Marinduque Travel Guide

How To Get To Marinduque

From Manila, take a bus bound for Lucena Dalahican. Buses bound for Lucena can be found in Araneta Bus Terminal, Cubao Bus Terminals and Pasay Bus Terminals. Popular buses that go to Lucena are Jam Liner, Lucena Lines and RRCG among others.

The bus ends at Dalahican Port in Lucena. From Dalahican Port, walk towards the terminal building and purchase your ferry ticket. Only RORO (roll-on, roll-off) ferries are available. There are no fast crafts bound to any port in Marinduque. The most popular and common port of entry to Marinduque is Balanacan. Hence, purchase a ticket bound for Balanacan Port in Mogpog town. The other ports are Cawit Port in Boac and Buyabod Port in Sta Cruz. The more popular ferry vessels are Montenegro Lines and Starhorse Shipping Lines. Most vessels are turn-around vessels hence expect to wait for 4 hours before the next ferry schedule if you failed to catch one upon arrival in Dalahican.

ROROs aren’t airconditioned and seating assignment is on a first come first served basis. If you are lucky, you get a seat; otherwise, enjoy standing during the entire duration of your trip. This is not always the case though. In some instances, ferries are full of people and goods all jammed into one. Hence, expect a little discomfort. At any rate, the experience is part of the adventure in itself. Therefore, do not be in your “sosyal” attire as you will just frustrate yourself.

One way fare is 260.00 per person and terminal fee is 30.00. No advance reservation is required. Just arrive at the port and buy your ticket.

The terminal building in Lucena is modest and is open 24 hours a day. Expect more crowd on weekends and tremendous crowd during Moriones Festival. There are also several food stalls available just incase one gets hungry.

Travel time from Lucena to Mogpog is approximately 4 hours. The 4 hours travel time is a good opportunity to take a nap (while seating) or simply do-whatever-is-not-boring. Upon arrival in Balanacan at any time of the day (or night), there are jeepneys and vans available to transport passengers. Last time, I arrived 2.30AM and it was not hard to get a ride going to Torrijos. What is also commendable is that they do not overcharge passengers. They charge the same fare as during day time. Now, is it safe to arrive and travel early morning in Marinduque? Yes, they have almost zero crime rate in the province.

You know who have reached Balanacan Port when you can see the image of Our Lady of Good Voyage to your left hand side.

Marinduque Travel Guide | How To Get There, Going Around, Where To Sleep, Where To Eat, Etc


Going Around Marinduque

The whole island-province of Marinduque can be reached by different jeepneys. Inter-town transfers however may not be very easy as there are only few that go around the province. Hence, the best option is to rent a motorbike that ranges from 700.00 up per day. Your bargaining skill works here.


Where To Stay

I believe that the best option to stay for a night (or a day) is in the town of Torrijos. Head towards Poctoy White Beach and choose which suits your budget and lifestyle. There are few to choose from. However, there are also resorts in Gasan and Buenavista which are great options as well.  Otherwise, you may opt to stay in Boac or Sta Cruz.

Marinduque Travel Guide | How To Get There, Going Around, Where To Sleep, Where To Eat, Etc

Where To Eat

Most resorts and hotels have their own restaurants and offer modest food at a modest rate. Meal/food in Marinduque is relatively affordable.


Why Go

Marinqudue is the geo-physical center of the Philippines and is famous for the Moriones Festival. If you can not be at the northern-most and southern-most islands of the Philippines, at least you can visit the center. Marinduque is famous for Moriones Festival (during Holy Week).

Marinduque Travel Guide | How To Get There, Going Around, Where To Sleep, Where To Eat, Etc


When To Go

Anytime of the year is perfect but the Holy Week season draws more visitors because of the Moriones Festival.


How Much It Cost

You wont spend 70usd for 2D1N trip except if you do some island hoping activities.

Marinduque Travel Guide | How To Get There, Going Around, Where To Sleep, Where To Eat, Etc


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