Pattaya and Coral Island Day Tour

Coral Island and Pattaya are famous day tour destinations in Bangkok. For this trip, I availed a tour package as I find it more practical.  At 7AM, I was picked up in my hotel. Travel time from Bangkok to Pattaya is almost 1 hour and 30 minutes by private van. Then we were pooled by the agency in Pattaya for a short briefing. We were given 1 hour free time to discover the City by ourselves. After which, we took a motorized boat to Coral Island for a lunch and the rest of the day was free for us to enjoy the sand, sea and sky of Coral Island. At about 3PM, we headed back to Pattaya and Bangkok.

Coral Island may not be the best beach there is but it offers a good venue to relax and enjoy life.


Click here for more pictures.

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