Lake Linao – located in Barangay San Juan
    3. Lebanon Beach – located in Barangay Namo
    4. Otavi Ruins and Belfy – located in Otavi
    5. Pon-od Beach – located in Barangay Laurel
    6. Ubo Falls – located in Barangay San Francisco
    1. Bayugin Falls – located in Barangay San Francisco
    2. Dancalan White Sand Beach – located in Barangay Dancalan about a kilometer from the town proper
    3. Lake Bulusan – located in Bulusan Volcano National Park
    4. Masacrot Hot Spring – located in Barangay San Roque
    5. Palogtoc Falls  – located in barangay San Roque
    6. St James the Greater Church in poblacion has a bell tower believed to have been built in 1630
    1. Imelda Lake – located within the PNOC Eco-park
    2. Malawmawan Island – located in Barangay Macalaya has a brown sand beach
    1. Catundulan Point – located in Barangay Tinanogan is famous for whale shark watching
    2. Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes – in Barangay san Antonio
    3. Tuba Falls – is accessible via a boat ride to Brgys Vinisitahan or Sibago and, from there, a further 2 hour trail hike amidst dense forest.
  6. GUBAT
    1. Gubat Cadaop Spring – located in Barangay Bentuco
    2. Gubat Liang Cave – located in Barangay Togawe
    3. Rizal Beach – located in the town proper has off white sand
    1. Church of St. Michael the Archangel – located within the town proper
    2. Mt Bulusan National Park
    3. Mapaso Springs – located in Barangay Monbon
    4. San Mateo Cold Spring or San Benon Spring – located in Barangay Monbon
  8. JUBAN
    1. Old houses along the national highway
    2. Several Springs Resorts in Barangays Bacolod, Añog, Putting Sapa and Buraburan
    1. Beaches in Barangay Binisitahan Norte and Salvacion
    2. Butanding watching
    3. First Mass in Luzon Historical Marker– located in Barangay Siuton
    4. Several springs and waterfalls in Barangay Aguga Sur, Tula-tula and Bacalon
  10. MATNOG
    1. White san Beaches in Cabamtigian, Sabang and Subic
    2. The beautiful islets of Tikling, Calintaan, Juag and Subic can be accessed by a motorized boat from Matnog Ferry Terminal
  11. PILAR
    1. Whale Shark watching in Barangay San Antonio
    2. Abucay Cave in Barangay Abucay
    1. Ruins of the old church
    2. Nagsurok Cave has underground river
    3. Totem white sand Beach
    4. Prieto Diaz Coastal Environment Project Model Site is an Awardee of the Community-Based Coastal Resources Management Program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


I only spent 3 Days and 2 nights in this beautiful province and admittedly, it is not enough to explore it well.

Day 1

From Legazpi, I took a van going to Sorsogon. Travel time is less than an hour or so.  I arrived in Sorsogon at about 10AM. The first thing I deed is to scout for a place to check-in though I already have in mind where to stay. I checked the various accommodation facilities in the city until I got tired and went to Mercedes Country Lodge. I was tempted to stay at Novotel Asia but it looked like a motel to me because they offer 3 hours short time.

I had my lunch at Jane’s Restaurant. In the afternoon, I had my city walk. Well, just walking around the small city.

Day 2

In the morning I went to Lake Bulusan and I likewise stopped in Gubat, Barcelona Bulusan and Irosin. I practically did the Sorsogon-Gubat-Barcelona-Bulusan-Irosin-Juban-Casiguran-Sorsogon circumferential route.

Day 3

I basically did nothing except again to walk around the city. I left Sorsogon at 10AM bound for Legazpi.

What I missed in My Itinerary and what I will do next time I visit the place

  1. I will spend 1 day going to Sta Magdalena and Matnog to see the beautiful beaches there
  2.  I will spend 1 day to see Donsol, Pilar and Castilla
  3. I will spend 1 day to see the famous Costal Environmental Project in Prieto Diaz

More or less I spent about 6,000.00 for this trip.

Photo from Wikipedia showing the the location of Sorsogon on the Bicol Region map
Wikipedia map showing the the location of Sorsogon Province


  1. bulusan is safe despite the ertoiupns.i’ve been there just this april with my family. nothing’s changed. it’s still one of the Philippines pride. It’s the only place i know that despite of the ertoiupns remained clean and breathtaking. The rivers remained fresh & clean even the beaches, resort & would you believe? even the canals & drainage are still clean & looks pure. I even think of swimming on the drainage when i happend to see one..hehehe

  2. I was born in Cavite but my parents came from Donsol. My first step in my parents motherland was when I was 11yrs. old. I stayed there for a years until a BIG creature appeared, the Butanding. The irony is, even I stayed there for a years, I never had the chance to see that creature. I want to if I will be given a chance. Is there anyone could help me? hehe

  3. Hi, I would like know the tourist spots you were able to visit with the Sorsogon-Gubat-Barcelona-Bulusan-Irosin-Juban-Casiguran-Sorsogon circumferential route?

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