The Ironic Promise Land of Dinagat

Dinagat Island is one of the newest provinces in the Philippines which used to be part of Surigao Del Norte until 2012 when Supreme Court ruled with finality its creation as a province.

I am making this post entitled The Ironic Promise Land because I believe that Dinagat is really a paradise, a promise land with so much natural resources yet it remains one of the poorest provinces in the country. What makes it more ironic is the obvious fact that most people here are poor and live below poverty line yet, the politicians who control the province as well as the cult that almost all people here belong to are richest of the rich.

Dinagat is the home of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries, Inc – a cult (not religion) founded by the Ecleo clan who happen to be also their Mayor, Vice Governor, Governor and Congressman.  The entire family runs the cult and they have made the people of Dinagat believe that they are the divine family and that their founder is the divine master. The same family controls politics, business and education in the province. People here believe them, follow what they preach and slave themselves to their masters.


More than the Ironic Promise Land, Dinagat is so much blessed with wonders after wonders. I will have them in a separate post.

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    by Michael Learns To Rock

    I will not leave you orphans. I will come to you. (John 14:18)

    A flag is up
    I see the sign
    It’s just a matter of time
    The wind will blow and the trees will bend
    Nothing is left in the end

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    4 Strong Winds by John Denver is Revelation 7:1

    Apophis is one of more than 600 known potentially hazardous asteroids and one of several that scientists hope to study more closely. In Apophis’ case, additional measurements are necessary because the 2029 flyby could be followed by frequent close approaches thereafter, or even a collision. (Fromhttp://phys.org/news5839.html)

    ***tamang-tama po sa blog nyo tungkol sa Dinagat Islands

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