Mekong Delta Cruise

The Mekong Delta tour is best done joining a package tour. I never heard of anyone doing this solo or not booked through a travel agent.  Available packages are same day tour, 2 days and there is even a 5-day tour.  I took the same day tour and it was all worth it.  A bit boring and tiring but it is the best way to experience rural Vietnam.

Mekong Delta is part of the mighty Mekong River that covers more than 10 provinces in South Vietnam.  The delta is the rice granary of Vietnam and the most populated part of the country. Many tropical fruits are also grown in the Delta.

The tour started 8AM from Saigon going south passing a newly built expressway and several rice fields and had a stop over at Mekong Rest Stop for some refreshments, etc.

After 30 minutes, the tour bus proceeded and at about 10.30AM we reached Tien Giang Province and transferred to a motorized boat.

We were dropped off to a nearby island where tropical fruits were served along with some native products. Some sort of a cultural presentation was also done.

Then we were transferred to very small boats and cruised through the canals of Mekong. It’s very scenic here and one can really observe the life of the people in the area.

At the end of the canal is the mighty Mekong.  We were transferred to a bigger boat and again dropped off to another island where coconut candies and some other stuff are being made.  This is a good place to buy something for pasalubong.

After which we took this boat and cruised through several canals.

Until we reached another island at about 2PM where lunch is served.

We stayed here until about 3.30PM and I tried exploring the island by foot to get some pictures. There is not much to see here.

Then we went back to Saigon City.

The Mekong Delta tour is a distinct tour to experience local culture.  It is one tour where serenity and simplicity are treasured.

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