Awesome Bangkok Crocodile Show

Crocs are not new to me. We have lots of Crocodile Farms in the Philippines. But the idea of making a living out of a crocodile wrestling show is what is not common to me.

The Crocodile Farm is part of the day tour I had. It is cheaper to purchase the whole day trip to the Floating Market + Elephant Show + Crocodile Show + Rose Garden Cultural Show altogether. This package is readily available among travel agents and hotels in Bangkok.

The Crocodile Wrestling Show lasts for about 10-15 minutes. It starts with the “Croc Guys” chasing the crocodiles – from pulling their tails to beating their backs or anything that would ‘awaken’ and ‘anger’ the crocodiles. The crocodiles are medium sized, about 6-10 feet long.  Of course I have seen larger crocodiles than the ones used in the show.

The Croc Guys use a stick while they are at ‘work’. Yes, perhaps this is their profession and they are doing it with grace, honor and so much danger to their lives.

The scenes are dramatic – from the ‘Croc Guy’ kissing the crocodile to placing his hand inside the mouth of the friendly crocodile!


The highlight of the show is when the ‘Croc Guys’ literally put their heads inside the crocodile’s mouth. The danger is 100% real. Perhaps there is a trick or some sort of strategy they employ while performing this act but it is still an act of ‘bravery’.

Don’t miss out this when visiting Bangkok. I swear, all crocodile acts I have seen before are no match to this! The audience couldn’t help but throw coins to the performers for a job well done! Well, this is how tipping is done here.




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