Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels In A Day

The Cu Chi Tunnels are located in the Municipality of Cu Chi some 45 minutes from Saigon.  It is a network of about 250 kilometers of tunnels built by the Vietcong to hide from the american forces during the war.  The victory of Vietnam against America can be attributed to the existence of the tunnels.  This is a must see and travel to Saigon without visiting Cu Chi Tunnels is such a waste. Tour to Cu Chi can either be done half day or whole day at relatively the same cost.

First, a documentary film regarding the history of the war is presented in a place like this.

The film presentation itself would tell you everything about the war and the Cu Chi Tunnels.  Do not miss the presentation.

An example of the tunnel network.  Note that the tunnel has 3 levels and flows directly to the river.

The tunnels were built directly accessing the Mekong so the Vietcong could easily get out of the tunnel and they won’t be trapped inside.  And even when the Americans attempted to fill the tunnels with water, so as to trap and drown the ones hiding inside, they were unsuccessful because the water flow directly to the Mekong. Cleaver indeed.

The secret passage way or entrance to the tunnels.

Human traps at Cu Chi

The famous tank.

Every visitor is given an opportunity to enter the tiny tunnels.

There is also a “demo” tunnel bigger than the original to accommodate the built of western tourists.  Inside the tunnel is hot and you really have to crawl.  It is a nice experience though. There are 4 exits. One can choose to take the shortest or the longest one.

Other things that can be seen at Cu Chi are the following:

The most convenient way to get here is to buy a tour package. Travel agencies normally give the best rates.

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