Beyond the Usual Boracay is Kalibo

To many, Kalibo is where the bigger airport is going to Boracay. Or perhaps, it is the airport where one gets a cheaper air ticket instead of flying directly to Caticlan.

To others, Kalibo is the place for the famous Ati-Atihan – an annual festivity to honor Sto. Niño.

Kalibo is both and a lot more.  Kalibo now positions itself as an emerging tourist destination in Western Visayas.  During my short visit to Kalibo, I realized that the province of Aklan is not all about Boracay. Going around, I found the following emerging tourist activities:

Paper-making is becoming a cottage industry

Piña or Pineapple fiber production is fast becoming a good source of livelihood

Dela Cruz Pina Products is a Showroom of fine local products made of piña fiber

Bakhawan Eco Park

Of course, it is always pleasant to drop by the Kalibo Cathedral and the Kalibo Museum.

Kalibo Cathedral

Aklan Museum

I was also able to find a good place to eat called Hernani’s Mix and Match Bar and Restaurant and they serve good foods!

So before going to Boracay or after you have been to Boracay, drop by Kalibo for a breath of fresh air!

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  1. I love reading your blog! I didn’t know this place before, but it looks stunning. I’m actually making plans travelling next year, so every good trip advice is welcome :).

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