Kota Kinabalu

Top Things To See and Do In Kota Kinabalu

I am off to use my new e-passport for the first time and I am bound for Kota Kinabalu via Clark and I am flying with Air Asia for the first time as well.

I arrived at Kota Kinabalu Airport past 6PM.  My flight was delayed for almost 1 hour because of the weather condition. The taxi ride from the airport to the city proper is 30 MYR.  It’s expensive considering that a bus ride is only 3MYR.  However, there were no buses available in the airport after 6PM.


I checked in at Summer Lodge along Gaya Street and Beach Street.  Gaya Street is the place of the famous Sunday market in KK while Beach Street is known as the Entertainment street in KK.


It was raining so hard that I could not afford to get out and see the city that night.  I had my dinner at Beach Street just below my hotel. The street is very small, less than 50 meters.  There is a live band in the area (I guess the entertainers were Pinoys) and several restaurants.  It is very crowded though as many foreign tourists and local folks flock the Beach Street.  After dinner, I headed back to my hotel and slept. I am not a party animal after all.

Next day was a Sunday.  Gaya Street Sunday! I was not interested on the market because it looks the same as our dry markets in Manila.  So I walked and walked around and when I felt I was going no where (Nawawala na ako!) I hailed a cab for 60MYR to tour me around the city for 2 hours.

So I went to see the Observatory Hill,

The One Borneo,

The City Mosque constructed in the middle of a lagoon,

then another mosque,

The Catholic Cathedral,

Sabah Museum, which was closed because its Monday,


and Filipino Market

then back to the City for a rolling tour to all the streets.  By 11AM, I was done already.  I was told that you can tour around KK by mere walking, that is of course if you have a map which I did not have that time.  Pity me.

Since I have still time to spend, I decided to visit the Sunday Market. I bought some souvenir shirts and small items here at bargain prices.


At night, I decided to go to Waterfront for my dinner.  I dined at Oregano Cafe that serves Mediterranean Cuisine.  I had some Tiger Beer while enjoying the view.  I was not able to take pictures because my memory card was full at the same time my slr battery went low-bat but the experience was fine. The food server was a Pinay and there were many Filipinos working as Food Attendants at Waterfront.

The next day, all I did was to walk around the City, following the path the cab took me on my first day.  This was my time to take pictures. It took me less than 2 hours to tour around the city which includes a visit to Akitson Watch Tower and Jesselton Point.

At 2PM I headed to the airport for my flight to Brunei.




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