Holy Week Celebration and Good Friday Procession in Lucban

For the past 7 years, I have been attending Good Friday celebrations in Lucban, Quezon.  I am not from this place but it has become my yearly devotion to be here because of the not-so-commercialized celebration. It is simple yet grand. It is crowded yet solemn. It is far yet I find my place here.

Every year, the order of procession is the same. Every year, the statues of some Saints are not the same. Every year, I take pictures of the procession.  Every year, the feeling is different.

Not all Catholic Parishes have similar statues/saints for the Good Friday procession. Others have included statues depicting the life and suffering of Jesus Christ. But certainly, the statues of St. Peter, St. Veronica, St. Magdalene, Doloroso and San Intiero are always there.

Year after year, the statue of San Pedro always comes first. He holds the key after all.

Followed by the following statues depicting the agony and life of Jesus Christ:


After the Pieta comes  Sta. Veronica.


 Sta Magdalena comes next.

Then Sta Martha.

Sta Maria Solome.


San Juan


And Birhen Dolorosa


After several minutes, the last statue of the procession – the grand carosa of San Intiero, is being pulled by thousands of men in their barefoot shouting chants to the Poon. Women are not allowed to be part of the procession because of the physical activity it involve – lots of pushing. The scene is dramatic as the participants try to out-wit each other just to hold the rope of the carosa. The crowd is massive and some participants really get hurt while doing this. Spectators were throwing handkerchiefs and towels to be rubbed to the glass coffin of San Intiero which was actually precipitating.

There were a total of 26 statues in Lucban Good Friday Procession.  It is always good to reflect on the meaning of each statue as we remember the death and passion of Jesus Christ.

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  2. May I just add this…when the Santo Intiero reached the church sometimes at around 12:01 am onward…it’s women’s turn to bring back the Santo Intiero to the owner’s house just nearby the church. Women are as poeerful as men the way they carry the carriiage buy pushing it while people are still chanting and throwing hankies and towels…

  3. Od jutra zaczynam odchudzanie, kto sie odchudza ze mna? Znalazlam w internecie dobry preparat na schudniecie, poszukajcie sobie na youtube – xxally radzi spalanie tluszczu

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