Amber Fort and Amber Palace In One Grand Spectacle

Amber Fort or Amer Fort is one of the two forts guarding the Amber Palace.  Amber Fort is at the bottom of the hill while Jaigarh Fort is on the top of the hill.  The two forts are connected with a wall similar to the Great Wall of China.

The Fort is divided into 4 courtyards.  The main gate is called the Sun Gate which leads to the first courtyard. The gate faces the east towards the direction of the rising sun.

The first courtyard is called Jaleb Chowk. The Public Audience Hall is here.

Ganesh Pol is at the right side which is the entrance that leads to the royal family’s quarters – the third courtyard.

On top of this gate is the Suhag Mandir or latticed windows where women of the royal family use to watch functions at the Public Audience Hall.

Also in this courtyard is Hammam where the royalty takes Turkish bath.

From here, one can have a view of Moata Lake.

The second courtyard is up the main stairways of the first courtyard. A Public Hall is located here where performances for the King are presented.

A nice view of the zen garden can be seen from here.

The third courtyard can be accessed through the Ganesh Pol gate.  On this courtyard is the Mirror Palace characterized by convex glass panels and multi-mirror ceilings that would multiply a single lighted candle at night. Amazing.

Also here is the main palace which is the oldest structure in the complex.

At the center is a pavilion used by the Queens of the royal family as a meeting place.

The pathway where chambermaids can access the rooms of the royalty.

The fourth courtyard is where the royal family women including mistresses live.  It can be accessed through the 3rd courtyard.  The courtyard has many living rooms.  The King has access to all these rooms using a single pathway!

Entrance Fee to the Fort is 150 Rupees.  There are three ways to enter here, via car, walk or elephant ride.  The elephant ride could be a good choice but is it excessively expensive. 1500 Rupees for a 7 minute ride.  Amber Fort is a haven on its own except the hundreds of touts that could unmake your day.

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