The Magnificent Bryce Canyon

Perhaps you have heard of Grand Canyon. But Bryce Canyon? It was my first time to hear about it when I was treated for that wonderful adventure in Utah.

Bryce Canyon is a National Park in Southern Utah. From Las Vegas, it took us 2 hours by drive to reach Bryce City. That’s 2 hours in freeway along Nevada’s and Utah’s varied landscapes – a sight to behold in its own right.

We passed by some interesting points before we finally set foot in Bryce. We particularly stopped at Dixie National Forest and Red Canyon. Both offer initial impressions of what Bryce Canyon has in store.

We finally arrived at Bryce City covered with snow. No shops, restaurants and business establishments were open that day. This is perhaps due to the extremely cold weather.  It was a good thing that the Bryce Canyon Park was open.

Bryce Canyon though called a canyon is not really a canyon. Its geological formation is due to erosions. Its pinnacles were formed by wind, water and ice erosions of river and lake beds.


The magnificent rock colors of orange, red, yellow and white gives an awesome view of the entire natural amphitheater.  Bryce is located 2,700 meters above see level.


Bryce Canyon offers an inspiration and delight to one’s heart. The tall and slender rock formations contain fine impressions of the erosion caused by the wind.


After going around at various view points, I was literally and emotionally impressed by the might and beauty of this geographical landscape. It is indeed a sight to behold worthy of remembering how God’s hand works.

So they say, in the mountains you forget to count the days. In Bryce, you forget time.




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