Agusan Del Norte

Magellan’s Anchorage in Butuan

Located in Masao Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte, this site is believed to be where Magellan landed and made blood compact with Raja Siaiu.

magellan's anchorage

History has this to say:

Antonio Pigafetta and the Official Chronicler of Magellan’s fleet wrote “as we have seen a fire on an island (Masawa) that night before, we anchored near it.” The bright light was the beckon in the darkness that guided Magellan’s fleet to the isle. “Masawa” means “bright” in Butuanon, the only language in the Philippines that contains the word.

magellan's achorage

This monument is located some 30 minutes by tricycle from Butuan City proper.  I visited this place as part of awesome #philippines80.

magellan's anchorage

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