Visa Requirements for Filipinos Applying for a Taiwan Tourist Visa

The following are the requirements to be submitted when applying for a Taiwan tourist visa (ALL ORIGINAL):

  1. Visa application form duly filled up (available at the Taiwan Embassy)
  2. Two passport size photos with white background taken within the last 3 months
  3. Passport valid for at least 6 months (and old passport showing travel history)
  4. Birth Certificate issued by NSO
  5. Marriage Certificate issued by NSO (if married)
  6. Booking Certificate (airline and hotel)
  7. Certificate of Employment
  8. Certificate of Leave of Absence
  9. ITR
  10. Bank Certificate

Apart from the original documents to be submitted, 1 photo copy of all the documents shall likewise be given.

If required, applicants will be scheduled for interview (personal appearance). I think they are not so strict about the interview. I was never asked for interview.

All visa fees are nonrefundable which are payable upon application. During thr time that I applied, visa fee for single entry is 2,400.00. Processing time is 3 working days.  Filling time is Monday-Friday from 8:45AM to 11:45AM.  Releasing time is from 1:45PM to 4:45PM.

Normally, there are a lot of visa applicants at the embassy. It is always prudent to come early.

The embassy of Taiwan in Manila is located at 41F, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue.




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  1. Good afternoon, I am a Filipino working in Mainland China and now living in Beijing. I would like to travel to Taiwan for 5 days. I do have valid work permit in China and I also have valid B1/B2 visa in the United States. Do I need a visa to visit Taiwan?

  2. Hi! I would like to share my own very recent information about Taiwan Visa application for Filipinos.
    – Passport (with photocopy)
    – Visa Application Form. Address and Phone number in Taiwan CANNOT be blank. You can use the contact information of your booked hotel.
    – Two (2) 1.5″ x 2″ less 3 months old passport photos, white background, with signature at the back. Extra copy in a plastic attach to the visa application form.
    – NSO-provided birth certificate (with photocopy)
    – NSO-provided marriage certificate (if applicable, with photocopy)
    – Income Tax Return
    – Recent bank certificate AND bank statement
    – Certificate of Employment
    – Certificate of Earnings (for Upwork/oDesk freelancer)
    – Photocopy of Company ID
    – Round-trip tickets
    – Trip Itinerary
    – Confirmed hotel booking at least 1 night (printed email, doesn’t have to be paid.)

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