Agusan Del Sur

Chasing Pinagalaan Falls

It was not among my plans to visit this water falls located in Bayugan City, Agusan Del Sur. And since I do not have much thing to do that day except to go to San Franz and sleep there for the night, I decided to drop by Bayugan City. After doing the usual city tour, I asked the help of some locals if they know of any waterfalls in the area. There were several suggestions given but I chose Pinagalaan Falls for no reason at all. The name sounded good to me.

So I hired a motor bike and luckily my driver knows where the falls is but has never been in the place.  It sounded great to me because I would be exploring the mountains of Bayugan with a local who has never been to the falls. The travel is about 20 minutes on various terrain until we reached the barangay where we need to register and start the hike. It was about 11am when we arrived at the barangay hall and the heat of the sun is hrash but we have no other option but to proceed.

Half of the trek is easy and the other half a bit steep and dangerous as here were no visible foot trails. Hence, we created our on path following the roaring sound of the water.  We managed to reached by falls by mid-day after we got lost twice.

The water falls gently on the sloppy rock boulders in a dense forest. There were several small cascades and several pool basins. The water is narrow and shallow. We had difficulty transferring from one cascade to another because of the slippery slope. We managed to go until the middle portion only where we had a perfect view of the place.

After spending some time and resting for awhile, we managed to return without getting lost.

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  1. so nice! thanks kiddo. but to let you know, though, Bayugan city is in Agusan del Sur, not Agusan del Norte. and its Pinagalaan Falls.
    no sightings of king cobras along the way? lucky you! :))
    all the best!
    safe trips, chief!

  2. I knw diz place about 22 years ago. so sad co’z my sale diz property of my father w/out our consent..

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