China |Beijing’s Summer Palace

The freezing lake immediately caught my attention.

The Summer Palace or the Royal Garden is located ten kilometers to the northwest of Beijing and used to be a summer residence of Qing Dynasty emperors and is now a public park. It is an imperial garden famous for its architectural grandeur and gorgeous natural scenery.

The northern part of the Summer Palace is the 60-meter-tall Longevity Hill. Its southern part is a wide expanse of water called Kunming Lake. The whole garden covers 290 hectares, with the lake taking up four-fifths of its total area.

A cluster of grand buildings adorn the middle section of the Longevity Hill. On the slope from the lakeside to the hilltop stand a decorated archway called Jade-Like Firmament in Bright Colors, Cloud-Dispelling Hall, Hall of Virtuous Brilliance, Pavilion of Buddhist Incense and Temple of the Sea of Wisdom. Standing on the top of the hill, visitors command a spectacular view of buildings of different shapes and sizes below. Their golden roofs glittering under the sun; the placid, huge Kunming Lake dotted with rowing boats. A 17-arch bridge that connects an island with the lake’s southern bank. The long, winding west bank of the lake is joined by six bridges and the distant West Hills.

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  1. I missed this place during my visit… is it winter during you visit? it seems there still snows in the river…

      • Hello Terry,I found your name when Googling birding sites in Copenhagen. I’m an Australian bierdr who’s visiting Copenhagen for a week in Easter 2013 with my wife and young son. I was wanting to ask you where I can do some good birding in and around Copenhagen with limited time. I’d love to see a Black Woodpecker. Could you recommend some spots for interesting birds? Top Japanese Robin photo, BTW! Thanks for your time, Mr Lorne JohnsonBundanoon NSWAustralia

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