Chasing Mag-Aso Falls In Bohol

This is Mag-Aso Falls located in Antequera, Bohol.  It is one of the many attractions of Bohol but it is rarely included in any itinerary because it is relatively out of way when one is visiting Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Man-made Forest, etc. This falls is about 30 minutes by private ride from Tagbiliran City. It’s worth visiting kasi maganda cya.

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  1. Hello, Dominic! Did you hire a van to take you around the falls in Balilihan, Antequera, and Maribojoc? What’s the time frame like? How much did the tour and guide fees cost (I assume you had to get a guide)? I also hope to do the waterfall circuit when I go there this weekend.

        • We went to Spain for a three-week vacation and had been trvneliag around it for a week already when we got to Valencia We stayed in Valencia for two days. One of the days was to do the Valencia Tour. It was the best thing we did at that point of the trip because it was a completely different experience. We had visited museums, palaces, cathedrals, etc in other cities but in Valencia tour we went to the country side and experienced less touristic places and other typical spanish activities. We had an amazing day with the tour guide, who provided us with a day of lots of fun and unforgettable memories. We were extremely happy to have chosen this tour to have a break in our trip around Spain and we highly recommend it to anyone who goes to Spain.

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