The Shocking Cobra Show

If the Crocodile Show is dangerous, and so is this one.

The Cobra Show is an attraction at the Baan Sukchoeke Country Resort. Entrance ticket is not part of the tour package, hence I bought my own ticket.

The show started by distinguishing the sex of a snake. Well, who cares about the gender of a snake!


At the instruction of the announcer – whom I find interesting because of the way he narrates and modulates his voice – snakes were freed from the cage and then, its showtime!


The act is tough and dangerous. The snakes are venomous. But the guys do it with such precision and ease.  I was only part of the audience and I felt the danger of watching. Staying in front of the stage is not a good choice! You get the nearest glance!


But the snakes aren’t the king. They are afraid of this creature that looks like a rat (I forgot the name). This ‘rat’ can kill the snake – an snake killer ‘rat’


The climax is when the guy was catching 3 snakes. He catches 2 snakes with his hands and the other one? His mouth!


Acts such as these are done by trained people whose ability to defy death is not common. The show is interesting indeed.

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